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18                Navy Plans to Document UFO Sightings

            Navy Plans to Document                       about a bizarre aircraft that appeared to       Mountain View, California.
                                                         accelerate quickly, even though it had no              "It will make everybody happy because
           UFO Sightings, But Keep                       recognizable means of propulsion.  These        it sounds like a move toward transparency,"

                                                         aircraft, which looked like blobs on the video,  Shostak told Live Science.
                Them Confidential                        could allegedly drive thousands of feet in an          With this announcement, the Navy
                                                         instant.                                        benefits not only because it will formally
                      By Laura Geggel                            By creating this new program, the Navy  investigate these strange sightings, which may
                                                         hopes to destigmatize any reporting associated  well be reconnaissance or enemy aircraft from
                                                         with incidents that involve UFOs, which could,  other nations; the Navy is also winning a nod
          Extraterrestrials, take note: The U.S. Navy plans
                                                         after all, be militarized aircraft from other parts  from the roughly two-thirds of Americans who
          to set up an official reporting and investigative
          system that will monitor reports from its pilots  of the world.                                think that the government isn't divulging
          about unidentified flying objects.                     "There have been a number of reports of  everything it knows about extraterrestrials and
                 But while this "X-Files"-worthy         unauthorized and/or unidentified aircraft       UFOs, said Shostak, citing a 2002 study on
                                                         entering various military-controlled ranges and  attitudes about aliens.
          operation sounds newsy, don't expect to hear
                                                         designated air space in recent years," the Navy         That said, the government probably isn't
          details about it anytime soon. The Navy doesn't
                                                         told Politico, which broke the story. "For safety  formalizing this program because it's looking for
          intend to make the data public, citing the
                                                         and security concerns, the Navy and the [U.S.   E.T.
          privileged and classified information that these
                                                         Air Force] takes these reports very seriously and      "The military is interested in this stuff
          reports usually include, according to  The
                                                         investigates each and every report."            not because they think that Klingons are sailing
          Washington Post. In fact, beyond the
          announcement that the Navy is setting up this          The public may get a whiff of these     in the skies, but I think because maybe they
          UFO-reporting procedure, "no release of        incidents eventually, although the details may be  think the Chinese or the Russians are sailing
          information to the general public is expected,"  scarce. For instance, perhaps unclassified parts,  through the skies," Shostak said. []
                                                         broad overviews or statistics about the number
          Gradisher said.
                                                         of sightings could be released, Luis Elizondo, an
                 The upcoming procedure comes in the
                                                         intelligence officer who ran  AATIP before
          wake of other government-related UFO news. In
                                                         leaving the Pentagon, told The Washington Post.
          late 2017, word came out that the Pentagon had
                                                                 "If it remains strictly within classified
          a secret "UFO" office that spent $22 million
                                                         channels, then the 'right person' may not actually
          over five years to study strange and threatening
          aeronautical events.  Although funding for the  get the information," Elizondo said. "The right
          venture, called the Advanced Aerospace Threat  person doesn't necessarily mean a military
          Identification Program (AATIP), ended in 2012,  leader. It can be a lawmaker. It can be a whole
                                                         host of different individuals."
          the program didn't entirely stop, according to
                                                                 The government is making a smart move
          those reports.
                                                         by announcing its intentions to formally
                 When news of AATIP became public in
                                                         document and analyze these UFOs, said Seth
          2017, the Defense Department released two
                                                         Shostak, a senior astronomer at the Search for
          declassified videos, which showed pilots talking
                                                         Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute in
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