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Jesse Marcel’s Journal                                                                            13

             Jesse Marcel’s Journal

                      by Kevin Randle

                             Part I

          A while back, we learned that Jesse Marcel, Sr.,
          had kept some sort of journal that family
          members had just discovered. I wasn’t overly
          concerned with the length of time it took for this
          discovery. Just a couple of years ago I found a
          stack of letters my father had written home from
                                                         we want to know. It tells us there is nothing in  Friedman about picking up the pieces of a flying
          the Pacific  Theater during the Second  World
                                                         these journals that reference the UFO sighting,  saucer, he, Marcel, couldn’t remember what
          War.  They had been in an old suitcase just
          passed from hand to hand in the family. I had no  the crash, the retrieval or the recovery of alien  year it was. It wasn’t until Bill Moore, looking
                                                         bodies. If there was, there would be no reason to  for information about the beginning of the
          idea what was in it until I opened it.
                                                         attempt to “read between the lines.” No need to  modern UFO era in 1947 found pictures of
                  So, when the Marcel family said they
                                                         search for hidden messages in the journal. If it is  Marcel kneeling near the remains of a weather
          had just located these journals, I wasn’t
                                                         not obvious, then I suggest it is not there.    balloon in General Ramey’s office, that the
          surprised nor did I think it was some sort of
                                                                 For those who think that Marcel would   information fell into place.
          trick.  They wanted to take time to review the
                                                         have been hiding this stuff because, at the time,      I wondered, if Marcel had journals, then
          information and gather the documentation to
                                                         it would have been classified and such a journal  why had he been unable to give Friedman the
          prove that the journals had been written by the
                                                         entry would be dangerous, I say, remember, he   date of the sighting? True, he might not have had
          senior Marcel long ago.
                                                         told what he knew. We, in the UFO community,    the journal at his fingertips when Friedman
                 I said that when I learned anything new,
                                                         didn’t learn about this until 1978, but he had  called, but surely, he would have been able to
          I would report it here and I have learned
                                                         been talking about it with his ham radio buddies  look that up… if he had a journal.
          something new. Months and months ago the
                                                         prior to that. And we have no journal entries           That raises a second question. If he was
          family decided that they needed the help of a
                                                         prior to that point that suggest the alien      keeping journals, then why didn’t he have copies
          linguist who had a working knowledge of
                                                         spacecraft. No, I fear this is another dead end,  of some of the newspaper articles in which he
          cryptic writing.  They thought that something
                                                         based solely on the query about a linguist and  was quoted? If nothing else, maybe a notation
          might be encoded in the journals that would be
                                                         cryptic writing.                                that his name had appeared in the newspapers. It
          of interest because Marcel had been an
                                                                True, this is speculation based on a     isn’t every day that ordinary people find
          intelligence officer.
                                                         simple question asked by the members of the     themselves mentioned in the newspaper.  Or, at
                  Let me say here that I served in a
                                                         Marcel family, but it is also a worrisome       the very least, a mention that he had his name in
          position similar to that in which Marcel served.
                                                         question. If there had been anything mentioned  the newspaper on July 8, 1947. True, that tells us
          We were both air intelligence officers. True, our
                                                         in the journals that suggested the UFO crash,   nothing about the validity of alien aspect of the
          assignments had been decades apart… he in the
                                                         then the question wouldn’t have been necessary.  crash, but it would be something… Even a
          late 1940s and me in the mid-1970s, but the jobs
                                                         That it was asked suggests that nothing was     mention of the balloon explanation would be
          were essentially the same. I know this because I
                                                         found that related to it.                       something, such as found in the 509th Unit
          have read the unit histories of the military
          organizations with which he served. For
                                                                             Part 2                             Sure, I get that Marcel might have been
          example, in the Army, the verifications of the
                                                                                                         embarrassed by the outcome, but there was
          information supplied by the soldier for a security
          clearance fell to the intelligence officer. Marcel,  The other day I was discussing the latest update  really nothing in those articles that suggested he
          according to the 509th Unit History had been   on the Jesse Marcel, Sr. journal (or journals) and  had made a horrible mistake. Just that he had
          doing that in Roswell. Before we deployed to   had a thought or two about it. I had mentioned  recovered debris, taken it into Roswell and then
          Iraq, I had been doing that for our unit. Similar  that nothing being found in the journals for 1947  onto Fort Worth, on the orders of his superiors,
          tasks separated by decades.                    wouldn’t be all that surprising because it was,  who, by the way, failed to identify the balloon in
                 I can, therefore, make a number of      well, 1947, and Marcel was still in the military.  Roswell if we accept that whole story.
          extrapolations about what Marcel would have    Had there been a crash, and from what others           Anyway, all this speculation is based on
          been doing, and based on my experiences, know  had said, they were all cautioned about sharing  a simple request for someone who might be
          how the various assignments would have been    of classified material with those who weren’t   good at cryptic analysis. I might be way off base
          completed. There was no point in which I was   cleared to receive it.                          here. It’s just that this seems to answer the
          introduced to any sort of comprehensive training       It was pointed out that he had been     question about the value of the journals to all of
          that would have involved cryptic writing. Sure,  talking about it in 1978. I thought that point  us. To the family, they would be invaluable but
          there were the basics covered in a couple of   irrelevant because so much time had passed. No  to us, looking for anything about the Roswell
          courses, but nothing that would have been      mention in a 1947 journal wasn’t that important  case, they might just be another dead end.
          beneficial in creating a code hidden in the    (unless, of course there was one) but no mention
          context of an everyday, personal journal.      in journals written later, especially prior to 1978,  Listen to  A Different Perspective Radio Show
                 But none of that is extremely important.  could be very important.                      with Kevin Randle on The ‘X’ Zone Broadcast
          The mere question and then search for a linguist       But that wasn’t the important revelation.  Network. Visit for days and
          with a knowledge of cryptic writing tells us what  It was the sudden thought that when Marcel told  times.
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