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20                   Falcon Lake UFO Incident in Canada

            Falcon Lake Incident Is

                   Canada's 'Best-

            Documented UFO Case,'

               Even 51 Years Later

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          "He might ask, 'What do you think I saw?' but
          right up until he died, his story never changed
          one iota — nothing about it or how he told it."
                 In all those years since and with some
          300 pages of documentation on the encounter,
          "there's nothing so far that has flawed his story,"
          Michalak said.
                 So what does he think?
                 "I'm not so close-minded that I can't
          entertain the possibility that it's otherworldly. I
          can't discount that. But without specific
          evidence to show me that it is, I don't know,"
          Michalak said.
                 "What I can tell you is that I'm an
          aviation fanatic, a huge aviation buff, and I am
          very familiar with how aviation technology has
          advanced in the past 50 years. And there was
          nothing even close to that in the works
          anywhere at that time."

          Intensely investigated

          The case was investigated intensely by a
          number of levels of government and the official
          conclusion, even from the United States  Air
          Force, was that the case was unexplained,
          Rutkowski noted.
                 "The Falcon Lake incident is possibly
          Canada's best-documented UFO case," he said.
                 "It even beats Roswell [the alleged
          flying disc that landed in New Mexico in 1947]
          because the United States still doesn't recognize
          that anything happened in Roswell out of the
                 Items were later retrieved from the
          encounter site, including Stefan's glove and
          shirt and some tools, which were subjected to
          extensive analysis at an RCMP crime lab. No
          one could determine what caused the burns.
                 At the landing site was a circle about 15
          feet in diameter, devoid of the moss and
                                                                                                         blinders. Fact-checkers not only zipped to
          vegetation growing in other areas of the same
          rock outcropping. Soil samples, along with      "If Dad hoaxed this — remember we're talking   additional sources, but also laid their references
          samples of clothing, were tested and deemed to  about a blue-collar, industrial mechanic — if he  side by side, to better keep their bearings.
          be highly radioactive.                          hoaxed it then he was a freakin' genius," said        In another test, the researchers asked
                 So were pieces of metal that were        Michalak. []                                   subjects     to     assess     the    website
                                                                                                In a few minutes’ time,
          chipped out of cracks in the rock about a year
          after the incident. The metal had somehow been     How Your Brain Tricks                       100% of fact-checkers figured out that the site is
          melted into the cracks.                                                                        backed by a PR firm that also represents the
                 Many of the items have long since been     You Into Believing Fake                      restaurant industry, a sector that generally
                                                                                                         opposes raising hourly pay. Only 60% of
          lost as they were transferred through various                     News
          authorities and agencies. However, Rutkowski                                                   historians and 40% of Stanford students made
                                                                                                         the same discovery, often requiring a second
          and Michalak still have one of the pieces of
          metal, which remains radioactive.                       Continued from Page 17                 prompt to find out who was behind the site.
                                                                                                                Another tactic fact-checkers used that
                 Still sick in 1968 with recurrences of the
                                                                                                         others didn’t is what  Wineburg calls “click
          burns showing up on his chest and suffering     Fact-checkers, they found, didn’t fall prey to the
          from blackouts, Stefan went to the Mayo Clinic  same missteps as other groups. When presented  restraint.”  They would scan a whole page of
                                                                                                         search results–maybe even two–before choosing
          in Rochester, Minn.                             with the American College of Pediatricians task,
                                                                                                         a path forward. “It’s the ability to stand back and
                 Doctors did a thorough investigation and  for example, they almost immediately left the
          even sent him to a psychiatrist "who came back  site and started opening new tabs to see what the  get a sense of the overall territory in which
          with the report that this is a fellow who's very  wider web had to say about the organization.  you’ve landed,” he says, “rather than
          pragmatic, very down to earth — pardon the      Wineburg has dubbed this lateral reading: if a  promiscuously clicking on the first thing.”
          pun — and does not make up stories,"            person never leaves a site–as the professor
          Rutkowski said.                                 failed to do–they are essentially wearing                             (Continued on Page 35)
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