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2                 Inside This Edition The ‘X’ Chronicles

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          Page 03: The Paranormal/UFO/Conspiracy Community Have Gone Nuts!                                publishers/authors guarantees the accuracy or
                                                                                                          completeness of any information published
          Page 04: Academic Says UFOs Exist, But That Doesn't Mean 'Aliens' Do
                                                                                                          herein and neither REL-MAR McConnell
          Page 06: Greetings Earthlings: 8 Ways Aliens Could Contact Us.
                                                                                                          Media Company nor its publishers/authors shall
          Page 07: Trump, Senators Briefed On UFO Sightings.                                              be responsible for any errors, omissions, or
          Page 08: 10 Reasons Why Storming Area 51 Maybe Isn’t A Great Idea.                              claims for damages, including exemplary
          Page 11: The Real Story Behind The Myth Of Area 51.                                             damages, arising out of use, inability to use, or
          Page 13: Jesse Marcel’s Journal.                                                                with regard to the accuracy or sufficiency of the
                                                                                                          information    contained    in    REL-MAR
          Page 15: Space Aliens Are Breeding With Humans.
                                                                                                          McConnell Media Company publications.
          Page 17: Here To Hereafter - Can Psychics Really Talk To The Dead?
                                                                                                                 Neither the editors, authors, publisher,
          Page 18: Notable Russian Space Program Firsts.                                                  or any other party associated with the
          Page 19: The Media Loves This UFO Expert Who Says He Worked for an Obscure                      production of REL-MAR McConnell Media
                        Pentagon Program. Did He?                                                         Company published works accept responsibility
          Page 20: Monsters, Ghosts and Gods.                                                             for any accident or injury resulting from the use
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          Page 23: Top Moon Conspiracies And Why They Are Stupid.
                                                                                                          wish to engage in health / or mental health
          Page 25: 25 Space Conspiracies That Just Won’t Die.
                                                                                                          activities / alternative health regiments and/or
          Page 27: Why Is The Pentagon Interested In UFOS.                                                suggestions, actual or implied, should receive
          Page 33: Details In The Death Of Yuri Gagarin.                                                  professional   medical     consultation   be
          Page 35: UFO / Alien Jokes.                                                                     commencement.
          Page 36: Tic Tac Sightings By Navy Pilots Solved.                                                      REL-MAR McConnell Media Company
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          Page 37: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency - DARPA.
                                                                                                          other professional advice.
          Page 39: Misidentifying Natural Phenomena As UFO.
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          Page 42: Bart Sibrel Still Insists Moonlanding Was Fake.                                        REL-MAR McConnell Media Company.  All
          Page 43: The Paranormal Investigator.                                                           rights reserved. No part of any REL-MAR
          Page 45: No E.T. Life Yet.                                                                      McConnell Media Company published work
          Page 48:  Neil Armstrong’s $6 Million Settlement.                                               may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system,
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          Page 51: Storming Area 51 On September 20
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          Page 52: Broken Technology Of Ghost Hunting                                                     recording, or otherwise, without written
          Page 54: Every Time Ed & Lorraine Warren Were Exposed As Frauds                                 permission from the publisher.
          Page 57: Creepy Ghost Stories About Los Angeles                                                        Rob McConnell, Publisher, REL-MAR
          Page 59: Bob Lazar, Area 51 Witness or Liar?                                                    McConnell Media Company, Hamilton,

          Page 61: A Skeptical Look At Richard C. Hoagland.                                               Ontario, Canada, L8W 3G9.  Tel: (905) 575-
          Page 67: Cyber Mystic: Kooch Daniels.
          Page 69: Fact Checking Harry Houdini.
          Page 70: The Conjuring: Ghosts? Poltergeist? Demons?
          Page 74: Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars Academy UFO Disinformation.
          Page 76: Shady Science Of Ghost Hunting,
          Page 78: 10 Famous Paranormal Hoaxes.
          Page 81: Man Claims “I Filmed 2 Loch Ness Monsters.”
          Page 82: Alien Abduction Insurance Sold In Florida.
          Page 83: 40,000 Plan To Storm The Bermuda Triangle.
          Page 85: How Lying Works.
          Page 87: Alien Hunter Explains Why He Won't Be Going to Area 51 to Look for
                        'Little Green Men'.
          Page 88: Your Horoscope For August 2019.                                                        
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