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Psychics: Real, Fake or Useless?                                                                                15

             Psychics: Real, Fake or

               Just Utterly Useless?

                       by Jimmy Blue

          Let's assume for the purposes of this post that
          psychics are real. More particularly let's assume
          that those psychics who claim to be able to talk
          to the dead really can do what they claim. Let's
          assume that they are not just people who are
          usually (but not always) good at cold, warm and
          hot reading. Let's assume that people like Sylvia
          Browne, James Van Praagh and John Edwards
          (not the US politician) are actually able to talk
          with the dead and are not just fakes who prey on
          the grieving, gullible and vulnerable. Let's
          assume that there is an afterlife and that it is
          possible for a tiny minority of people to
          communicate with those who reside in it. Let's
          assume that when someone says they are talking
          to your dead relative and all they get is "I have
          a male relative who may have, possibly, died, or
          been ill, with something, probably, to do with
          the chest, or stomach, area and whose first name
          begins with J. Or M. Or S. They want to say
                                                          through our erstwhile 'talkers to the dead'?   only to use it for personal gain rather than
          they love you and that [insert common
                                                                 Why aren't historians talking to the    benefitting all of us? Why is it that they charge
          household object or personal possession that is
                                                          players of history and finding out what really  so much for their 'skills'? What does that say
          commonly misplaced] is [in a place where these
                                                          happened and why, perhaps solving many of the  about psychics if their claimed abilities really
          things are commonly found, eventually]" they
                                                          disputes that plague us to this day?           exist?
          are actually talking to a dead relative and that is
                                                                 Why aren't murder victims naming their          Why aren't psychics using their skills to
          all they have to say.
                                                          killer or providing in depth descriptions of them  benefit all of humanity? If they can but won't,
                 Let's assume all this and then ask
                                                          and what happened?                             then they are unimaginably selfish. If they can't
          ourselves one question: What use are psychics
                                                                 Why aren't Churchill, Roosevelt,        because their abilities are limited or don't exist,
                                                          Eisenhower, Martin Luther King Jr, Lincoln,    they're irrelevant at best and fradulent hucksters
                 Consider this: psychic powers just might
                                                          Washington, FDR, Lloyd George, Marcus          at worst.
          be one of the greatest and most important
                                                          Aurelius,  Alexander the Great,  Wellington,           If their abilities are real, then why aren't
          developments in the evolution of the human
                                                          Nelson advising our current leaders?           psychics doing more for the human race? The
          race, and the ability to talk to people who have
                                                                 Why aren't psychics talking to people   answer seems to me to be one of a few
          died is something that should be of incalculable
                                                          who we really need?                            possibilities:
          benefit to the human race. But what we have
                                                                 With all the challenges which we face           1. Psychics are lying and can't do any of
          instead are little more than circus entertainers
                                                          today, with all the problems humanity has to   the supernatural things they claim.
          appearing on Montel and Larry King to talk to
                                                          deal with, why aren't psychics actually speaking       2. Psychics are selfish bastards who use
          housewives who watch drek like "The  View"
                                                          to people who could help us advance human      their abilities for personal gain rather than to
          about dead relatives and predictions that no-one
                                                          civilization, thought and science further and  help all of humanity.
          ever follows up on. Really, all the dead have is
                                                          faster than it has ever gone before? Why is it         3. Psychic skills are real but basically
          meaningless platitudes and the predictably and
                                                          that the best they can bring from their incredible  useless.
          sickly sentimental?
                                                          ability is to talk to dead relatives of everyday       The evidence points me to option 1 -
                 Where are the psychic conference calls
                                                          people who have nothing useful to offer?       psychics are fake - but I'm still open to evidence
          that link Curie, Darwin, Pasteur, Fleming,
                                                                 Why is it that when the dead just happen  that shows either of the other two. The absolute
          Gould,    Sagan,     Archimedes,     Galileo,
                                                          to get in touch with one of the tiny minority of  best that I could be willing to say about
          Copernicus, Boyle, Newton, Einstein, Edison,
                                                          people who can speak to them, at the exact time  psychics, assuming that their abilities are real, is
          Bell,  Ampère, Faraday, Maxwell, Poincaré,
                                                          that the person they want to speak to is there,  that they are utterly useless. []
          Planck, Schrödinger, Abū Alī Sīnā, Hubble and
                                                          they have nothing useful to say? "I love you and
          Rutherford (to name but a few of thousands)
                                                          I'm happy here." is all my dead relative wants to
          with modern scientists and modern discoveries
                                                          tell me? Nothing a bit more, well, important?
          and technology? What might some of the giants          I'll be impressed when a psychic can tell                WATCH
          of science past be able to achieve now with
                                                          someone something specific that only the dead      THE ‘X’ ZONE CHANNEL
          technology and advances they never even
                                                          person can know. I'll be impressed when a
          dreamed of?
                                                          psychic can tell me my grandad's service
                 Think about why psychics never speak
                                                          number, or what happened the last time I saw
          to these long dead scientists for just a little
                                                          him when only the two of us were there. I'm not
          while and it should be obvious why they don't.
                                                          impressed with "An older male relative, whose
                 Why aren't long dead classical
                                                          name begins with an E, or R, or maybe T who
          composers finishing symphonies or writing new
                                                          died from lack of oxygen to the brain."
          ones through their psychic proxies?                    Why aren't psychics talking to people
                 Why     aren't  there    philosophical
                                                          who can help us right now?
          discussions between Socrates, Plato, Aristotle,
                                                                 In the end should we be more concerned
          Voltaire, Hume, Russell and  Wittgenstein,
                                                          with whether or not psychics are real or whether
          hosted through their psychic proxies?
                                                          or not they can actually contribute anything
                 Why aren't the great inventors,
                                                          worthwhile and meaningful? Doesn't the fact
          innovators and engineers of our past suggesting
                                                          that psychics aren't doing the things highlighted
          solutions to our energy and climate problems                                                
                                                          suggest something else? Do they have this gift
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