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          Vol 28, No 06                                              A REL-MAR McConnell Media Company Publication              Digital Version - June/July 2018

           WERE THERE ALIENS                             away.                                           American Pies In The Skies
                                                                 In 1271, south of  Yokohama, Japan, a   As soon as Columbus sailed into the American
             BEFORE ROSWELL?                             priest was scheduled for execution.  As         waters UFO sightings may have begun. One
                                                         authorities prepared to behead the man, a bright,  night, from the deck of the  Santa Maria,
                    You Be The Judge!
                                                         round object appeared in the sky, terrifying    Columbus saw what he called, “a light
                                                         everyone. The execution was canceled.           glimmering at a great distance,” which came in
          In 1947, an alleged UFO crash site in                  And, just a few years ago, Chinese      and out of sight throughout the night.
          Roswell, New Mexico, fueled curiosity          scientists discovered an ancient, high-altitude        Skipping all the way ahead to 1896, a
          about who or what lives among the stars        pyramid in Qinghai Province” they’re now        “winged cigar” with a giant headlight on it was
                                                         investigating the possibility that it was an
          (in the universe, not Beverly Hills). But                                                      spotted over California, spawning a rash of
                                                         ancient extraterrestrial observatory!           cigar-ship sightings across the country during
          UFO sightings predate the Roswell
                                                                                                         the next few years.
          situation by thousands of years.
                                                         Friends,  Romans...And Little Green                    And in 1897, the Dallas Morning News
                                                         Men                                             nonchalantly reported that a strange airship
          Poetic License To Fly?                         From 31 B.C. to A.D. 450, the ancient Romans    downed in  Texas was apparently piloted by a
          Ancient Hundu scripts make frequent mention    covered a lot of ground - and a lot of UFO-prone  man from Mars, whose only documentation was
          of both complex flying machines and a          sky as well. In 218 B.C. over Rome, there were  composed of strange and indecipherable
          technologically advance, nonhuman race that    reports of glowing lamps, phantom ships, and    hieroglyphics.
          created them. A lot of people think these ancient  shields in the sky. Roman historian Titus Livius
          documents are laughably fictional and fantastic,  (59 B.C. - A.D. 17) once reported seeing men in Aliens Have A Cow
          but others are not so sure. The ancient Sanskrit  white clothes flittering around in the sky above  In one especially bizarre before-Roswell
          poem Mahabharata mentions flying discs called  Rome.                                           American sighting,  Alexander Hamilton of
          Vimanas, or “celestial chariots,” that come in a       Another Roman claimed to see “a globe   Leroy, Kansas, heard a noise amid his cattle on
          variety of makes and models, from huge SUV-    of fire” in the sky around 900 B.C.  And the    April 19, 1897. He came out of his house, with
          like affairs for carrying troops and weapons, to  Roman scholar Pliny the Elder once observed  his son and a friend, to see in the sky what
          single person aircraft. According to the ancient  that “a burning shield scattering sparks ran  looked like a bizarre, elongated cigar - a football
          poem, humans were not allowed to use them –    across the sky at sunset from east to west.”    field in length - with a clear cabin underneath.
          only these divine, advanced non-humans.                Central Europe has had its share of            Red ropes dangled low from the cabin,
                                                         sightings too. In England, a “fire in the sky, like  almost touching the ground, and a painfully
          Asian Aliens                                   a burning and revolving wheel, or round barrel  bright searchlight probed the the area. Hamilton
          The sun is not the only thing that has come up in of flame,” was reported in 1387 in more than  claimed to see six “hideous” beings inside the
          the East. From Malaysia to Japan, myriad UFO one country.                                      cabin. The ropes snatched up one of his cows,
          sightings have occurred throughout  Asia. In           In the 1600s, a long, cylindrical craft was  and the craft flew away.  While Hamilton was
          1066, a giant pearl was reported to have seen flying over Italy, Switzerland, and              known for telling tall tales, the cow did turn up
          emerged from a Chinese lake. It was said to have Scotland. Independently, crowds of people in  butchered (and not by a professional) in his field
          hovered for a moment, while a small door each of these countries reported the sighting.        the next day. []
          opened to reveal a brilliant light, before flying
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