Page 14 - The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper - August / September 2018
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14                     Bart Sibrel: “Did Astronauts Go 1000 Times Farther 49 Years

                                                           Ago Than They Can Go Today?”

            Did Astronauts Go 1000                        thus making them conspiracies.  Those who      a CENTRAL authority above them.
                                                          would like the public to ignore half of all the       “Independent” News? . . . Give me a
             Times Farther 49 Years                       crimes in the world by ridiculing those with an  break!

                                                          intellect to perceive such forethought frauds are     Highly respected and Pulitzer Prize
               Ago Than They Can                          simply those perpetrating the deceptions in the  winning “Watergate” reporter Carl Bernstein
                          Today?                          first place.                                   had this to say about exactly who it is who has
                                                                 We have to understand that if a tiny    central control over the media (intelligence) . . .
                                                          spider, the size of a dime, can meticulously plan  The “Central Intelligence  Agency” (CIA) of
                                                          and trap its prey weeks in advance, then the   course . . . the very ones who staged the “moon
                                                          human mind, if inclined to evil, can do so much  missions” through their favorite manipulative
                                                          more evil, so much farther in advance.         tool . . . Television . . .
                                                          Additionally, a lie, or conspiracy, is the only       “More than 400 American ‘journalists’
                                                          crime that can exist without tangible evidence.  (that we know of) have secretly carried out
                                                          If someone is murdered, there is a dead body. If  assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency,
                                                          someone steals, there is the material possession  according to documents on file at CIA
                                                          lacking in one place and existing in another. Yet,  headquarters. In many instances, CIA
                                                          when someone lies, where is it? A lie is the only  documents show that ‘journalists’ were
                                                          crime that you cannot touch, that you cannot   contracted to perform covert missions for the
                                                          see. A lie is purely ethereal. This is why lies are  CIA with the consent of the managers of
                                                          the favorite misdeeds of habitual criminals.   America’s leading news organizations.  Among
                                                          After all, out of all of the crimes committed in  the executives (that we know of) who lent their
                                                          the world for which people are put in prison,  cooperation to the CIA, were the heads of Time
                        by Bart Sibrel                    how many of them are there for simply lying?   Magazine, Newsweek, the New York Times,
                                                                 The origin of crime is the lie, or      ABC, NBC, CBS, the  Associate Press, United
          Ever wonder why they claimed to have walked     conspiracy, invented in advance of the iniquity,  Press International, and Reuters.”
          on the moon, on the very first attempt (even    to cover up the wrongdoing before it is even          (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and USA Today
          though, right here on earth, Mt. Everest and the  committed.  When crimes are committed on a   are not on the list simply because they did not
          South Pole took numerous tries before success),  national and international scale, then national  exist at the time of his quote.)
          allegedly accomplishing this amazing feat with  and international lies, or conspiracies, are          If a President says that their loathing of
          antiquated 1960’s technology (while today a     needed. This is why criminal multibillion-dollar  dishonest information is against the “Media”
          cell phone has one million times more           corporations    and     governments     have   and not the CIA, they fail to recognize, or at
          computing power than all of NASA did back       consolidated    all   television   networks,   least acknowledge for reasons of personal
          then), yet forty-nine years later, the farthest an  magazines, and newspapers. It is to control your  safety, that they are one and the same thing. The
          astronaut can travel from the Earth is only     perception of reality, not to offer you reality. As  media is controlled by the CIA (as you just read
          1/1000th the distance as claimed half a century  someone who worked as senior editor in        above), whose native language, as spies, is lies.
          ago with antique rocket and computer            television news for two years, I can testify to  The perhaps once honorable agency, like many
          equipment?                                      this fact.  We referred to our broadcast as a  others, first initiated to protect  American
                 Life is not so much a battle between     “show”, not “news”, simply because it was      citizens from foreign adversaries, has been
          right and wrong, as it is a battle between Truth  completely controlled from the top down like  turned against them, like a rabid dog on their
          and Lies, as this generally precedes, and       any corporation, where the “anchors” (readers)  owner, spending taxpayer’s hard earned money
          ultimately leads to, good or evil. Truth leads to  simply regurgitated the scripted words from  to lie to them without their consent, breaking
          good. Lies lead to evil. Life is wonderfully    unseen superiors. Don’t believe me? Simply     federal law, which forbids domestic propaganda,
          simple.                                         watch the short, yet very revealing clip below  as well as lying though the medium of
                 The simple fact is, half of all crimes are  and notice the network logos in the lower part of  television, of which the “moon landings” were
          “conspiracies”. Half are done without           the screen (left and right) which reveal that ALL  the climax thereof.
          forethought, in the heat of the emotion of the  of the major networks (ABC, NBC, CBS,
          moment, and half are plotted out in advance,    FOX,) are receiving the very same scripts from                        (Continued on Page 15)
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