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12                       Silicon Valley’s Flying Saucer Man

          The Forgotten Legend of                        photos, memorabilia, and artifacts, and a central cockpit.
                                                         interviewing all his family, friends and
            Silicon Valley’s Flying
                                                         students,” he wrote.                             There were more drawings of the
                     Saucer Man                                                                           Discopter—lots more.  The idea first
                                                         I began searching the web for came to Weygers in 1927; from the start
                                                         information about Weygers. There wasn’t he’d               envisioned        the     machine
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                                                         much, but there was enough to show that transforming cities. Hunter’s next

                                                         Hunter might not be a total nutter. I exhibit, a drawing that depicted how San
                                                         responded politely but didn’t say yes to Francisco might look in the faraway
        The more Hunter learned about Weygers,
                                                         anything; he took that as an invitation to future of 1985, showed massive,
        the more he began to emulate and revere
                                                         bound into my office in Palo  Alto one transoceanic Discopters with rooms for
        him, transforming from an opportunistic
                                                         day, carrying bags and cases.                    hundreds of passengers moored at docks
        art dealer to an acolyte. Somewhere along
                                                                                                          along the bay. Smaller commuter models,
        the way, he decided to devote his life to
                                                         Hunter was a tan, middle-aged man with docked by the hundreds at office
        telling Weygers’s story, even if it meant
                                                         a head of thick brown hair and dark buildings, could detach carlike vehicles
        spending millions of dollars—and losing
                                                         glasses. What made him stand out was a for getting around town. The drawings of
                                                         powerful enthusiasm he seemed to be the crafts’ interiors were remarkably
                                                         trying to keep in check for fear of scaring ornate, showing everything from tennis
        Hunter first emailed me in late 2015.
                                                         me off. Like any good salesman, he had courts and bunks down to a slice of
        I’d just published a biography of Elon
                                                         an easy, convivial way about him that cheese on a tiny sandwich.
        Musk and was receiving scores of
                                                         made you want to hear what he had to
        messages from people with free-energy
                                                         say.                                             Hunter and I talked for a long time. By
        machines, teleportation devices, and
                                                                                                          this point, the strange tale had taken hold
        Mars landers who either thought they
                                                         He reached into one bag and pulled out a of me, too. I had to know more about this
        were the next Musk or wanted me to pass
                                                         poster that he unrolled on my desk. It was Weygers fellow. Where was he from? Did
        their brilliant ideas to the Tesla Inc. and
                                                         an elaborate drawing of a vehicle that he try to build this thing? Why wasn’t he
        SpaceX boss.  At first glance, Hunter’s
                                                         looked like a more circular version of the famous? I also wanted to know more
        email seemed to fit squarely in the crazy
                                                         Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. The about Hunter, including his motivations.
        pile. He promised to deliver “the greatest
                                                         idea was for the disk-shaped craft to take He invited me to visit his gallery in Santa
        nonfiction story never written” about a
                                                         off vertically on jets of air. In flight the Cruz to check out the  Weygers
        genius artist who’d invented the flying
                                                         air could be directed forward or sculptures.
        saucer almost a century earlier. “I have
                                                         backward by a series of louvers in slanted
        been collecting his art, invention patents,
                                                         positions, with all the steering done from                          (Continued on Page 13)
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