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Bart Sibrel: “Did Astronauts Go 1000 Times Farther 49 Years                                                           21

                                              Ago Than They Can Go Today?”

            Did Astronauts Go 1000

             Times Farther 49 Years

               Ago Than They Can


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          To stage it . . . just like a skilled poker player’s
          bluff, not to mention that it was technologically
          impossible at the time to begin with, just as it is
          today, even with fifty years more advancements
          in computers and rockets.  In fact, according to
          NASA contractor William Kaysing, who worked
          for six years on the Apollo program with high
          security clearance, a classified interdepartmental
          memo, which he personally read and edited,
          estimated the likelihood of a successful manned
          moon mission on the first attempt at a mere one
          in ten thousand chance.  As NASA’s own staff at
          the time readily admitted was their standard
          motto in such instances, “If you can’t make it,
          fake it.”
                 Some  assume that if the Soviet Union
                                                         they still would not expose the Truth about the        From Wikipedia  regarding The  Apollo
          (Russian) or Chinese intelligence agencies
                                                         “moon missions”. For example, if I had a picture Fraud:
          found out that the American “moon landings”
                                                         of a famous world leader with a prostitute,            “Some people insist that the  Apollo
          were fraudulent, they would immediately “spill
                                                         would it be more profitable for me to give the moon landings were a Cold War deception of the
          the beans” (tell the truth) to the rest of the world
                                                         picture away to the media for free, or rather to Nixon administration.  However, ’empirical’
          without giving the highly important matter much
                                                         blackmail the entrapped world leader, year after evidence is readily available to show that
          deeper thought.  This is simply not the case, and
                                                         year, with ever increasing tolls?  If such manned moon landings did occur.  Anyone on
          again, thinking only one step farther than
          programmed to do so, reveals the actual Truth.  countries really were enemies of America and earth with an appropriate laser and telescope
          If wars are created for the profiteering of the  had proof of the moon landing fraud, which I system can apparently bounce laser beams off
                                                         suspect they probably do by now, it would serve three retro-reflector arrays reported to be left on
          “Military Industrial Complex”, as many
                                                         their interests  much more to keep such the moon by Apollo 11, 14, and 15, suggesting
          forward thinking people including President
                                                         knowledge to themselves and blackmail the deployment of the lunar laser ranging
          Eisenhower now realize, then foreign
                                                         United    States   with    the   embarrassing equipment at asserted  Apollo moon landing
          “adversaries” of the United States may only be
                                                         information, year after year, administration after sites, implying equipment constructed on earth
          profitable creations thereof, solely existing in
                                                         administration, to get the behind-the-scenes was transported to the surface of the moon.  In
          the propagandized minds of Americans, just as
                                                         negotiations to favor them, whether it regards addition, in  August 2009, NASA’s lunar
          the “moon landings” did, brought about through
          the deceptive CIA’s mainstream media outlets,  trade, arms, debt, or anything else they so desire. reconnaissance orbiter claimed to send back
          done so to benefit the billionaire military    This is another good reason why the  Truth high-resolution photos of the estimated Apollo
                                                         coming out about the moon landing fraud would landing sites.  These government issued pictures
          manufacturers, who in turn, help get their like-
                                                         be beneficial for America.  It would put an end show not only what is reported to be the faint
          minded politicians elected, thus perpetuating
                                                         to any potential blackmail about this past matter shadows of the descent stages of the lunar
          this endless cycle of lucrative lies which
                                                         from foreign powers.                            landers allegedly left behind, but also apparent
          mutually feed corrupted bureaucrats and
                                                                 The fact is, there were no “independent” tracks of the astronauts’ walking paths nearby in
          corporate contractors alike.
                                                         tracking stations for the Apollo missions.  The the lunar dust.”
                 Think about it:  America has been
                                                         only entities that had such capability were the        At first (and only) glance, these appear
          engaged in a profitable war of some kind for
          90% of its short history, yet never with Russia or  United States’ own government agencies (who to be relevant arguments, yet each one is,
          China. As such, Russia and China are, in fact,  orchestrated the deception to begin with) and the surprisingly, most easily and unconditionally
                                                         aforementioned countries, who profited from refuted with only a modicum of further
          allies of the United States, despite mainstream
                                                         keeping the secret.  Additionally, NASA investigation beyond the initial conditioned
          media and CIA fabrications which portray them,
                                                         launched the “Tetra-A” satellite shortly before interpretation. First of all, it has recently come to
          for financial gain, as “adversaries”, as trillions
                                                         the  Apollo missions, specifically designed to light through employee “whistling blowing” that
          of dollars in regular annual mutually beneficial
                                                         “simulate transmissions coming from the moon”   United States spy agencies regularly use
          trading proves. (Just imagine a fake wrestling
                                                         so that the ground crews could rehearse the “Wikipedia”, as well as hundreds of other
          match in which both sides are paid by the same
                                                         “moon landings” during their many simulations.  websites, for deceitful misinformation purposes,
          party.)  This being the case, these overseas
          entities would not bring the  Truth of such an  Surreptitiously, it was purported that the Tetra-A as they can anonymously post intelligent
          American scandal as the moon landing fraud     satellite “accidentally burned up” in the earth’s sounding pro-government thesis to the masses,
                                                         atmosphere just before the first alleged moon intentionally contradicting and smugly belittling
          into the light to injure such an important
                                                         mission, that way the government satellite could Truthful “conspiracy theories” of very real
          monetary trading partner toward their own
                                                         secretly still be in service, performing the same crimes, of which they themselves have
          financial loss, not to mention that their own
                                                         simulation function during the fake moon committed, in an attempt to conceal their own
          hidden skeletons would then be forced out of the
                                                         missions, convincing even the staff at NASA of wrongdoing through such contrary postings.
          closet in retaliation. Any “bad blood” the United
                                                         their authenticity. In fact, an elderly retired        The fact that billions of our tax dollars
          States  appears to have with these foreign
                                                         NASA crew member recently acknowledged are being spent each year by the government for
          powers is merely staged for the very purpose of
          keeping their complicity a secret, and the     that . . .                                      the very purpose of concealing their own past
                                                                 “Our computers could tell no difference crimes by investing so many resources toward
          trillions of dollars in profitable military
                                                         whatsoever between a ‘real’ and a ‘simulated’ the perpetual lying to their own citizens, is
          spending flowing.
                                                         moon mission.”                                  utterly disgusting.
                 Even if these two “super-powers” were
          actual enemies of America (which they are not),
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