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12                             The Hills: A Study in Madness

           Betty and Barney Hill: A

                 Study in Madness

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          Anyway, the beeping sound was supposed to
          have come from the trunk area of the car. Later,
          Betty discovered some shiny spots each about
          the size of a coin on the trunk, which most
          investigators assumed were the natural products
          of wear and tear. Not so Betty; to her, they were
          physical evidence that space aliens had
          somehow manhandled the car, and I feel bad for
          treating her story so roughly when I read the
          account of her rushing terrified into the pouring
          rain with a compass to check the car for
          radiation. When placed on the spots, the needle
          flickered briefly; Barney, called out to assist,
          thought this to be the product of the compass
          being in such close proximity to a large mass of
          metal (the car) but Betty was convinced: they
          had been exposed to radiation. They had become
          somehow contaminated, dirtied, befouled by the  track of what was going on.                    and later, he's looking at some sort of bald big-
          encounter with the spacecraft.  A later                On a personal note, I can relate to this. I eyed naked space gorilla.
          investigator pointed out that his own car had  once got up at 6 AM and rode with some friends         One thing that Barney mentions in early
          such marks, and as he had not been abducted by  from Philadelphia to Niagra Falls to see a reports is that the UFO had short, stubby little
                                                         concert. After the concert ended around 11 PM, wings on either side. Through the binoculars, he
          space monsters, it was probably the result of
                                                         I was nominated to start the drive home. I was was able to see a grinning man pull a lever that
          wear and tear.
                 That Betty was worried about            relieved around 6AM the next day, right as we made the wings extend outwards, as though this
          contamination is evident. Upon arriving home   got onto the Pennsylvania turnpike. The point is, would help the ship land or some such. Wings
          the night of the abduction, the Hills realized that  I remember absolutely nothing of that night. It's rarely figure in today's UFO lore; at the time,
          it was 5 am, that is to say, they had lost 2 hours  a total blur. Driving for long periods of time retractable wings were a cutting edge advance in
          of time. Barney starts hauling in their luggage,  along featureless backwoods roads in the dark, avionics that would have been very hip to the
          but for some reason Betty argues that it shouldn't  while extremely tired, just flat-out puts you into times.  And the idea that these wings were
          be brought into the house, and they leave it on  a trance.                                     controlled by a giant lever in the cockpit seems
                                                                 Barney Hill resisted attempts to recover similarly dated; it would have seemed normal in
          the porch for a few days.  The first thing that
                                                         his "memories" through hypnosis for many light of the technology at the time, but in
          Betty does is take a number of long showers
          with plenty of scrubbing, because she felt     months and apparently based his description of hindsight today, it is hilariously non-modern. It's
          somehow "dirty." It is the next day that she   his abductors on an episode of a TV show he had the technology equivalent of spotting an 8-Track
          discovers the spots on the car, calls her sister,  seen.  This is Kottmeyer's theory that I tape player. The lights bring up another point:
          and does the thing with the compass. This tidbit  mentioned above: an episode of  The Outer the aliens state a number of times that they do
          could go two ways: it either was or was not an  Limits that aired a mere fortnight before not want people to know they're visiting the
          isolated incident. If it was a one-time, isolated  Barney's hypnosis session seems surprisingly  earth. Yet, I submit to you, dear reader, that one
          incident the argument could be made that even  similar to the story that Barney eventually tells. way to ensure people on earth know you are here
                                                         Two canards are usually thrown against this is if you put giant glowing lights on your
          at that point she knew something was wrong and
                                                         theory: that Barney worked nights and therefore spacecraft. Anyway, Betty and Barney couldn't
          was subconciously trying to repair whatever the
          UFO did to her. On the other hand, if she did  couldn't have seen the show (in fact, his shift even agree on this point: Betty doesn't mention
          things like this frequently, it shows a sort of  started well after the show would have ended, so the wings, and speculates that there is a rim
          muted hypochondriac tendancy that implies she  he could have seen it before going to work) and around the outside of the craft that would spin
          was deeply worried about her health. And for   that the Hills didn't like science fiction and during flight. That the front of the spacecraft is
          people that are worried about their health to  therefore would not have watched it (but that made up of (more or less) a giant window seems
          have dreams involving medical procedures...    doesn't mean that Barney never saw a especially strange: there's no real reason that
          well, that's not so strange. Certainly no space  commercial for it, a few minutes at a friend's people inside would need that much windshield
                                                         house while waiting to go to supper, a few to fly safely. On the other hand, if there's a more
          men need be involved.
                                                         minutes through the window of a  TV repair earthly explanation for the whole thing, maybe
                 The "missing time" part of the story was
          looked at in a paper by Peter Brookesmith. He  shop, whatever.)  That Betty's memories seem the point isn't for them to see out. It's for the
          points out that the Hills assumed that they were  strangely similar to cinematic features of the Hills to see in.  What's the point of having a
          missing two hours of their life because the trip  film Invaders from Mars is another thing nightmare if you can't see the monster you're
          home took two hours more than usual. One       Kottmeyer brought up; but he makes the supposed to be afraid of? I mean a flying saucer,
          important fact generally goes unmentioned: the  argument better than I, so if you're interested, that's creepy, but a flying saucer containing a
          trip is usually made at daytime. The Hills had  search him out. Anyway.                        bunch of dudes that are out to get you, now that's
          gotten up that morning "bright and early" but          Even when they first spotted the object creepy deluxe.
                                                         from the car, Barney thought the object was an
          didn't cross over into the US until well after
                                                         airplane or helicopter and felt that his wife was                      (Continued on Page 13)
          dark. Barney should have been pretty tired, and
          to assume that an exhausted man driving along  pressuring him into thinking it was a spaceship    For The Best Radio Programming
          twisting, turning, backwoods forest roads is   from beyond the stars. I think a good indicator of                From the
          gonig to travel the same speed as he would if he  Barney's unwillingness to change a totally
          were wide awake and it was daytime is insane.  terrestrial, albiet perhaps a bit strange and a little  World of the Paranormal
          The two missing hours could easily be explained  scary, incident into something involving space                      To
          as simply as the fact that Barney was exhausted,  monsters can be seen in the fact that his story   The Science of Parapsychology
          travelled a little bit slower than normal, and  changes over and over again. Initially, he's                  24/7/265 Visit
                                                         looking at a perfectly human man, wearing a
          since there wasn't anything to keep his mind on                                                     
                                                         leather jacket, a black scarf, and a nice little hat,
          the time (radio, sun in the sky, etc.) he just lost
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