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                                                                                                           •  Page 07: When Disaster Strikes
                                                                                                           •  Page 10: Holistic Cancer Foundation
                                  Digital: ISBN: 978-1-927758-66-3
                                                                                                           •  Page 19: 2018 Directory of Who’s Who
                                                                                                           •  Page 27: Know The Name, Know The
                                                                                                             Genius In You
             These are just SOME of the stories and articles in this                                       •  Page 29: On-line Shamanic Classes
                                                                                                           •  Page 30: So, We’re Still Here. Now
                                                 edition of                                                  What?

                                                                                                           •  Page 34: Find Your Path Home
                       THE ‘X’ CHRONICLES NEWSPAPER
                                                                                                           •  Page 44: Unity Life Audio Series
                                                                                                           •  Page 44: Dream Decoder
          Page 01: Man Out Of Time: Life And Death of Dr. Stephen Hawking                                  •  Page 44: Wings Of Freedom
          Page 06: How To Use Meaningful Coincidences                                                      •  Page 46: Jesus - King Of Edessa
          Page 11: Loch Ness Monster Found                                                                 •  Page 47: Liberating Jesus
                                                                                                           •  Page 53: Power Of Home Numbers
          Page 12: Loch Ness Monster A Tourist Conspiracy
                                                                                                           •  Page 54: From Out Of The Woodwork
          Page 13: Contacting The Non-Existent Dead
                                                                                                           •  Page 62: The Sun Is Gone
          Page 15: Psychics: Real, Fake or Useless?                                                        •  Page 63: On Planet Earth, All Lives
          Page 17: John Of God: Healing By Entities                                                          Matter
          Page 20: The Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film                                                       •  Page 68: Cahira O’Donnell
          Page 23: Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry Is A Fake                                                  •  Page 76: SimulTV

          Page 25: Dangers of Social Networking                                                            •  Page 77: XZBN
                                                                                                           •  Page 82: SimulTV
          Page 26: Alien Origins Of Europium
                                                                                                           •  Page 84: Find Your Path Home
          Page 32: New Age Frauds And Plastic Shamans
                                                                                                           •  Page 87: The Fun Of Series
          Page 33: Ayahuasca: the Dark Side And Dangers                                                    •  Page 88: REL-MAR Digital

          Page 38: Do We Really Create Our Own Reality?                                                      Publications
          Page 40: Earth’s Mysterious Hum Explained                                                        •  Page 89: Connecting With Coincidence
          Page 41: Psychological Facts About Dreams And Sleep                                              •  Page 91: REL-MAR McConnell Media
          Page 43: How The Great Pyramids Were Built                                                         Company Services
                                                                                                           •  Page 92: My Thomas
          Page 45: Were These 7 Ancient Sites Built By Aliens?
          Page 49: Lady of Fatima And The Miracle Of The Sun                                              The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper is published by
          Page 52: Most Amazing Facts About Lady Of Fatima                                                REL-MAR McConnell Media Company.  The
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          Page 56: 13 Facts About Sleep Paralysis                                                         1991-2017 by REL-MAR McConnell Media
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          Page 57: Travis Walton Abduction Case                                                           whole or in part without the express written

          Page 64: Choosing To Listen To The Voice Of Love                                                consent of the publisher. All opinions, articles,
          Page 70: Hon. Paul Hellyer On ‘X’ Zone Hot Seat                                                 comments or statements of fact expressed by
          Page 74: Of Earth And Sky: Resonance                                                            The ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper advertisers are
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          Page 85: Idiocy, Fabrications And Lies Of Ancient Aliens                                        those of  or in any manner endorsed by REL-
          Page 90: How One Researcher Harvested Data From 50 Million People                               MAR McConnell Media Company, Rob

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