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The Hills: A Study in Madness                                                                                13

           Betty and Barney Hill: A                             Betty also later reproduced a star map   Further, Barney's previous wife had won
                                                         she claimed was shown to her by the captain.    custody of their children, and wasn't terribly
                 Study in Madness                        Marjorie Fish later analyzed it and claimed that  enthusiastic about either Betty or Barney ever
                                                         all the little dots lined up perfectly with stars in  seeing them.  That must have hurt. Finally,
                                                         the Zeta Reticuli system. But only if the viewing  Barney had to drive to Boston every day for
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                                                         point of the star map is from somewhere other   work. Hardly mentally grueling, but it must still
                                                         than Earth, and only if it's rotated and finagled a  have been a pain in the ass. Suffice it to say that
          The Hills continue to disagree with each other
                                                         bit. This is one of the hardest points to refute, but  he was one stressed out dude. Perhaps he bought
          on almost every point of the story. Betty initially
                                                         Kottmeyer again draws similarities to a star map  into his wife's tales more enthusiastically than
          describes her captors as having big honkin'
                                                         shown in Invaders from Mars. One thing strikes  I'd thought before. Perhaps, if we consider the
          noses, like Jimmy Durante. Barney (eventually)
                                                         me as odd: Betty claims that the map shows      paranoiac incident in the restaurant, he created
          says that he sees no noses at all, just little holes
                                                         numerous stars as well as planets; Fish's       some of his own.
          where the nostrils ought to be. Betty later    interpretation only works if you assume that all       Everyone has their pet explanation for
          explains this by theorizing that the noseless
                                                         of the dots represent stars. Fish's interpretation  UFOs in general and this case in particular.
          creatures were so weird looking that, in her
                                                         demands that you ignore Betty's statement that  Perhaps it really occured the way that they
          dream, she tried to humanize them a little by
                                                         some of the little dots are planets. I'm not going  claimed and the many variations, contradictions,
          adding the ol' honkin' schnozzes. That's right - in
                                                         to argue that Betty got the map from one source  and flat out insane claims made by the Hills are
          making her argument that her dreams are
                                                         or another: I argue that if you throw some dots  just unlikely coincidences or the product of
          accurate memories of events that really
                                                         down on a peice of paper, and are liberal in your  space aliens monkeying about with their
          happened, she admitted that the dreams may
                                                         interpretation as to which ones are stars, planets,  memories. Perhaps it truly was a case of Folie a
          have, at least partially, been the product of her
                                                         asteroids, or whatever other junk is floating   deux. Perhaps it was a product of Betty's worries
          imagination. Sweet.                            around in outer space, you are very likely to   about her medical condition; perhaps it was a
                 For Betty, the creatures initially had jet
                                                         eventually match it up with something,          product of decades of bad space alien horror
          black hair and peircing eyes - but the eyes were
                                                         somewhere.                                      flicks coupled with the hysterical predictions of
          fairly normal people eyes. The pupils were a bit
                                                                Let's just suffice it to say that the story  the UFO literature at the time (they're coming!)
          odd, and she said that they were a bit "catlike,"
                                                         changed frequently, that the two of them could  Perhaps this story is simply the product of a
          but other than that she seemed not too much
                                                         hardly agree on much of anything about it, and  mind in the grips of paranoid fantasies, which (I
          impressed by them. Yet eyes figure immensely
                                                         that it is riddled with problems in the form of  speculate without having looked deeper into it)
          in today's abduction literature: David Jacobs in
                                                         just plain out common sense.                    could explain the hypocondriac fears of Betty,
          particular claims that they are the manner by
                                                                I mentioned before that Betty had,       the whispers and thoughts of conspiracies and
          which space aliens can hypnotize people.  Yet  perhaps, a not entirely sufficient grip on reality.  shadowy dealings, the feelings of persecution,
          Betty saw nothing particularly strange about
                                                         This occured even before her life had been      and Betty's later grandiose claims.
          them. That's odd.
                                                         radically altered by media attention. She was          For me, it all boils down fairly simply:
                 Here's another point that seems a bit odd:
                                                         convinced that she had discovered a number of   Betty was a loon and, with the aid of a hypnotist,
          the aliens are helpless idiots. During the medical
                                                         landing sites for UFOs and, when she took       convinced her husband that something which
          procedure, the captain of the spaceship tells
                                                         investigators to those sites, she consistently  did not occur had really taken place. He fought
          Betty that jamming an enormous needle into her
                                                         refused to believe that things seen in the sky  against it, knowing this was crazy, and though
          belly button won't hurt.  The surgeon-space
                                                         (some of which, it was pointed out by her       he finally broke, his account is more riddled
          monster then jabs her with it and, of course, it
                                                         companions, were airplanes, stars, lights, or   with contraditions and less fiercely accurate
          hurts like blazes.  The captain looks startled,  what have you) were anything other than       simply because he was unable to convince
          waves her hands over her eyes, and the pain
                                                         spaceships. Utter unwillingness to even consider  himself of a fantasy as thoroughly as his wife
          stops. Later he apologizes and says that if he'd
                                                         that some of the dozens of things she saw in the  could. It is my opinion, and an opinion that I
          known it was going to hurt, he wouldn't have
                                                         night sky on any given evening were of          espouse as frequently as I can, that there are
          dont it.  Wait.  What? If he didn't know it was
                                                         terrestrial origin certainly does not speak well as  many explanations for cases of UFO abductions,
          going to hurt, how did he know just the right
                                                         to her status as a reasonable, unbaised observer.  but all are grounded in the flaws of the human
          way to make the hurting stop? How would he
                                                         To mangle the lyrics of a song popular with the  mind. After seeing something in the sky, Betty
          think that it wouldn't hurt in the first place? He
                                                         young people, stupid people do stupid things,   believed what she wanted to believe (that it was
          claims this isn't the first time he's done this sort
                                                         smart people outsmart each other, and people    a ship) and her neuroses (a need to believe,
          of thing, but you'd have to be a spectacular   that want to see spaceships in the sky no matter  paranoid, fears for her health, etc.) combined
          doofus not to think jabbing up someone's guts
                                                         what are going to see spaceships in the sky no  with this to create a fantasy world in which she
          wouldn't hurt.  And how did the hand waving
                                                         matter what.                                    lived.
          remove the pain, anyway? Seems more like the
                                                                 Barney was certainly a more sober              The original article I wrote receives by
          logic you'd find in just a run of the mill dream.
                                                         individual, though he seems to have had his far more hits than anything else on this site.
          For instance, I have a repetitive dream where I'm
                                                         share of problems. Before the abduction he and Looking at the list of what people have put into
          walking along the ocean floor underwater, but I
                                                         his wife stopped in a restaurant, and he felt that search engines to find this site, 95% of them are
          can breath. Why can I breath? BECAUSE IT'S A
                                                         the other diners in the place were watching some combination of "Betty and Barney Hill." I
          DREAM. Logic doesn't need to hold.             them. He eventually realizes that, in fact, no one could go on and on and on adding more and
                 And then there's the matter of the book.  is watching them, and the others are acting in a more of the argument and counterargument that
          Betty asks the captain for some proof that the
                                                         totally normal manner. He scolds himself and have popped up as regards this case, but others
          whole even occured, and he gives her a big book
                                                         says he needs to get a grip on himself, but this have done it before me, to say nothing of better,
          to take. Later, he takes the book away from her,
                                                         raises a strange question: when a guy who has than I could. I have included some links should
          claiming that the crew doesn't think it's a good
                                                         the occasional paranoid thought that he's being you care to pursue the matter further, and to
          idea.  This is totally at odds with Barney's
                                                         watched by others describes an encounter (under everyone else, I give up.[]
          description of the captain as a business-like, no-
                                                         hypnosis) where creatures with huge,
          nonsense leader. He doesn't realize that giving
                                                         mesmerizing eyes are watching him, do we
          her tangible proof that the abduction occured  really need to drag space monsters into the
          would counteract his "you must never remember  conversation? In the past, I'd given Barney a lot  For The Best Radio Programming
          this" order?  And what sort of hardcore space                                                                   From the
                                                         of credit. It turns out he wasn't on the most stable
          soldier would take shit from his crew like that?                                                       World of the Paranormal
                                                          psychological foundation in the world when this
          There are officers in the 101st ROTC Mess Kit                                                                       To
                                                          whole thing went down.  To start with, he (a
          Repair Battalion that wouldn't let their
                                                          black man) was married to a white woman in         The Science of Parapsychology
          subordinates question their orders. Seems like
                                                          1960s rural New England. I wasn't around back                 24/7/265 Visit
          more dream logic to me... suspiciously
                                                          then, but I'm told that the 1960s were not
          convenient dream logic.                                                                            
                                                          particularly easy times for mixed race couples.
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