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The Nature of Evil                                                                          13

            The Nature Of Evil and

          Ignorance - Safe or Sorry!

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          How Can You Be Sure When You Are
          Not Sure Of Yourself

          We as spiritualists have a greater responsibility
          to not bury our heads and not lead anyone astray.
          As we look toward the beauty and majesty of a
          flower and argue the reality for divine order
          within a chaotic universe, how then can we
          separate the evil that permeates the universe and
          claim it is null in void or does not exist and is a
          mere illusion or creation of man’s failures. There
          is no one here that can be 100 percent sure and
          though you may not have come across anything
          of a real diabolical nature in your career, it is
          foolhardy to claim the non-existence of it. If you
          think it, it exists, no matter in what energetic
                 Our pioneers of the past within
          mediumship have warned us about nefarious
          spirits and negative energy. Think about it, you
          say a prayer of protection at the beginning of a  understanding and healthy respect for without          Check Out Some of These
          circle, why? You keep your vibration as high as  yin, there is no yang.                                 International Channels On
          possible, why? Simply, because there is a
          negative aspect within that realm, it is clear in all In Conclusion
          spiritual concepts and in all religious texts.
                                                         Evil exists whether or not you believe in it. Even
          What If You're Not Ready                       if you don’t believe in gravity, it will not stop
                                                         you falling. []
          Do you think you would be ready to face the
          challenge should it be presented. It is not enough About Jock Brocas:
          to run around with woo woo sticks, prayers with
          no power and an Ignorant mindset of Evil and Jock Brocas is an evidential Spiritual Medium
          how to face it. Most of us will never face real and spiritual author of several books. Jock                Bloomberg Television
          diabolical power in our lives and we thank the writes with passion and in-depth knowledge.                       Euronews
          great spirit for that, but for some the reality is The books are written with one common goal,                   Fox News
          real and often very different from that which is which is to enlighten and teach spiritual lessons       The ‘X’ Zone TV Channel
          perceived in the real world.  The person who of love, compassion and forgiveness.                              Kids Central
          takes up the burden of helping others who are Recognized as an accurate evidential medium,            Dimensions – A Sci-Fi Channel
          experiencing or have experienced, will forever he has dedicated his later years to his own                     Sound Emerge
          be a target and will forever have to maintain a spiritual development and the professional               American Music Channel
          high vibration in thought, word and deed. There development of his Mediumship.                              Wide World Xtreme
          is no adulation for those who serve in this            As a proponent of many different                       Cowboy Theater
          capacity.                                      disciplines, these skills have culminated into                     Lifestyle
                 It is not enough to have knowledge or developing unique perspectives on spirituality                 Prime Time Drama
          even theory for everything we experience in life and spiritual life. Jock teaches regularly and                 Funnybone
          is within. Nothing exists as an external       works tirelessly to help those developing on a                       Reel
          experience, all is within. I am sure you have  spiritual path.                                             SimulTV LIVE Events
          heard that statement a million times, but there is                                                          Amazing Discoveries
          a reason the statement keeps permeating our       Visit Jock Brocas on line at                               Amazing Facts TV
          consciousness, and that’s because it’s true. So                                                                 Impact TV
          the power is within, it is your discernment and                               Independent Cinema Network
          your divinity that is the seat of your power and                                                                  Horror
          its important to be guarded with it and to       Fact*oids                                                    Global Military
          continue in its reverence to the divinity within.                                                           ...And Many More!
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          something you are. It is better to maintain an
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