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Rendlesham - UFO HOAX                                                                                   21

             For Over Twenty Years

                 The Story Of The

           Rendlesham Forest UFOs

            In Suffolk Has Gathered

               Momentum. But The

           Incident Has Never Been

           Properly Explained, Until


          The alleged UFO sighting has become
           one of the world's most talked about
                extra-terrestrial encounters.


          Now, Inside Out has investigated the case and
          can reveal exclusive details that may change
                 Not only can we tell you that most of it
                                                         eyewitness reports, hidden in a released US
          was a hoax but also how it was done.
                                                         government file.                                            Publisher’s Pick
                                                                 Easton says that they make breathtaking     THE ‘X’ ZONE RADIO/TV
                                                         reading. Each individual account conflicts with                   SHOW
                                                         the other. But most damning of all is the
          During the nights of December 26 and 27 1980,                                                                      with
                                                         admission that the men knew they were 'chasing
          American servicemen stationed at RAF
                                                         lighthouse beams' from the Orford Ness                   ROB McCONNELL
          Woodbridge and Bentwaters in Suffolk reported
          mysterious lights in nearby Rendlesham Forest.
                                                                 One of Halt's men says he touched an
                 A team of airmen, including Deputy                                                           Visit The ‘X’ Zone Nation Blog
                                                         alien craft. Another states nothing happened at
          Base Commander Lieutenant Colonel Halt, left                                                       for XZBN Radio Show Archives
          the base to investigate. Halt gave a running           Halt maintains a light out at sea is a
          commentary into a dictaphone.
                                                         UFO. Easton says he has identified that light as
                 They were armed with an image
                                                         coming from the Shipwash Buoy, which is now        Rob McConnell Interviews : Jane Kyle -
          intensifier and a tape recorder but were unable to
                                                         out of service.                                     Texas UFOlogy Blogger and Archivist
          identify the source.
                 The men chased a varied assortment of
                                                         Judgement questioned                                Rob McConnell Interviews : Andrew
          lights, described as 'weird phenomena.'
                                                                                                            Lake - Greenville Paranormal in Rhode
                 They claimed that they had encountered
                                                         By the end of 1980, the Suffolk bases were on                    Island, USA
          an alien craft, which they established a landing
                                                         high alert as US relations with soviet Russia
          site for.
                 Following the incident, the men filed top  worsened.                                         Rob McConnell Interviews : Marcee
                                                                 Conde has questioned the airmen's           Brightenstine - Owns A Raggedy Ann
          secret witness reports, which were strictly
                                                         conduct at this crucial time.                           Haunted Doll Named "Millee"
                                                                 Conde says, "If they're out in the forest
                 However, copies of the tape-recording
                                                         seeing red and blue pulsing lights and I'm back     Rob McConnell Interviews : Thomas
          were leaked and the incident attracted attention.
                                                         here doing this prank with red and blue pulsing   Fusco - Trying To Prove The Paranormal
                                                         lights, what else do they think they're seeing?"     Using His Own Hypothesis (BSBB)
                                                                 "You have to call into question the
                                                         judgement of military officers, in charge of a        Rob McConnell Interviews : Mike
          One interesting utterance that a puzzled Halt
                                                         front line base in the Cold  War, who can't       Clelland - The Owl (Yes, the Bird), UFO,
          gives on the tape recording is, "The red, white
                                                         distinguish a UFO from a bank of police car              Alien Abduction Connection
          and blue lights of the UFO are still hovering
          over Woodbridge."
                                                                                                           Rob McConnell Interviews : Derek Tyler
                 But former USAF Security Policemen,
                                                         Believers                                                      - Alien Abductee
          Kevin Conde, has exclusively revealed that
          these lights were the result of a practical joke he                                                 Rob McConnell Interviews : Linda
          played on the gullible airman.                 Despite these fresh revelations, ufologists           Backman Past Life Regressionist
                 Conde says, "I drove my patrol car out of  maintain that there is a high level cover-up.
          sight from the gatehouse, turned on the red and  Some believe that the witness reports are false.  Rob McConnell Interviews : Bill Sheehan
          blue emergency lights and pointed white                Brenda Butler still believes that the             - Armchair Bigfoot Author
          flashlights through the mist into the air."    phenomenon was true. She was the first person
                 "The bottom line is that, that was not a  to investigate the case.                         For more Interviews with Guest within
          UFO it was a 1979 Plymouth Volare!" explains           "Rendlesham is a very magical place,"            the world of the Paranormal
          a bemused Conde.                               says Brenda. "It's like a doorway opening to
                                                         another dimension.  We've seen ghostly things          and Science of Parapsychology
          Witness reports                                and mists"
                                                                 One thing is certain, Conde's confession
                                                         23 years on completely turns the alleged 
          James Easton, a writer specialising in UFO
                                                         Rendlesham UFO encounter on its head. []
          phenomena, recently stumbled across the
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