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Loch Ness Monster Found?                                                                                  11

                Loch Ness Monster                                There are legends of monsters living in a  drawing  guffaws   from    amateur    UFO
                                                          number of places around the world, including   enthusiasts. The UFOs section of popular web
          Found? Shocking pictures                        Morag, in Loch Morar, Scotland; Lagarfljot     forum Reddit was largely in agreement there
                                                          Worm, in Lagarfljot, Iceland; Ogopogo, in      was computer fakery involved.
                 of unidentified sea                      Canada’s Okanagan Lake; and Lariosauro, in            "The composite CGI is sliding against

                   creature surface                       Lake Como, Italy.                              the background plate/footage," wrote user
                                                                 This story originally appeared in       AutomaticPython. "Dead giveaway of sloppy
                                                []                                 tracking in (special effects computer software)
                                                                                After Effects."
                                                              UFO fans mock video                               "The odd motion/tracking with the live
          Shocking pictures of a Loch Ness Monster-type                                                  footage tells me this is a big fat CGI hoax,"
          beast found on a U.S. beach have sparked talk         claiming to be 'best                     added Smugallo.
          Nessie could have moved stateside.                        evidence' ever                              Others pointed out the corner of the
                 The mystery creature was reportedly                                                     triangle at the back is flashing - just like a
          found on Wolf Island, Georgia, by a father and                                                 plane's would be, with the other two being the
          son who were out on a boat trip,  The Sun               Newshub - Dan Satherly                 plane's landing lights - which also explains why
          reported.                                                                                      it's flying so low.
                 Father Jeff Warren spotted what he said  A popular UFO site has released what it's             It's also worth pointing out the craft in
          he thought was a dead seal lying in the surf,   calling the "best evidence" ever recorded of an  the video appears to be flying fast enough to be
          according to First Coast News.                  alleged top-secret US military plane that may  a plane, and doesn't make any sudden
                 But upon closer inspection, Warren said  have been built using alien technology.        movements. UFO enthusiasts usually point to
          it became clear he had no idea what the animal         But the controversial claim is being    lights making 'impossible' manoeuvres as
          was.                                            widely mocked online, with sceptics saying it  evidence they're not of this world. Nothing of
                 Images show the supposed carcass,        looks both like an ordinary passenger plane and  the sort can be seen in this clip.
          which  Warren said was being eaten by birds     a computer-generated forgery.                         The blurry video makes determining
          when he arrived, lying in the sand.                    The dim and blurry footage, uploaded to  what it really is impossible, but Occam's razor -
                 It appears to have a long tail and two   YouTube by UFO Today, was reportedly shot in   the idea that the simplest explanation is probably
          fins, as well as a long neck and a tiny head —  Oregon, US, on January 26.                     the correct one - suggests it's likely just a plane.
          features usually associated with Nessie in             "The footage captured a TR-3B UFO in    []
          popular culture.                                mid-air," its caption reads. "This footage might
                 The creature was reportedly about 1 or 2  be the best evidence ever of the TR-3B UFO
          meters in length.                               ever."
                 Experts have so far been unable to              The  TR-3B is allegedly a top-secret
          positively identify the animal from the photos  nuclear-powered craft created by the US
          and video footage.                              Government. They're triangular, typically with a
                 Dan  Ash, director of the Fish and       solid light in each corner, and sometimes one in
          Wildlife Service, told  Action News Jax that    the middle. The second-ever episode of cult TV
          some sea animals have a way of decomposing      show The X-Files featured a typical example.
          where they can resemble a prehistoric creature.        A common explanation for the mystery
                 He said a 9-meter basking shark can end  craft's amazing abilities is that it was built using
          up looking like it had a long neck and tiny head.  alien technology.
                 Alternatively, the “creature” could also        In the new footage, captured on a
          be a simple hoax.                               dashcam, the craft can be seen flying low in the
                 Warren said he was later told about a    sky over a road at night.
          local legend named “Alty”, or  Altahama —              "The triangular object [is] flying at a
          Georgia’s own version of the Loch Ness          very low altitude which is very strange," the
          monster.                                        caption reads.
                 The creature is used in advertisements to       But the lofty claim it's the "best
          attract people to the area.                     evidence" ever of the existence of the TR-3B is
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