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The Bible and Flying Saucers                                                                                11

               The Bible and Flying                              The story of the destruction of Sodom in  tent, the UFO lowered to the ground, at the door
                                                          Genesis 19 receives a careful reading from Von  of the tent, and the man at the door of the tent
                          Saucers                         Daniken.   Two men (angels) visit Lot in the   talked to an alien in the UFO.”
                                                          evening, and warn him of Sodom’s coming               How are we to interpret this?  Is God an
              The 50th Anniversary                        destruction.  The angels seem urgent to get Lot  alien?  Although Von Daniken does very little
                          Edition                         out of the city quickly, as if the destruction is  with the Exodus, we need to look at it from his
                                                          pre-timed.  He asks why would an infinite      point of view.  He would see Moses talking to an
                                                          almighty God be pressured by a time table? Von  ancient alien as a being who has nothing to do
                   Continued from Page 9                  Daniken speculates that Sodom was destroyed    with God.  Von Daniken would look at this scene
                                                          by a nuclear weapon, pre-set to go off at a    and see nothing religious, other than that the
                                                          certain time.   The smoke going up after the   Jewish people had been duped by this alien
          It may be that the United States government has  destruction, plus Lot’s wife turning to a pillar of  power.
          already made a study of the religious           salt, suggests the results of a nuclear blast.        Or we could go in the direction taken by
          implications of releasing UFO information, and         What Von Daniken has done is to read    R.L. Dione in his book,  God Drives a Flying
          leaders may have anxiety about the turmoil that  the story of Sodom as having historical       Saucer (1973).  Dione is willing to diminish
          might follow.                                   accuracy in a way that would make many         God from an infinite and almighty status to that
                 During Holy  Week of 1997, Marshall      conservative Christians proud, but he leaves   of a flying saucer pilot.
          Applewhite led 38 of his followers to suicide as  liberal Christians frowning that a modern           Neither  Von Daniken nor Dione
          a way to fulfill the hope of his Rancho Santa Fe,  educated person would fail to realize all these  understand the importance of angels as
          California Heaven’s Gate UFO cult, suicide      early biblical stories are myth. (The Wikipedia  mediators between humanity and God.  If we see
          being their means of being joined to Heavenly   listing for Moses reports that the majority of  the being, or beings, in the pillar of cloud as
          Powers following the Hale-Bopp comet.           modern scholars believe Moses was a literary   angels, mediators between God and Moses, then
          Government leaders might well fear that a       figure like Hamlet, in a Shakespeare play.     we avoid the agnosticism of Von Daniken, and
          release of UFO information would lead to a      Moses never existed, much less that the parting  also avoid shrinking God down to the size of a
          wide spread breakout of this kind of group      of the Red Sea ever happened.)  I support Von  biblical Captain Kirk, as Dione has done.
          insanity.                                       Daniken in believing that many biblical stories       I would agree with  Von Daniken that
                 Nevertheless, thousands of UFO stories   represent some kind of historical memory, but I  ancient people, with no knowledge of
          have flooded our age, and the Bible says what it  do not think we can simply change angels to  technology, would look at the Exodus UFO, and
          says.  At the same time The Bible and Flying    ancient astronauts, leaving God out, as  Von   would worship the being in it as divine.  In our
          Saucers was published, Erich  Von Daniken’s     Daniken does.                                  age, however, we hear of modern UFO reports,
          book Chariots of the Gods? was also published.         My main focus in Chapter III of my      and assume if aliens are there, flying UFOs, that
          Our books do not take the same point of view,   book, “The Old Testament and Flying Saucers,”  they are just a bunch of space guys, with no
          but they do overlap.  The good news for me is,  is the Jewish Exodus.  Until the Exodus, the   divine connections.   We project our modern
          religious leaders did not like  Von Daniken’s   Jews do not have a religion:  no  Ten          atheism or agnosticism onto the aliens, and
          book either.  Von Daniken takes a much broader  Commandments, no Passover, no rules for the    suppose there is no connection between aliens
          look at the past than I, wondering if ancient   priesthood.  I focus on the main UFO of the    and God.  Thus Von Daniken argues that ancient
          wonders like the pyramids of Egypt, or          Exodus, “the pillar of cloud and fire,” which  people met aliens and called them gods, but if
          drawings on the plains of Nazca, Peru, may      hovers in the air, and leads Israel from Egypt to  we meet aliens, we should see them as godless
          have been the work of ancient astronauts.  It is  the Red Sea. I argue it used its propulsion  extraterrestrials.
          ironic that at the same time theologians were   system to part the Red Sea, then led on to Mt.        When we arrive at the New Testament,
          asking, “Is God dead?” Von Daniken in chapter   Sinai, where Moses meets with the being, or    we find an evolution in thinking about God.
          4 was asking, “Was God an Astronaut?”           beings, in the Exodus UFO, where the many      “No one has ever seen God; the only Son, who
                                                          dimensions of the Jewish religion are dictated to  is in the bosom of the Father, he has made him
          SORTING OUT GOD, ANGELS                         Moses.  (“Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah” is   known.” (Jn. 1:18)  God is ultimately invisible
                       AND ALIENS                         a traditional Christian hymn that celebrates the  from the New Testament point of view.   What
                                                          memory of the pillar of cloud leading the      about those Exodus passages, such as at the
                                                          Exodus.)                                       Burning Bush, where God seems to speak
          Von Daniken refers to the “wheels” of Ezekiel
                                                                 Eventually the  Tabernacle is built, the  directly to Moses?   These were angelic
          as a probable example of a space craft landing
                                                          house of Jewish worship and sacrifice.   The   appearances.  When Stephen makes his defense
          on earth, and when an astronaut in the UFO
                                                          wilderness journey is said to last for forty years.  of his Christian faith, he accuses the Jews of
          addresses Ezekiel, Ezeliel assumes this being is
                                                          During this time, there is a pattern of interactive  being people “who received the law as delivered
          God.  From Von Daniken’s point of view “We
                                                          behavior attributed to Moses and the Exodus    by angels, and did not keep it.” (Acts 7:53)
          may be as religious as our fathers, but we are
                                                          UFO.   Moses would pitch the Tent of Worship          Thus the integrity of God, as an invisible
          certainly less credulous.”  He means that he
                                                          apart from the camp of Israel, and there Moses  almighty Spirit is maintained, but at the same
          believes in God, but he does not believe either
                                                          met the Lord.                                  time, physical human-like beings, finally in the
          the Ezekiel story, or other stories with an
                                                                    “When Moses entered the tent, the    person of Jesus (the Word made flesh), are able
          extraterrestrial flavor in the Bible, are about
                                                          pillar of cloud would descend and stand at the  to communicate the nature of the invisible God
          God.  The beings the Bible refers to as angels
                                                          door of the tent, and the Lord would speak with  to humans.  Because God is invisible, we need
          are ancient astronauts, or “Ancient Aliens,” as
                                                          Moses.  And when all the people saw the pillar  revelation, and angels are the revealers.
          the History Channel named the series devoted to
                                                          of cloud standing at the door of the tent, all the    But modern UFOs seem to use advanced
          the  Von Daniken view of our early human
                                                          people would rise up and worship, every man at  technology, my explanation of the parting of the
          history.  I was invited to be part of this TV series
                                                          his tent door.  Thus the Lord used to speak to  Red Sea is technological, not supernatural.
          because my work does overlap that of  Von
                                                          Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his     Doesn’t turning the supernatural into the
          Daniken, but we have differences, and the
                                                          friend.” (Ex. 33:9-11)                         technological get rid of God?
          differences have to do with whether or not the
                                                                 I believe a modern person, being taken
          beings referred to as angels in the Bible deliver
                                                          back in time, would look at this scene and say,
          revelation from God, or are just godless
                                                          “There was a UFO hovering above this large                            (Continued on Page 12)
          astronauts carrying out scientific experiments.
                                                          tent, and when this man [Moses] entered the
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