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UFO Expert Makes Shocking Discovery                                                                                        13

          UFO expert claims to have

          made a shocking discovery
            about alien visitations of


                        By Jon Austin

          A UFO expert has sensationally
          claimed there is one thing that unites
          ALL unidentified flying object images
          and videos that have been captured
          across the globe.

          Fox News Hears  About  Aliens, Sees
          Dollar Signs, Says Sure

          Scott Brando has spent several years examining
          thousands of so-called UFO photographs and
          videos, and concluded there has NEVER been
          an alien craft captuted on camera or that has ever
          visited Earth.
                 He says every single one of them can be
          explained away by normal science.                      An unofficial blacklist of hoaxers has
                 Mr Brando, who runs the website         been drawn up by these websites.                  History’s Most Infamous
 which exposes false and              In an article about hoaxers on his                 UFO Sightings
          misleading alleged UFO and alien revelations,  website, Mr Brando said (translated from
          says there has never been a photograph or video  Italian): "The Internet, video sharing and social
          recorded of a real UFO, flying saucer, or alien  networks, such as  YouTube,  YouReporter,
          craft, even though he does believe their is extra  Facebook and Twitter, on the one hand led to a
          terrestrial life out there somewhere.          rapid dissemination, consultation and feedback
                 He said he has been able to come up with  of the UFO phenomenon, and on the other,
          plausible explanations for every one he has seen  unfortunately have determined the uncontrolled
          so far.                                        viral spread of false sighting products through
                 The Italian initially set out to research  the manipulation of photos and videos that have
          the subject in the hope of finding proof of aliens,  seriously altered both the regular perception of
          but while many UFO buffs appear to allow their  the phenomenon."
          will to believe to cloud their judgement when it       While many UFO website feature
          comes to a suspect shot, Mr Brando will not be  articles with headlines such as 'conclusive proof
          convinced by anything short of the real deal.  of aliens,''s are more along the
                 He told "At this time    lines of 'UFO Sightings of 2015: another year of
          there are no REAL unexplained UFO sightings.   fakes and hoaxes'.                                UFOs aren’t a new phenomenon. In fact,
          I have been looking for them for many years."          One case which made recent headlines in   humans have been describing unidentified
                 He said he has examined most well       the Derbyshire area was a "possible UFO"          flying objects for millennia, with depictions
          known cases and many new ones, but admitted    caught on camera by Ernest Redfern, 85, who       of disk-like objects and unusual atmospheric
          there were too many to have investigated all   found a strange white shape in a picture he took  objects found in the art and literature of
          cases.                                         of a rainbow over Derby last month.               ancient civilizations from the Sumerians and
                 He said: "Yes I (have looked) into most asked Mr Brando to cast     the Egyptians to the Greeks and Romans.
          UFO pictures, but you know there are too many  his eye over the UFO image.                              But the modern era of UFOs took off
          cases, so it is impossible to analyse them all."       He quickly responded with a still taken   in the middle of the 20th century, right around
                 But of the thousands he has looked at, he  from Mr Redfern's Facebook page.               the time rockets and high-tech aircraft were
          said: "Over the last five years, on thousands of       He said: "About the supposed UFO          being devised, often in secret. Coincidence?
          investigated cases, 30 per cent were lens flares."  sighting over Derby, I found the best images  Paranoia? Perhaps.
                 His website is billed as 'UFO sightings,  from the Facebook account of Ernest Redfern.
          alien and related phenomena under thorough     It's just a seagull."                             01: Kenneth Arnold, 1947
          investigation'.                                        So what next for his website?
                 It features sections on the various types       Mr Brando said: "My main interest is to   02: Roswell, 1947
          of alleged UFO pictures, and whether they really  verify the true origin of each supposed ufo
          are such as lens flares (when a light source being  sighting to understand what it hides: a real  03: Lubbock Lights, 1951
          photographed gets internally fractured inside the  event? a hoax? a misunderstanding?
          camera and appears elsewhere on the final              "So I'd like to know what remains of      04: Levelland, 1957
          image), blurbs (blurred birds, planes or       ufology when you clear it of all falsehoods.
          balloons), reflections snapped through windows,        "I truly believe in an extraterrestrial life,  05: Tehran, 1976
          blimps (airships), clouds, and those that are out  but I don't know if there is an alien intelligence
          and out hoaxes.                                over our Earth, but I like to think there is.     06: Rendlesham Forest, 1980
                 Mr Brando and those behind other                "However, I believe in evidence and
          similar websites, such as, are  objectivity, and at the moment there are no       07: The Belgium Wave, 1989-90
          campaigning against  YouTube UFO hoaxers       proofs that aliens are visiting our world." []
          who release fake and misrepresented footage.
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