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14                    UFO Stories Abound In Canada Now

             Chinese Balloon Saga

            Floats Some Old UFO

         Stories In Canada To The

             Surface For The First


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        In the past few weeks, viewers reported
        seeing a light moving west to east,
        followed by numerous lights along the
        same path, “like a string of pearls
        crossing the sky,” says Rutkowski.  The
        lights are on satellites, he says, part of
        Elon Musk’s SpaceX satellite internet

        One of the most common sightings are of
        vapour trails from planes, which appear
                                                         to be more than a purported weather lingering effects of his encounter,
        as bright yellow or orange objects when
                                                         balloon blown off course.                        including burns and subsequent illness,
        they are illuminated by the rising or
                                                                                                          have made the Falcon Lake Incident a
        setting sun. The trail can hang in the sky
                                                         “I certainly believe that there’s probably subject of intense interest among UFO
        for some time, says Rutkowski, and
                                                         life out there somewhere. And given the enthusiasts and researchers alike. Despite
        appear to viewers as if it’s moving very
                                                         preponderance of life out there, there investigations, the incident remains a
                                                         might be a civilization that’s figured out mystery, leaving many intrigued by the

                                                         how to travel between the stars,” he says. possibility of extraterrestrial encounters
        Occasionally, there are UFO reports that
                                                                                                          in our world.
        turn out to be weather balloons, which
                                                         “And there’s also a certain bit of saviour
        China claimed was the type of balloon
                                                         mentality,” to his belief he says, The UFO Carp Incident,  which
        that had been shot down by U.S. military.
                                                         explaining “that the Earth is so messed up       occurred in Ontario in 1989, remains one
        That explanation was rejected by U.S.
                                                         right now between climate and politics           of the most intriguing and well-
        officials, who called it a surveillance
                                                         and war and everything else.                     documented sightings of unidentified
                                                                                                          flying objects. On a chilly March
                                                         “It would be so nice if there were aliens        evening, several witnesses reported
        Canada sends two weather balloons up
                                                         out there who’ve figured out a way to            seeing a large, triangular aircraft
        each day from 30 stations across the
                                                         solve all of those things and might come         hovering silently over the rural
        country. The balloons are visible from the
                                                         to Earth and reassure us that it’s going to      community of Carp. The craft, estimated
        ground on a clear day, and can travel 300
                                                         be all right.”                                   to be over 200 feet in length, emitted an
        kilometres, depending on winds.
                                                                                                          eerie glowing light that lit up the

        Environment Canada says its media                   Notable Canadian UFO                          surrounding area.  Witnesses, including
        relations department receives routine                           Sightings                         local law enforcement and even a
        requests on weather balloons all year, as                                                         respected pilot, described the object's
        does its Public Inquiries Centre, which                                                           unusual flight patterns, such as rapid
                                                         The Falcon Lake Incident, which
        answers questions from the public by                                                              acceleration and sudden changes in
                                                         took place in Manitoba, Canada, in 1967,         direction. Despite investigations by both
        phone or email.
                                                         is a notable event in the history of UFO         government and private organizations, no
                                                         encounters. On May 20, 1967, Stephen             conventional explanation has been able to
        Rutkowski, who has degrees in
                                                         Michalak, a geologist, was in the area           account for the extraordinary sighting
        astronomy and education, has donated
                                                         searching for quartz when he came across         that left the residents of Carp perplexed
        more than 20,000 UFO reports and his
                                                         two     unidentified      flying     objects.    and fascinated. To this day, the UFO Carp
        entire library of books, journals and
                                                         According to Michalak's account, one of          Incident continues to captivate the
        articles to the University of Manitoba,
                                                         the crafts descended and landed near             imagination of UFO enthusiasts and
        where the items are available for
                                                         Falcon Lake. Intrigued, he approached            skeptics alike, serving as a reminder of
        research.  The UFO reports will
                                                         the object, noticing its metallic surface        how little we truly know about the
        eventually be digitized, but that process
                                                         and distinct odor. As he got closer, the         mysteries      that    lie    beyond      our
        will take a while, according to a
                                                         craft suddenly emitted hot gas, causing          atmosphere.[]
        university spokesperson.
                                                         burns to his body. Startled, Michalak
                                                                                                           Listen to all the great programming
                                                         retreated, and the craft swiftly ascended
        Rutkowski says he believes that one day                                                            on The ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network
                                                         and disappeared into the sky.  The
        the world might see a UFO that turns out                                                                      at
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