Page 10 - The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper - February 2023
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10                                                       Alien Hoaxes

         Alien 'Hoaxes' That Went

             Viral From Roswell's

         Flying Saucers to Mexican

              & Australian X-Files

        Dead alien found after UFO
        sighting in Russia:
               Two Russian men were out for a
        walk in 2011 when they came across

        what appeared to be a frozen corpse in
        the snowy countryside near Irkutsk, in
        eastern Siberia. But this wasn’t just any
        old corpse – it was an alien, or was it?
        Only a month earlier, villagers swore
        they’d seen bright orange lights in the
        sky. Could the two incidents be related?
        Perhaps there had been an extraterrestrial
        crash? Nyet. More than 12m people

        viewed the  YouTube video and police
        investigated. It was at this point the men
        sheepishly confessed: they’d actually
                                                         dog barks. Surely the video must be real? and brushing themselves off when one
        made the ‘alien’ out of breadcrumbs and
                                                         A second video from the Dominican imploded. Police decided not to take
        stuffed it into chicken skin as a practical
                                                         Republic seemed to provide independent action against the apprentices, with one
                                                         corroboration. The  Los  Angeles Times officer saying authorities were “taking it
                                                         decided to track down the videographer like gentlemen”.
                                                         and others who immediately re-posted
        New Jersey spacecraft stops
                                                         the ‘evidence’ and got a swift response                             (Continued on Page 11)
        traffic:                                         from barzolff814 – aka Heather, a 17-
               A large, threatening spacecraft           year-old Irish girl who’d racked up 2.2m          DEBUNKED: The Apollo Moon
        crept slowly across New Jersey’s sky in          YouTube hits (now 20m!): “Umm yeah.               Landings Were FAKED
        2020 and it wasn’t long before the Twitter       Whatever.  You people are stupid. Find
        and  TikTok videos went viral.  The              something better to do with your time.            Twelve NASA astronauts walked on the

        extraterrestrial ship with blue flashing         And get a life.” The Times finally found          moon between 1969 and 1972, and the
        lights slowed traffic on the turnpike –          the source, a professional animator               Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has since
        some people even got out of their cars to        who’d spent 17 hours creating the UFO             released photos of the landing sites. In the
        take a better look. Turns out, a Goodyear        videos on his MacBook and didn’t want             decades since Apollo 11 astronauts first set
        blimp was passing over New Jersey at the         to reveal his name. It seems the animator         foot on the moon, many theories have been
        time, getting an aerial television shot of       was just testing his work, thinking he            put forward claiming that the whole Apollo
        an NFL game at the MetLife Stadium,              might get a few likes...                          program was staged. Why are there no stars
                                                                                                           in the sky in the moonwalkers' photos?
        just west of New York City. And yes, the                                                           Why are the U.S. flags fluttering on the
        blimp came in peace.                             Six ‘spaceships’ land in England:                 surface? Why do you see footprints in the

                                                         Wiltshire in southwest England has                pictures, but no marks from the lunar
        UFO visits India:                                always been a draw for the alien                  modules that landed there?

               A        ‘spaceship’         hovering     conspiracists – it is, after all, the home of
        precariously close to buildings in Uttar         the legendary Stonehenge, multiple crop           The answers to those questions are simpler
        Pradesh, in northern India, created panic        circles and a UFO hotspot since the 17th          than you may think. There are no stars in
                                                                                                           the sky for the same reason you don't see
        in 2016, with photos of the large object         century. But even the locals were                 stars during the day on Earth, according to
        spreading       feverishly.     The      UFO     astounded when six UFOs landed in                 NASA (opens in new tab): The bright glow
        photographer        quickly      disappeared     Wiltshire, London and four other                  of daylight on the surface washes them out.

        (beamed up?) and the cell phone number           locations across England in 1967,
        couldn’t ever be traced. Despite the             bleeping, hissing and triggering a major          U.S. flags planted into the lunar soil had
        mystery, experts decided the UFO was             police and military response.  The hoax           metal rods sewn in them to appear as
        probably created by an app, noting it bore       was conjured up by the engineer                   though they were moving, according to
        a striking resemblance to a UFO in the           apprentices at the Royal  Aircraft                NASA (opens in new tab).  Without these
                                                                                                           wires, the flag would have hung straight
        movie Independence Day.                          Establishment (later part of the Ministry         down, making for a pretty lackluster photo

                                                         of Defense) who scattered them                    prop.  And the lunar modules, though
        UFOs terrify Haiti:                              overnight.  The pranksters wanted to              heavier, didn't put prominent marks in the

               An eerie, realistic home video know if the government had a plan if                         surface in some places because their mass
        captured 'UFOs' soaring over Haiti in aliens invaded. The Army responded by                        was more evenly distributed than the
                                                                                                           astronauts' weight was in their boots.
        2007. A woman can be heard gasping. A blowing up one saucer, dropping another
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