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12                Buzz Aldrin: Aliens Have Base on Mars

          Aliens Are Hiding a Secret

               Base on Mars' Moon

               Phobos, Buzz Aldrin


          There's an awful lot we still don't know about
          Phobos, one of the two moons in Mars' orbit,
          and images from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor
          have only piqued our interest.
                 One image in particular, showing what
          appears to be an artificial, inorganic white box-
          shaped structure surrounded by dirt on all sides,
          has alien enthusiasts salivating with theories.
                 "We should visit the moons of Mars,"
          astronaut Buzz  Aldrin told C-SPAN after the
          photos were first made public. "There's a
          monolith there—a very unusual structure on this Russia Warns That the US                              With space opening up to more countries
                                                                                                         and more ambitious projects, space sabotage—
          little potato-shaped object that goes around Mars  Military Is Preparing for
          once every seven hours. When people find out                                                   and space warfare—may become a new factor in
                                                                                                         what makes a global superpower.[]
          about that they are going to say, 'Who put that   World War III in Space
          there?' "
                 Aldrin's questions only further fueled the                                                 The REAL reasons why
                                                         The Cold War's "Space Race" may have ended
          speculation of so-called stargazing truth-
                                                         in the 1970s, but we may be on the cusp of a new   some people see ghosts,
                                                         one: between China's plans to become the global
                 Website UFOSightingsDaily offered                                                             according to experts
                                                         leader in space explorations and Russia's plans
          what they consider to be evidence that the moon
                                                         to create an interplanetary space station near
          is not natural: "Evidence Phobos is artificial:
                                                         Venus, the superpowers of Earth are starting to
          1st: Phobos is at such a low orbit to Mars it                                                           Continued from Page 11
                                                         view space as less of a luxury and more like new
          should crash, but its doesn't. 2nd: Phobos
          changes speed, it accelerates and slows down…
                                                                 This new space race is now causing             Carbon monoxide is odourless and
          impossible unless it has its own propulsion."
                                                         Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to       colourless and is produced when you have a gas
                 While we're keen to nurture speculation
                                                         speak out against the United States, who he     leak in your home.
          and crowd-sourced evidence, this theory just
                                                         believes is planning on militarizing the Final         The silent killer can be breathed in
          isn't up to snuff. That's because in order for a
                                                         Frontier.                                       without you even knowing that it's there.
          secret alien base to exist on Phobos, the beings
                                                                 Though Lavrov didn't give specifics on         Symptoms include dizziness, nausea,
          would require the ability to withstand up to
                                                         what sorts of militarization the US is carrying  tiredness and confusion, auditory hallucinations
          10,000 volts of electricity.
                                                         out, his speech is most likely a response to the  as well as shortness of breath.
                 Because they have no atmosphere, the
                                                         US' refusal to sign a joint treaty with Russia and     More than 500 Americans die of carbon
          moons of Mars are exposed to solar winds-
                                                         China that would regulate weapons in space.     monoxide poisoning every year, but victims who
          electrically-charged gas that comes from the
                                                                 Lavrov also called attention to the treaty  survive can suffer from symptoms for years -
          surface of the sun at about one million miles per
                                                         he proposed almost a decade ago to the UN,      even after their exposure ends.
          hour. These winds hitting the surface of Phobos
                                                         which would have banned weapons in orbit.              The long term effects of breathing in the
          and Deimos means that the moons become giant
                                                                 According to the New York Times, the    toxic substance can affect memory, brain
          conductors of electricity, holding charges of up
                                                         refusal of the 2008 agreement came down to      function, behaviour and cognition.
          to 10,000 volts.
                                                         what constituted a weapon, with Press Secretary        In an interview with radio show  This
                 When that solar wind strikes the side of
                                                         Dana Perino pointing out that setting a satellite  American Life, toxicologist Albert Donnay said:
          Phobos that exists in daytime, the surface
                                                         on a collision course with another satellite (or  "Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause all
          absorbs plasma, creating a void on the opposite
                                                         Earth itself) could be considered a "weapon."   manner of hallucinations- audio, visual, feeling
          nighttime side that the plasma flow cannot enter.
                                                                 Lavrov's speech also comes on the heels  strange things on their skin when there was
          Nonetheless, the ion and electron rich wind
                                                         of key announcements from the United States:    nothing there.
          creates a strong electric field.
                                                         the plans to appoint a three-star vice-commander       "People often report that they hear noises
                 This means that any potential alien base
                                                         to "assist the commander of  Air Force Space    in their ears, bells ringing, rushing sounds."
          on mars would require the technology to
                                                         Command with his/her responsibility to                 Apparitions, cold spots and ghostly
          withstand the build up of significant electric
                                                         organize, train and equip space forces" and the  touches can be caused by man-made magnetic
          charges-not impossible, but incredibly unlikely.
                                                         claim by US General John Hyten that both        fields, experts have suggested.
                 That isn't stopping NASA from building
                                                         Russia and China are developing their own              Electrical devices such as appliances,
          advanced tools for future missions to Mars'
                                                         space weapons:                                  power lines, or even batteries all have an
          moons, though. In a collaboration with the Japan
                                                                 "They've been building weapons, testing  electromagnetic fields.
          Aerospace Exploration  Agency, NASA is
                                                         weapons, building weapons to operate from the          One in five American adults say they’ve
          making plans to send a spacecraft to fly by
                                                         earth in space, jamming weapons, laser          seen or been in the presence of a ghost,
          Phobos and Deimos, where it'll then land on the
                                                         weapons, and they have not kept it              according to Pew Research Center.
          surface of Phobos and send some moon rock and
                                                         secret...They're building those capabilities to        And about 29 per cent say they have felt
          dust samples back to Earth by 2029. []
                                                         challenge the United States of  America, to     in touch with someone who has already died.
                                                         challenge our allies, and to change the balance        APRA investigator  Alvis said: "High
                                                         of power in the world..."                       electromagnetic fields and bad wiring can cause
                                                                 Hyten is most concerned about the safety  temporal lobe activity, making people believe
                                                         of US satellites—if a handful of crucial satellites  that they are in the presence of ghosts.
                                                         are damaged or even jammed for a few minutes,          "It is often associated with strange
                                                         it may mean the difference between intercepting  sensations, time distortions and hallucinations."
                                                         a missile and missing it completely.            []
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