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Bart Sibrel: “Did Astronauts Go 1000 Times Farther 49 Years                                                           15

                                              Ago Than They Can Go Today?”

            Did Astronauts Go 1000                        who wrongfully believe in space travel’s       The South Pole has temperatures that reach
                                                          falsified ease.                                below 100 degrees Fahrenheit (-73 C) and
             Times Farther 49 Years                              The fact is, if it were so easy to go to the  nearly continual hurricane force winds, yet

                                                          moon with 1960’s technology fifty years ago,   there are bases there today. Why? Because it is
               Ago Than They Can                          on the very first attempt, then there would be  humanly possible. If it were humanly possible
                          Today?                          manned bases there by now and there would      to reach the moon, fifty years ago or today, there
                                                          have been a man on Mars twenty-five years ago.  too would be bases there right now. The fact that
                                                          The fact that there are still not moon bases to  there are not, with half a century more
                  Continued from Page 14                  this day, with half a century more advancements  advancements in rockets and computers, is
                                                          in rocketry and computers, is proof itself that  proof itself that it simply cannot be done, not
          If a President is serious about “Ethics Reform”,  traveling to the moon still cannot be done,  even today, and especially not with fifty years
          then what better Rallying Cry of the Ages than  today, much less in the 1960’s with 1/millionth  older technology. The problem is, you have to
          to inform the citizenry that the corrupt and out  the computing power in all of NASA than is   be willing to give up this deep emotional
          of control “Federal Government” took their      found in a modern day cell phone. Claiming that  imprinting, in pursuit of Honor and  Truth, in
          hard earned money (about $1000 per person in    they went 1000 times farther, with five decades  order to see the plainness of this harsh and
          today’s dollars) to lie to them about the “moon  older technology, than the farthest astronaut can  startling reality.
          landings” without their consent. Once every     travel today, with half a century more                 After Columbus arrived in the “New
          American knows of this outrageous Federal       advancements in rockets and computers, on the  World”, within two years, numerous other
          Government fraud, any President will have an    very first attempt, simply defies logic. This is  European nations traveled to the  Americas.
          Ethics Reform Mandate unlike any in all of      like saying Charles Lindbergh flew across the  After Lewis and Clark ventured to the American
          American history. If the Truth about the “moon  Atlantic in 1927, yet the feat could not be    west, shortly thereafter, citizens everywhere
          landings” is swept under the rug again and      repeated by any nation on earth, including the  traveled to the American west. After the Wright
          again, like countless Presidential cowards have  one who made the original claim, fifty years  brothers accomplished powered flight, within
          done before, then  America’s honorable          later, even though, in reality, fifty years later,  two years, numerous others repeated their
          reputation will be forever sealed with          millions of airplanes, one hundred times larger  technological accomplishment.
          permanent criminality and corruption.           and one million times more advanced, were              Charles Lindbergh first flew across the
                 In order to improve America, you have    flying over the  Atlantic.   This notion is    Atlantic in an airplane in 1927. Fifty years later,
          to first tear down decaying infrastructure,     completely illogical regarding the perpetual   there were millions of airplanes flying across
          methodology, and corruption.  This convenient   advancement of technology, yet this is what we  the  Atlantic. In comparison, the 747 aircraft,
          lie of the Nixon administration must be humbly  are supposed to believe, through misplaced and  built after seventy years of successful aviation
          acknowledged by the leaders of  America in      manipulated patriotism, regarding the alleged  history and millions of manufactured aircraft,
          order for our country to start fresh, otherwise we  “moon landings” of the 1960’s, a feat which is  which was developed with a decade newer
          are just painting over mold that will infest our  only estimated to be “duplicated” seventy years  technology than that of the “moon” spacecraft
          future. To confess sin is Nobel. It is the very  later . . . at the earliest.  Has there ever been a  (the first ever vehicle to allegedly take men to
          reason    why    President   Kennedy     had    time in recorded history in which such a       another world), yet the 747 took one year longer
          unprecedentedly high approval ratings, because  technological advancement was made yet could   to construct than the “moon landing” equipment
          he acknowledged his and his country’s           not be repeated for seventy years?             did to merely fly seven miles above the earth
          mistakes.                                                                                      and endured over 160 failed engine attempts
                 If indeed the “moon landings” during        This alone should show you the Truth.       before it finally got off of the ground!
          the    notoriously    unscrupulous     Nixon                                                           When it comes to perceiving the Truth in
          administration were part of a television        Why do so many smart people believe this lie?  a world full of lies, historically, the majority has
          deception, then you better believe that the CIA  Because they want to. They want to believe this  always been deceived, and later proved wrong,
          played a central role in the endeavor, which was  lie. Believing this lie means that they live in a  by the minority of their contemporaries, whom
          entirely presented by the above media outlets,  better world than they actually do. Yet the fact  they persecuted and considered deluded at the
          already proven to be under the CIA’s direct     is, they do not. The number one reason I hear  time, when in fact, it was the majority who were
          control. Furthermore, unlike any other occasion  from intelligent, yet disbelieving critics of the  misled.
          in recorded history, there was absolutely no    moon landing fraud, is that, “No one would ever
          independent press coverage of such a            do such a dishonest thing as lying about such an       Does a person know it when they are
          monumental event. 100% of the television        important accomplishment”. Really?  They       deceived?
          pictures and photographs presented to the public  forget that they live in a world full of                    No, they do not.
          were entirely controlled by the Federal         unthinkable child molestation, vicious murder,         You see, you can be sincere . . .
          Government, who was assumed to be honest.       hateful racism, deplorable rape, and horrific             And be sincerely wrong.
            Give a thief keys to your house, and see      million-man genocide. In a world such as this,
                         what happens.                    what is all of this in minor comparison to     The majority of scientists thought the world was
                                                          merely cheating in a contest, as so many people  flat.  The majority of astronomers thought the
          When I was a child, believing in Santa Claus    have done before? In these peoples’ longing to  Earth was the center of the universe.  The
          was so much fun. Believing that we live in a    be part of a society of pride boosting miraculous  majority of physicians thought bleeding the
          magical world where men can fly to the moon     science,     misguided       self-proclaimed   sickness out of a person was a cure.  The
          on their very first attempt with 1960’s         “intellectuals” fail to see the plainness of this  majority of  Americans thought Nixon was
          technology is fun too, even though the feat     simple fact:                                   honest. Likewise, a majority of scientists,
          cannot be repeated fifty years later, by any                                                   astronomers, physicians, and Americans think
          nation on earth, including the one that allegedly      Technology does not go backwards.       the moon landings were real, yet their titles and
          did it first half a century ago, even though all                                               majority do not equal Truth, as history has well
          Truth reminds us that the South Pole, and Mt.   Again, if it were so easy to go to the moon in the  proven . . . and will prove again.
          Everest, and First Flight, and the Light Bulb,  1960’s on the very first attempt with 1/millionth
          was never, ever achieved on the first attempt,  less computing power in all of NASA than is                           (Continued on Page 17)
          and certainly never abandoned once achieved,    found in a modern cell phone, a distance which
          never to be repeated again. The fact is, when   is 1000 times farther than the most advanced
          you find out the Truth about Santa Clause, you  modern manned rocket can travel today, then       The ‘X’ Zone TV Channel
          are glad to know it, even if it hurts a little,  not only would the feat be easily and routinely               Is Now On
          realizing that a painful Truth is still better than a  repeatable today, there would be lunar bases             SimulTV
          sweet lie. All of academia and aerospace needs  there by now, nearly five decades later.                           Visit
          to know the painful Truth. They will be thankful
          for it and it will save the future lives of those   Technology does not go backwards!         
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