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12                                The Bible and Flying Saucers

               The Bible and Flying


              The 50th Anniversary


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          This is the question theologian Ted Peters asks
          in his book UFOs: God’s Chariots? (1977)  I do
          not know the full answer to this question, but I
          would point out that “supernatural” is not a
          biblical word, and has only been used in
          theology for about 500 years.  Modern
          missionaries fly to many locations on earth, and
          the technology that flies them does not nullify
          the spiritual work they do.
                 What Von Daniken misses, and what the
          History Channel “Ancient Aliens” series tends
          to miss is, if the Exodus was an alien guided
          event, its main purpose seems to be religious.
                                                         First of all, I am amazed that these verses are in the ability to focus heat with something like
          And the commandments, especially forbidding
                                                         the Bible.  They are not really necessary to the laser precision.  This raises the possibility that
          the making of graven images, was “radical
                                                         story.  Egypt is defeated when the walls of water the aliens/angels in the Exodus UFO could have
          theology” for that period of time when worship
                                                         fall in on them.  This story was not written down focused heat on the hubs of the chariot wheels,
          of idols was pervasive.    The question that I
                                                         by Moses on his laptop as the Exodus as well as the axles.  The hubs and axles would
          think is very much alive is this: were ancient
                                                         progressed.  A community memory of this story have been made of metal, and metal expands
          aliens, and are our modern aliens, divinely
                                                         was maintained, and eventually written down. with heat.  It would not take too much heat to
          guided, divinely sent?  Are they from heaven,
                                                         These verses are evidence to me that we have cause the hubs to lock up on the axles.   Thus
          and if so, where is heaven, on another planet, or
                                                         the memory of a witnessed event.                from the point of Israel looking on with great
          in another dimension?   These questions are
                                                                 What seems to be the reason for the interest, suddenly the chariots “drove heavily,”
          raised in chapter V, “Where is Heaven?”
                                                         memory of this event is that there was high all due to the Lord’s “look down.”  Mud was not
                                                         anxiety in the minds of the Israelites, who had the issue.  Alien technology is not just a matter
            After 50 Years: Two Additions
                                                         just found their way to safety on the East side of of interest to government scientists working in
                                                         the sea, but it was not really safe with the secret, our understanding of alien technology
                 I am sometimes asked, “It has been so   Egyptians using the open channel to pursue will have an impact on biblical interpretation.
          long since your first book was published, what  Israel. Before the walls of water collapsed,          The New Testament passage I neglected
          changes do you think need to be made in your   something mysterious happened.  The Lord in is in Acts 8:26-40.  The apostle Philip was angel
          point of view?”  My usual response is, “The    the Exodus UFO “looked down upon the directed to an Ethiopian eunuch, a minister in
          Bible has not changed a lot in the past 50 years.”  Egyptians.”   This is something like a stunning the court of Candace, the queen of Ethiopia, who
                 But new UFO information has given me    glance.  What we have here is the attempt by knew Jewish scripture, and was puzzling over a
          a different sense of what happened at the Red  non-technological people to report an invisible passage when Philip arrived.  Philip interpreted
          Sea, and I failed to report a New Testament UFO  force, which stopped the Egyptians in their the passage in light of “the good news of Jesus.”
          event that should have been included.          tracks.  Something happened to the chariot They were riding in the eunuch’s chariot when
                 In regard to the Red Sea, I argued that  wheels.                                        they came to some water, and the eunuch asked
          the pillar of cloud and fire, the Exodus UFO,          The    Revised    Standard    Version to be baptized.  After Philip baptized him, “when
          used some kind of antigravitational power to   translators said that the Lord’s look down led to they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the
          split the waters of the Red Sea.  This was a bit of  “clogging their chariot wheels.” The implication Lord caught up Philip; and the eunuch saw him
          a guess on my part at the time, books like that by  is that the wheels were stuck in mud. But several no more, and went on his way rejoicing.  But
          Paul R. Hill, Unconventional Flying Objects: A  times the text makes the point “But the people of Philip was found at  Azo’tus, and passing on
          Scientific Analysis (1995) had not yet been    Israel walked on dry ground through the sea, the preached the gospel to all the towns till he came
          published.                                     waters being a wall to them on their right hand to Caesare’a.” (Acts 8:39, 40)
                 The Red Sea narrative is in chapter 14 in  and on their left.” (Ex. 14:29)  This raises the    This passage, which sounds a little like a
          the book of Exodus.  The story begins with the  question, where did the mud come from?  And modern UFO abduction report, brings to
          Exodus UFO leading Israel up to the Red Sea on  the answer is, the translators invented it.    memory the story of Elijah being taken up into
          purpose, which seems unwise since the chariots         The word “clogging” has the letter “q” heaven in a chariot of fire after he had crossed
          of Egypt were not far behind.  But since the   after it, and in the foot note we find that the the Jordan River (2 Ki. 2:11), but it also has
          aliens/angels in the Exodus UFO knew they had  actual Hebrew word is not clogging, but rather parallels with the report of the baptism of Jesus.
          the technology to cause the sea to part, they  “binding” or “removing.”  The word “binding” In chapter IV, “The New Testament and Flying
          knew they were in control.  The sea parts, Israel  might have been translated “locking up.”  This Saucers,” I devote attention to the possibility
          crosses, then the Egyptians follow into the open  raises the question: How could the Lord’s “look that when Jesus came out of the water after his
          sea channel.  Most people remember that soon   down” have caused the chariot wheels to lock baptism, maybe he was not led by the Spirit of
          the walls of water collapsed on the Egyptians.  up?  My explanation 50 years ago was that when God, but carried by the Spirit into the wilderness
                 But before the walls collapsed,         the Lord “looked down,” the antigravitational to be tested by the devil.  (Mt. 3:16-4:1)
          something strange is reported.  “And in the    power that had been phased out in the center of
          morning watch the Lord in the pillar of fire and  the channel in order to make the crossing                           (Continued on Page 13)
          cloud looked down on the host of the Egyptians,  possible, was suddenly turned on full blast, and
          and discomfited the host of the Egyptians,     that this either broke off the chariot wheels, or      For the very best of late night
          clogging their chariot wheels so that they drove  caused them to turn with difficulty.              Paranormal Talk Radio listen to
          heavily; and the Egyptians said, ‘Let us flee          But as I have read many books dealing        THE ‘X’ ZONE RADIO SHOW
          from before Israel, for the Lord fights for them  with UFO reports, I have found that alien                with Rob McConnell
          against the Egyptians.’” (Ex. 14:24, 25)       technology includes advanced beam technology,                at
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