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10                             Stan Friedman vs. Philip Klass

          Stan Friedman vs. Philip

                Klass - What's the


                      Kevin Randle

        When Stan Friedman died, I had thought that it
        was inappropriate to mention many of the stunts
        that he had pulled during his UFO career. I
        thought that I might do something later, but as
        time passed, it seemed that the motivation had
        passed. Besides, he was no longer here to
        attempt to explain his actions, so I just never got
        around to writing anything about it.

        All that changed when I listened to Richard
        Dolan and Kathleen Marden trash Philip Klass     The animosity probably began when we met, the contractually obligated acknowledgement of
        with rumors and half-truths. It stuck me that    along with Don Schmitt, in Illinois. I had my major contribution. I am certainly anxious
        nearly everything they were saying about Klass   approached Avon Books with a proposal to write to see the Randle Schmitt book to see if once
        could be said about Friedman with the exception  a book about the Roswell case.  An offer had again my contribution is undervalued and if
        of the wild claim that Klass had been a Soviet   been extended and it wasn’t much of a secret. there are many factual mistakes, flights of
        asset… which has become something of the go      Friedman suggested that we all work together. fancy, lifting of my research much of which
        to position when assassinating someone’s         His name would go last on the book, he would remains unpublished. I think the story needs to
        character in the world today.  Accuse them of    receive a quarter of the money, and would be told, but with full credit for my and other
        collusion with the Russians.                     provide assistance with witnesses.               investigations…  After all, by the end of 1985,
                                                                                                          Moore and I had located 92 persons connected
        Oh, don’t get me wrong. Philip Klass had pulled  We, meaning Don and I, had already had a taste with the event. It is difficult to believe that S and
        some fairly dirty tricks in his Ufological career.  of that assistance. Don had been attempting to R didn’t depend strongly on that base for their
        I did a long post about this a number of years   find Bill Rickett of the Roswell CIC office. book…
        ago when challenged to provide proof of my       Friedman said not to bother because Rickett had
        claim about that. You can read that here:        died. Don did locate a telephone number and There are two points that need to be made. First,  was talking to Mary Rickett, asking her I spent nearly 24 hours on the telephone with the
        klass-and-fbi.html and                           questions, when she interrupted and asked, publisher’s lawyers, explaining how, where and  “Would you like to talk to Bill. He’s sitting right when, we interviewed the witnesses. Finally,
        klass-and-his-letter-writing.html                here.”                                           one of the lawyers asked if I had tapes and I said,
                                                                                                          “Both audio and video.”  That ended the
        In the interest of full disclosure, I did know   There are other examples of this, but they are problem.
        Klass on a personal level. While I was attending  really about trivia. Instead, let’s move onto
        a DIA school in Washington, D.C., Klass took     other, more important issues. After we decided, But remember how Friedman complained, “I am
        me sailing on the Potomac River. I visited him at  that is Don and me, that we wouldn’t accept certainly anxious to see the Randle Schmitt book
        his home, and over the years we had shared the   Friedman’s offer, he chose a different path. He to see if once again my contribution is
        dinner table several times. I had a long         sent to the publisher,  Avon Books, and our undervalued and if there are many factual
        correspondence with him as well. The last time I  editor, John Douglas, a letter dated June 11, mistakes, flights of fancy, lifting of my research
        saw him was in St. Louis in 2000 at the MUFON    1990. There were a number of allegations in the much of which remains unpublished.”
        Symposium. He asked me to help him to his        letter. Friedman wrote:
        room. At that time, his health had deteriorated to                                                                       (Continued on Page 11)
        the point it was difficult for him to get around.  I have been to Roswell twice in the past year and
                                                         perhaps unfortunately have shared some of my
        This is, however, about Stan Friedman. I had     recent research with Randle and Schmitt.  As             A Different Perspective
        known him for thirty years and if I remember     [Bill] Moore would have told you there was talk                 Radio Show
        correctly, first met him while in Roswell to tape  of a book by him, Myself and Jaime Shandera                        with
        a segment for Unsolved Mysteries.  We had a      updating the Roswell story…                                    Kevin Randle
        number of conversations and even shared a meal
        or two. There was no air of competition then.    As you can tell from the enclosed paper I was
        That would come later.                           not happy with the Roswell Incident because of         To Listen To Past Episodes
                                                         the inappropriate material that was included,                 CLICK HERE!
                                                         the misquotation of myself, and the absence of
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