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12             Peter Robbins Explains Left at East Gate

           Peter Robbins Explains

          His Take on Left at East

                   Gate - Part II

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        Either the writing on this card is a complete
        forgery, or that selective parts of it have been
        altered. It makes no difference. Only one
        conclusion can be drawn here and it involves
        both outright forgery and intentional deception.
        It also establishes for me beyond any doubt that
        Larry Warren intended to deceive me from the
        very start, even if it had only had been with this
        one damning document, and that’s being kind.
               Here is some background information on
        Dr. Echols:
               Paul Echols, MD is a practicing
        Orthopedic Surgeon in Albuquerque, NM. Dr.
        Echols graduated from The University of Texas
        School of Medicine at San Antonio in 1973 and
        has been in practice for 44 years. He completed
        a residency at Wilford Hall Medical Center. He  may even have come to believe.                  deny how they had been characterized in the
        currently practices at School of Medicine/Dept
                                                               And something new for you to consider. book. When I first agreed to write this book with
        of Orthopaedics and is affiliated with Christus St
                                                        This by me from the updated 2005 edition of Larry it was understood that I would be
        Vincent Regional Medical Center, Los Alamos
                                                        Left At East Gate, page xxii-xxiii:             organizing all of the material that would go into
        Medical Center and Lovelace Medical Center.
                                                               Publication of the book sparked a it, but he did agree to my request that all of
        Dr. Echols accepts multiple insurance plans
                                                        surprising amount of mail, and as anticipated, drafts of his chapters would be given to me on
        including Aetna, Humana and Cigna. Dr. Echols
                                                        included letters from some of the men we’d floppy discs and double spaced to make editing
        is board certified in Orthopaedic Surgery. Dr.  named. I was both glad and relieved that none easier. He had no problem agreeing to this
        Echols also practices at UNM Medicine           had written to correct or criticize our request and made a point of telling me that he
        Specialty Clinic in  Albuquerque, NM. In        characterizations of them. On the contrary, each was a fast typist. But when I received the first
        addition to English, Dr. Echols's practice
                                                        of the letters confirmed key points of my co- draft from him of his first chapter, it was
        supports these languages:  Vietnamese and
                                                        author’s account, some even offering details and handwritten on lined yellow legal paper and
                                                        particulars that were new to us. Excerpts from single spaced.
               There are other documents also being
                                                        half a dozen follow, the originals being in            When I reminded him of our agreement
        held in serious contention regarding their natural
                                                        Larry’s possession. They begin with an excerpt he told me he couldn’t afford a typewriter and
        state and with good cause, but I need to move
                                                        from a letter that Mark Thompson sent to Larry. did not have a computer, and despite the extra
        on.                                             Mark, a former 81st Security Police Specialist work it put on me, every chapter that followed
               Some of you may feel that the sanctity of  (SPS), had been assigned to D Flight along with was written out in longhand on those pads. So it
        the contents of a ‘private FB message’ is as
                                                        then-Airman Warren.                             did not surprise me when the contents of the
        inviable as the confessional. But when it comes
                                                               Mark is mentioned on page 141:           relevant letters he had received were given to
        down to allowing this madness to continue on
                                                               “Its real, it happened to us, and we will me, not in the form of the emails or original
        and on, I am not one of them. For months I tried
                                                        never forget it. Your book brought it all back for letters, but written out in his handwriting on
        in every way I could think of to resolve this
                                                        me. … (How) Halt can put it all into a little box lined yellow paper as usual.  This took place
        situation privately with Larry via FB messaging,
                                                        is beyond me. He should take at least some within a few months at most after our book had
        only to have him stand firm in reiterating proven
                                                        responsibility for helping to keep the lid on the charted as a bestseller in the UK and once again
        falsehoods, double down on them, or go silent   thing! Oh sure, he talks about what he saw but I saw no reason that I should insist on seeing the
        on me when pushed too hard. I also attempted to  what about the hell we went through afterward. originals. What was I thinking? That he might
        do the same via back channels of sorts with no
                                                        Thanks for fighting for us Larry, I’m grateful.  find such a request insulting. Again, the thought
        more success than I’d had in dealing directly
                                                        Now maybe we can all get a good night sleep.” that he might have overtly and intentionally lied
        with him.  There is only one result I am
                                                               From Steve LaPlume, another former to me about this or anything else in writing the
        interested in producing now and, it is that this
                                                        Security Police Specialist assigned to D Flight book was simply something I never considered.
        madness must stop, and stop now. I resent the
                                                        and referred to on nine of these pages:                Jump ahead to about four years ago. I
        fact that I am likely the only person with a
                                                               Larry, I asked your publishers to forward  was speaking at a conference in Leominster
        chance of doing so. I have far better things to do
                                                        this to you. 17 years blew by quick – I tried to Massachusetts, the hometown of Steve LaPlume
        with my time that spend these valuable hours    forget the UFO, but Left At East Gate brought it who we quote above. Steve and I had become
        slugging it out in an ongoing battle of words.  all back! How can Halt play it down – you were friends years earlier via emails during a period
        However I also realize I have a responsibility to
                                                        there and so was I. We got debriefed after and of years when he was living in China. For
        do so, even if the only solution I can think of
                                                        some guys like you got f**ked over later for whatever reason, Larry has stated that he and I
        may seem draconian to some.                     asking too many questions – I remember that are not friends, but nothing could be further
               There are many straws that have          Navy guy saying that “Bullets are cheap.” The from the truth. When he and his wife came to
        contributed to breaking this camel’s back, but  difference between us I guess is that I believed visit New  York City with their two daughters
        the final one, that point of absolutely no return,  him. … People died after this for God sake. some years after that I spent part of the time with
        was Warren’s daring to even suggest that I might  Maybe they were right when they told us that them which deepened our friendship.  As you
        have been responsible for alterations to some of  civilians were not ready for this yet. I will try to might imagine, I was happy to learn that he had
        his military paperwork, or that I have been under  get in touch with other witnesses and let them agreed to speak at the conference that was going
        the influence of the ‘Larry haters’ all along, but  know about East Gate.”                      to be held in his hometown. He had only given
        in doing so he made a terrible miscalculation.         I never saw any of the actual letters, one previous talk about his USAF UFO
        The one and only person responsible for this    though that did not bother me at the time; I was experience and that had been in 1984.
        response to his outrageous behavior is Larry    just relieved that none of the men who’d
        Warren, despite what he insists on, imagines, or  allegedly written did so to criticize, condemn or                    (Continued on Page 13)
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