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Pentagon’s Effort to Identify Track &UFOs                                                                                           11

            A Brief History Of The

             Pentagon’s Efforts To

         Track And Identify UFOs

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        Separately, in November 2004 two Navy
        F/A-18F Super Hornets from the aircraft
        carrier USS Nimitz reported seeing a
        strange aircraft shaped like a Tic Tac that
        disappeared in front of two aircraft.
        Radar from the cruiser USS Princeton
        detected the aircraft 60 miles away just
        seconds later.

        And in July 2019, several unidentified
        aircraft swarmed Navy ships off the coast
        of California that were later determined
        to be drones.

                                                         really are.                                      policy changes need to be made
        ince President Joe Biden took office, the
                                                                                                          regarding how the United States detects
        Defense Department created the
                                                         “The January ODNI [Office of the and analyzes unidentified aircraft,
        Airborne Object Identification and
                                                         Director of National Intelligence] UAP National Security Council spokesman
        Management Synchronization Group, or
                                                         report included more than 360 newly- John Kirby told reporters on Monday.
        AOIMSG, in November 2021 to
                                                         identified reports, of which 163 were
        ultimately replace the Navy’s UAP Task
                                                         characterized as balloon or balloon-like Kirby also said the U.S. government is
        Force. The Group was later renamed the
                                                         entities      and      171      were      left taking more of a Scully than Mulder
        All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office,
                                                         uncharacterized,”          Sen.       Kirsten approach to the UFO issue: “I don’t think
        or AARO, in July 2022.
                                                         Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) said in a statement to the American people need to worry about
                                                         Task & Purpose. “I will continue aliens, with respect to these craft,” he
        Dr. Sean M. Kirkpatrick was named
                                                         working to ensure our armed services said. []
        director of AARO, which falls under the
                                                         listen to our operators about the threat
        Office of the Under Secretary of Defense                                                                         UFO JOKES
                                                         UAPs pose to our national security and
        for Intelligence and Security. Kirkpatrick
                                                         to maintaining American air supremacy.            Why did the alien bring a map to the UFO
        was unable to provide a statement for this
                                                                                                           convention? Because it didn't want to get
        story, Gough said.
                                                         Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) released a              lost in space!
                                                         video on Tuesday saying that reports of
        “It is vital to our national security and the                                                      What do you call an alien who flies a UFO
                                                         unidentified aircraft were dismissed for a
        safety of our military personnel that we                                                           poorly? A flying sauceror!
                                                         long time because they were associated
        maintain awareness of anomalous
                                                         with UFOs and aliens.                             Why don't aliens eat clowns? Because they
        objects in all domains,” Under Secretary
                                                                                                           taste funny!
        of Defense for Intelligence & Security
                                                         “That’s not’s not my concern,” Rubio
        Ronald S. Moultrie wrote in a July 2022                                                            How do aliens organize their party? They
                                                         said in the video, which he shared on
        memo. “We must also keep pace with the                                                             "planet" in advance!
                                                         Twitter. “My concern is that some other
        development and employment of novel
                                                         country has developed a capability to             What did the UFO say to the garden? "Take
        technology by our adversaries. In doing
                                                         monitor and enter our airspace and that           me to your weeder!"
        so, we are committed to providing
                                                         we are not prepared to identify it. We’re
        maximum            transparency         while
                                                         looking for airplanes. We’re looking for          Why did the UFO bring a deck of cards to
        safeguarding classified information and                                                            the party? To play a game of "solitaire" in
                                                         missiles.  We’re not looking for objects
        controlled unclassified information. The                                                           space!
                                                         that don’t fit that criteria. And strategic
        establishment of the  AARO is a
                                                         surprise is the way a lot of wars start, and
        significant step forward in developing                                                             Why don't aliens eat fast food? Because they
                                                         it’s the way a lot of wars and conflicts are      can't catch the flying saucers!
        the capabilities and processes that are
        necessary to achieve these goals.”
                                                                                                           How do aliens communicate with each
                                                         Following the recent shoot downs of a             other? They use "spacebook"!
        Both Republican and Democratic
                                                         Chinese spy balloon and three other
        lawmakers have spoken out about the                                                                Why do UFOs always fly in groups? It's
                                                         objects that have yet to be identified,
        need for the military and intelligence                                                             more "saucer-able" that way!
                                                         Biden has directed National Security
        community to work together to
                                                         Advisor Jake Sullivan to put together an          Why did the alien visit the dentist? It had a
        determine what UFOs — now called
                                                         interagency team to look at whether any           "space-ache"!
        Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena —
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