Page 14 - The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper - August 2019
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14                            UFO Disclosure - L.A. Marzulli

                   UFO DISCLOSURE

                    The 70 Year Coverup Exposed

                                                                                             THEY’RE HERE!

                                                                                             They've been here for thousands of
                                                                                             years, making their presence known in
                                                                                             the shadows. They might be seen by a

                                                                                             lonely motorist on a deserted road late
                                                                                             at night or by a frightened and
                                                                                             confused husband in the bedroom he is
                                                                                             sharing with his wife.

                                                                                             But who are "They?"

                                                                                             What do "They" want?

                                                                                             Why are "They" here?

                                                                                             Perhaps most disconcerting, has the

                                                                                             government been aware of their
                                                                                             presence all along?

                                                                                             The new book by L.A. Marzulli, "UFO
                                                                                             Disclosure  The 70  Year Coverup
                                                                                             Exposed" delves into the world of

                                                                                             Can Full Disclosure be soon?

                                                                                             Order now and receive a free hour and
                                                                                             37 minute DVD on the UFO
                                                                                             Phenomenon, "UFOs Are Real!"

                                                                                               Get both book and the

                                                                                                DVD, a $40.00 value,

                                                                                                   for only $19.99

                                                                                                      by going to …..

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