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20                     Bart Sibrel: “Did Astronauts Go 1000 Times Farther 49 Years

                                                           Ago Than They Can Go Today?”

            Did Astronauts Go 1000

             Times Farther 49 Years

               Ago Than They Can


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                 I later offered Edwin (“Buzz”) a sincere
          apology for my disrespectful words, and he
          immediately recompensed by purchasing a
          DVD of  “A Funny Thing Happened on the
          way to the Moon” online.  With all this said,
          perhaps a viewing of my second film on this
          subject, “Astronauts Gone Wild”, is advisable
          at this time, to better understand this
          predicament I got myself and the astronauts
          into. Understandably, if people stumble upon
          “Astronauts Gone Wild” first on the internet,
          having never seen “A Funny Thing Happened
          on the Way to the Moon”, their opinion of the
          Truth about the “moon landings”, as well as my
          sincere efforts, painstaking diligence, and
          absolute surety in this Truth so as to make such
          a film, might be dramatically misunderstood, as  Sure enough, just like Mr. Kaysing had said,  my attention. “Do you remember that man you
          this second film does not offer the similar     stunning evidence of photographic anomalies    had on your program who said that the moon
          compelling proofs of the fraud as the first film  were hidden in plain sight! (They say that this is  landings were fake?” I asked the producer,
          did.                                            the very best place to hide something          “What is his name? I’d like to talk with him.”
                 My life story regarding the “moon        investigators are looking for!) I just had to have  The rest is history.
          landings” is a true conversion story, much like  “eyes that see”, after all, it had been historically  I went from being the biggest fan of the
          an ancient religious leader who previously      said that most people “have eyes that do not see,  “moon landings”, to becoming their most
          persecuted the  Truth, whom then became the     and ears that do not hear”.                    outspoken critic.  Why? Because I was  open-
          leader of the group he once opposed. My father         This tremendous oversight of mine is    minded  and  willing to be wrong when the
          was in the Air Force. As a result, I grew up    likened to a household salt shaker always being  evidence presented itself to the contrary of my
          around the latest aviation and technology. I    placed in the same place for ten years; left   first opinion, even if that evidence was
          loved it! On July 20th, 1969, I was only four   kitchen cabinet, on the third shelf, on the left  unpredicted,  unprecedented,   and    quite
          years of age, quietly asleep in bed. My father, as  side. If a family member inadvertently moves it  discouraging.
          a high-ranking military officer, was given a VIP  to the same left kitchen cabinet, likewise on the   Hitler, the master of propaganda, said
          package of commemorative photographs of the     third shelf, yet on the right side instead of on the  that it was actually easier to get away with a
          event, which he then gave to me as a cherished  left, you do not see it, even though it is right  gigantic deception rather than a small one,
          present. From the age of about four to fourteen,  there in front of your eyes!  There you stand,  because small lies are commonplace, and
          these pictures of the alleged moon landings     with the cabinet door wide open, the salt shaker  therefore anticipated, so that no one would
          covered an entire “sacred” wall in my bedroom.  right in front of you, only inches away (though  expect or foresee the audacity of a grand
          It was literally a shrine (like a religion) to the  on the right side of the same shelf where you  deception.  This is precisely the psychological
          intellectual prowess of mankind. I saw these    always looked rather than on the left, where you  tactic that was used by the CIA in precipitating
          images, every day, three hundred sixty-five days  were conditioned to not look), and you do not  and maintaining the monumental, yet very
          a year, for ten years. This means I propagated  see it! Just as such, there I was, looking at the  simple, lie of the “moon landings”.
          the desired belief in their authenticity, three  same pictures of the alleged moon landings,          During the domestically injurious riots
          thousand six hundred fifty times before I even  over and over again for, a full decade, yet not  protesting the  Vietnam  War, president Nixon
          considered the possibility that they were       seeing quite obvious inconsistencies and       decided that a unifying pep rally of a successful
          misrepresentations of reality . . . That’s a lot of  abnormalities that would quickly give away the  “moon landing” was just what the sickly
          brainwashing!                                   deceptive criminality of the event,  if only I  American patient needed.  Do you really think
                 Fortunately, at the open-minded age of   would look beyond my programming.              that Nixon was going to risk killing three
          fourteen, I saw an innovative television               In a way, like naïve Adam and Eve, you  “National Heroes” on live worldwide television,
          program featuring an interview with  William    can’t blame people for initially being deceived,  when simply failing to rescue kidnapped
          Kaysing, a NASA contractor during the Apollo    after all, which is a more pleasant realm in   hostages would ruin your presidency for life
          “moon missions”. He asserted quite confidently,  which to live, one in which your country      (and especially your potential second term) as it
          from first hand eyewitness experience, that the  continually lies about history and spending, or  did President Carter a few years later?  How
          impossible  Apollo flights were staged to       one in which your country is honorable and     then could Nixon absolutely guarantee a
          increase the prestige of the United States during  honest? Naturally, most people would prefer to  successful “moon mission”? . . .
          the height of the Cold War, and while in the pit  live in the latter, so they see the latter, just as we
          of domestic discontentment because of tens of   unconsciously overlook the flaws in a new                             (Continued on Page 21)
          thousands of young  American men dying          romantic acquaintance with whom we are          Fact*oids
          needlessly in an ambiguous foreign war in       emotionally infatuated.
          Vietnam. Nixon himself said at the time that the       Fortunately, ten years after seeing the
          Vietnam  War protests were the number one       revealing interview with former NASA              •  Humans can see over 10 million colors
          cause of American strife.                       contractor  William Kaysing at the age of           and smell over 50 thousand aromas.
                 After watching this inaugural program    fourteen, then at the age of twenty-four, I had   •  The most common dream is of falling,
          suggesting a moon landing fraud, I went to my   become a filmmaker, and happened to be              followed by being chased or attacked.
          bedroom wall shrine of “moon landing” pictures  editing a movie one day for the very producer of  •  The fingernail on your middle finger
                                                                                                              grows faster than the nails on the other
          and looked, for the very first time,  with new  the program I had seen ten years earlier which
          eyes, at theses surprisingly telling photographs.  first brought to light the moon landing fraud to  fingers do,
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