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Contacting the Non-Existent Dead                                                                                   13

                I Asked Psychics to

             Connect with My Non-
               Existent Dead Sister

           The four psychics I talked with

             had very interesting thoughts
               about someone who never

                       by Jackie Hong

          I was 13 when my mom dragged my brother and
          me to a "psychic." We were visiting family in
          Malaysia and somewhere amongst a few palm
          oil plantations was the house of an old woman
          who claimed to be able to channel Buddha. My
          mother was enthralled during the hour-long
          ordeal, during which the woman basically rolled
          her eyes often so the whites were showing,
                                                         be happy too, but my happiness only seems to person—who knows, maybe getting readings
          dropped her voice a few octaves, and made
                                                         last temporarily (note: aren't all emotions via email didn't provide a strong enough
          astonishingly mundane statements that could've
                                                         temporary though?).                             spiritual connection or clues to see I was lying. I
          applied to anyone (examples: our house had ants
                                                                 Could she tell me how I can be happy? also looked for people who charged for readings
          out front; my grandma was old and having some
                                                         Or at least what's holding me back from true (maybe you get what you pay for?) and settled
          health problems). Combined with my love of
                                                         happiness?                                      on one for $20 and another for $40. Both told me
          Harry Houdini (who spent the last few years of
                                                                 No, but she could see a happiness- to bring a photo so I pulled one off a (very much
          his life debunking psychics and mediums) and
                                                         ripping darkness surrounding me.                alive) friend's Facebook and, armed with
          teen angst that made me hate everything my
                                                                 But how's Emily doing?                  Emily's backstory and a few years of high school
          parents liked, the experience left me convinced
                                                                 She's doing good, she doesn't want me to acting/improv experience, headed out for my
          that psychics were con artists who separated
                                                         worry about her, but there's something going on third reading of the day.  At the point, I was
          vulnerable and desperate people from their cash
                                                         here, what's going on in my love life?          almost hoping to be called out soon—it was too
          in exchange for poor acting.
                                                                 "Not much," I answered truthfully.      easy.
                 My stance on psychics hasn't really
                                                                 Could I be doing better in love,               Psychic Three's studio was nestled in a
          changed since then, but I also consider myself a
                                                         happiness and success?                          suburban strip mall and plastered with the
          fairly open-minded person and love having my
                                                                 "Well, yeah, I guess?"                  classic psychic decor that makes graphic
          views changed when enough solid evidence is
                                                                 Apparently I'm meant to have a lot of designers consider seppuku—deep purple signs
          presented to me.  What if there really was
                                                         money and success, but no matter what I do, with all-caps yellow text and neon crystal balls.
          something to psychics, but my mom had just
                                                         something's leading me in the wrong direction. I scampered up a bright red stairwell and into a
          chosen a bad one?  What if she had just been
                                                         For $250 plus the cost of two candles and a purple room (same purple as the signs) where a
          asking the wrong questions? What if Malaysian
                                                         crystal, I could've had a circle of protection put smiling woman wearing a tank top and sweat
          psychics were just sketchy? So many people
                                                         around me—and would see improvements in pants was sitting at a small table. I sat down
          have turned to psychics for so long that there
                                                         three to seven days.                            opposite her and took in the weird mix of art—a
          must be something to it all, right?
                                                                 The call ended soon after.              small tapestry of what I'm quite sure was Jesus
                 The questions floated around in my head
                                                                                                         and his disciples on the table, but also a fair
          for awhile, but it wasn't until last Sunday that I
                                                         The second reading, also free, was done over share of Buddha statues, too.
          decided to act on them. Inspired by Houdini, I
                                                         email, which I didn't know was a thing. I had a         She asked for Emily's photo. I handed
          made up a basic pass/fail test that I could apply
                                                         response in my inbox within 10 minutes of her my phone. She stared at the screen and told
          a few times to see if someone was actually in
                                                         sending out the enquiry message with my name, me to say Emily's full name and birthday, then
          tune with all the truths in the universe: If I made
                                                         Emily's and Emily's cause of death. Even with looked up at me. My heart dropped—would my
          up a dead sister and asked a bunch of psychics to
                                                         the shift in technology, my sister was still doing face betray something?—and immediately
          connect with her, how many wouldn't be able to
                                                         fine—more than fine, in fact:                   jumped back into my chest when she told me she
          tell I was full of shit?
                                                                 "It's a little different than what she could feel Emily's presence and that she was
                 I don't have a sister and am the oldest
                                                         expected on the other side, but she is quite happy happy. In a new development, Emily had
          child in the family, so I figured inventing a big
                                                         and sees things very differently. I get she had a "passed on" and become my guardian angel.
          sister would keep any interfering energies or
                                                         little of a 'wild' streak in her," Psychic  Two        It took an incredible amount of effort to
          whatever it is psychics pick up on out of the
                                                         wrote. She said Emily was mentioning not burst out laughing. Using all my willpower
          picture. And so, I created "Emily"—her birthday
                                                         something about clothing and I said she and I to keep a straight face and sombre-sounding
          was Jan. 31, 1990, she died in a car crash on
                                                         had exchanged necklaces.                        voice, I asked if Emily was mad about dying.
          June 2, 2014, and her boyfriend, who was
                                                                 "She's saying not to worry about her, she      No, the psychic said, because it had been
          driving the car, died with her.
                                                         is OK. She says not to worry as she is fine and  her time. Throughout the eight-minute reading,
                 A quick Kijiji search came up with
                                                         with you. [S]he wants you to live your life, a she repeatedly told me Emily's death was meant
          dozens of psychic/medium listings in  Toronto
                                                         happy one," she wrote back.                     to be. Emily was sad that she left me behind, but
          and four immediately responded to my texts and
                                                                 Even though the answers were still pretty she's in a positive place now and is the reason
          emails. I was set.
                                                         vague, this was the most detailed description I why I feel a presence around my house (it's her
                 My first reading was via phone call—the
                                                         would get of Emily all day. The Houdini in me watching over me and I should try talking to
          ad said the psychic was offering free mini-
                                                         was doing backflips. Two for two.               her). I also learned that after death, souls hang
          readings. She asked for my full name and
                                                                 To up the difficulty for me and to make it around Earth for six weeks which is why I
          birthday and Emily's. I gave her the details and
                                                         easier for the psychics (it's one thing to lie over dreamt of Emily a lot right after she died.
          almost instantly, she told me Emily wanted me
                                                         an email or call, but another to lie to someone's
          to know that she's in a good place and that she's
                                                         face), I decided to see my next psychics in                            (Continued on Page 14)
          watching over the family. She also wanted me to
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