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Alien Abduction or Accidential Awareness 21

                Alien Abduction or                       impact of awareness; in particular the decreased generalized to autobiographical memories, then
                                                         use of neuromuscular blockade, which induces individuals who claim to have been abducted by
           “Accidental Awareness”?                       paralysis in the patient and may not always be aliens would be twice as likely to “falsely

                                                         necessary.   The Royal College suggests that remember” things that had never happened to
                                                         patients be assessed post-operatively for them than would non-abductees.
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                                                         awareness experiences, and offered explanation,
                                                         reassurance, and counseling.                    3. High levels of “Absorption”: Alien
          PTSD researchers have found that trauma
                                                                 That’s all very rational, well-meaning, abductees also score significantly higher than
          memories are jumbled, and making sense of      and compassionate—human one might even say. most people on the mental characteristic known
          them can be compared to putting together a     Perhaps in the future there will be fewer alien as ‘absorption.' This is a trait related to fantasy
          jigsaw puzzle.  Memories are recovered in bits  abductions.  But it seems more likely that now proneness, vivid imagery, and susceptibility to
          and pieces.   When Barney Hill heard the
                                                         that they have invaded our bodies—and our hypnosis and suggestion. Because of this it is
          playback of the tapes he had made while telling
                                                         culture—for over 50 years, aliens will never probably not surprising that many alien
          his story under hypnosis, he said “I felt so
                                                         leave this planet for good.                     abductees recall their experiences under
          overwhelmed and relieved.  Now parts of my life
                                                                                                         hypnosis, where memories of abduction can be
          that had been missing were added to it again.
                                                         About The Author:                               induced through suggestibility—especially if
          Parts of my life were being put back together.”
                                                                 Anne      Skomorowsky        practices the person leading the hypnosis session asks
          The story of his abduction by aliens helped him  Psychosomatic Medicine at the New  York- particularly leading questions about abduction.
          create meaning out of a set of disjointed and  Presbyterian Hospital.  She is an  Assistant
          mysterious sensations, and that was weight off
                                                         Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University.  4. New  Age beliefs:  Being whisked up into
          his shoulders.  Similarly, the Royal College
                                                                                                         space ships by tractor beams or light sources is
          concluded that the awareness experience is less  Five Traits That Could Get                    not something that happens every day—nor is it
          traumatic when patients understand what is
                                                                                                         something that is easily explainable within our
          happening, or receive an explanation after it has  You "Abducted by Aliens"                    existing knowledge of physics. Similarly, being
          occurred.   Their report recommends that all
                                                                                                         subjected to imaginative medical procedures
          hospitals develop protocols for helping patients                                               requires a tendency to accept unusual and non-
          with suspected or confirmed awareness.  As a   1. Regularly experiencing sleep paralysis and   mainstream ideas. This is also a trait possessed
                                                         hallucinations when awakening: Many people
          poster    advised      on     the     website                                                  by ‘alien abductees.' They score highly on
                                                         who have reported alien abduction suffer
,  “I also found that                                                       measures of magical ideation and endorse New
                                                         episodes of early morning sleep paralysis. On
          having the experience validated by the doctors                                                 Age ideas that encompass beliefs about
                                                         awakening from this paralysis, their terror gives
          involved, was important to my recovery. . . but I
                                                         rise to hallucinations of flashing lights and   alternative medicines and healing, astrology, and
          can tell you this was difficult to get, as they did
                                                         buzzing sounds. Some experience feelings of     fortune telling. Such beliefs would certainly
          not want to admit to their mistake.”
                                                         ‘floating’ around the room or seeing figures in  allow the individual to accept things happening
                 There is another problem: a person can                                                  to them that would be dismissed by existing
          only report an awareness experience if she     the room.  While many people interpret these    scientific knowledge.
          remembers it, which could take years or never  post-sleep paralysis experiences as dreaming,
                                                         some people interpret these experiences as
          happen at all.   Alien abduction may be one of                                                 5. A familiarity with the cultural narrative of
                                                         seeing figures, ghosts, or aliens.
          the most dramatic sequelae of anesthesia
                                                                                                         alien abduction: As a cultural phenomenon,
          awareness, but surely not the only one.  Hate                                                  alien abduction has entered folklore and the
                                                         2. Tendency to Recall False Memories: In an
          jazz?  If you have ever had surgery, it may not
                                                         elegant set of experimental studies, McNally    images and descriptions of aliens and their
          just be your taste in music.  One awareness
                                                         and colleagues found that individuals who       spacecraft have become familiar to many
          patient, formerly a jazz aficionado, developed a                                               people. Alien abductees tend to be very familiar
          bizarre aversion to the style after an awareness  claimed to have been abducted by aliens were  with this cultural narrative which is one possible
          experience.  It was not until years later that she  prone to what is known as “false memory    reason why their descriptions of aliens and their
          recalled hearing a favorite jazz piece playing in  syndrome."  That is, alien abductees regularly  spaceships are so similar—being fuelled as they
                                                         claimed to recall words, items, sentences, etc. in
          the OR while awake during surgery.                                                             are by sci-fi films and numerous books about
                                                         memory tests that they had never actually seen
                 The report recommends a number of                                                       aliens and alien abduction. []
                                                         before. If this “false memory” affect can be
          changes in anesthesia practice to minimize the
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