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14                Epiphany, the Feast of The Three Kings

             Epiphany, the Feast of

                  The Three Kings

          Epiphany is celebrated 12 days after Christmas
          on 6th January (or January 19th for some
          Orthodox Church who have Christmas on 7th
          January) and is the time when Christians
          remember the Wise Men (also sometimes called
          the Three Kings) who visited Jesus.
                 Epiphany is also when some Churches
          remember when Jesus was Baptised, when he
          was about 30, and started to teach people about
          God. Epiphany means 'revelation' and both the
          visit of the  Wise Men and his Baptism are
          important times when Jesus was 'revealed' to be
          very important.
                 Some Churches celebrate use Epiphany
          to celebrate and remember both the visit of the
          Wise Men and Jesus's Baptism!
                 Epiphany is mainly celebrated by
          Catholics and Orthodox Christians. It's a big
          and important festival in Spain, where it's also
          known as 'The festival of the three Magic Kings'       At Epiphany in Belgium, children dress      THE ‘X’ ZONE TV CHANNEL
          - 'Fiesta de Los tres Reyes Mages', and is when  up as the three wise men and go from door to                 Is Coming To
          Spanish and some other Catholic children        door to sing songs and people give them money
          receive their presents - as they are delivered by  or sweets, kind of like  Trick or  Treating on               SIMULTV
          the Three Kings!                                Halloween. Children in Poland also go out
                 In Spain on Epiphany morning you         singing on Epiphany.
          might go to the local bakers and buy a special         In Ireland, Epiphany is also sometimes
          cake/pastry called a 'Roscón' (meaning a ring   called 'Nollaig na mBean' or  Women's
          shaped roll).  They are normally filled with    Christmas. Traditionally the women get the day
          cream or chocolate and is decorated with a      off and men do the housework and cooking! It
          paper crown. These are normally a figure of a   is becoming more popular and many Irish
          king (if you find that you can wear the crown)  women now get together on the Sunday nearest
          and a dried bean (if you find that you're meant  Epiphany and have tea and cakes!
          to pay for the cake!). In Catalonia it's known as      In the Ethiopian Orthodox Church
          a Tortell or Gâteau des Rois and is stuffed with  (which celebrates Christmas on 7th January),
          marzipan.                                       twelve days after Christmas, on 19th January,
                 In France you might eat a 'Galette des   the three day celebration of Ethiopians Timkat
          Rois', a type of flat almond cake. It has a toy  starts. This celebrates Jesus's baptism.        
          crown cooked inside it and is decorated on top         Epiphany Eve (also known as  Twelfth
          with a gold paper crown.                        Night) marks the end of the traditional                 The ‘X’ Zone TV Channel
                 There are similar traditions in Mexico   Christmas celebrations and is the time when you        Programming will include:
          where Epiphany is known as 'El Dia de los       were meant to take Christmas decorations down
          Reyes' (the day of  The  Three Kings). It's     - although some people leave them up until              The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show
          traditional to eat a special cake called 'Rosca de  Candlemas. []                                   with Rob McConnell - L*I*V*E
          Reyes' (Three Kings Cake). A figure of Baby                                                                 2 hours Mon-Fri;
          Jesus is hidden inside the cake. Whoever has the
          baby Jesus in their piece of cake is the
                                                                                                              The ‘X’ Zone TV Show with Rob
          'Godparent' of Jesus for that year.
                 In Portugal, people take part in
          Epiphany carol singing known as the 'Janeiras'
          (January songs). On the Island of Maderia                                                             Kal’s Korner with Kal Korff;
          they're known as the 'Cantar os Reis' (singing
          the kings).                                                                                            The Howard Bloom Show;
                 In Italy, some children also get their
          presents on Epiphany. But they believe that an                                                    Special Features with Special Guests
          old lady called 'Befana' brings them. Children                                                       including lectures and speaking
          put stockings up by the fireplace for Befana to                                                   engagements with Stanton Friedman,
                                                                                                             Len Kastern, Grant Cameron, Paul
                 In  Austria, at Epiphany, some people
                                                                                                                  Hellyer and many others;
          write a special sign in chalk over their front
          door. It's a reminder of the  Wise Men that
          visited the baby Jesus. It's made from the year                                                   Paranormal and UFO Pay-Per-View
                                                                                                                   Events and much more!
          split in two with initials of the names that are
          sometimes given to 'the three wise men', Caspar,
          Melchior and Balthazar, in the middle. So 2014                                                             For more info visit:
          would be: 20*C*M*B*14. The sign is meant to
          protect the house for the coming year. Some                                                  
          parts of Germany also have the tradition of
          marking over doors.  The 'Four Hills' Ski
          Jumping  Tournament also finishes on 6th
          January in Bischofshofen, Austria.
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