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Bart Sibrel: “Did Astronauts Go 1000 Times Farther 49 Years                                                           23

                                              Ago Than They Can Go Today?”

            Did Astronauts Go 1000

             Times Farther 49 Years

               Ago Than They Can


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                 What high-ranking brave soul in their
          midst will come forward to save their fellow
          citizens with this simple Truth about the “moon
          landings”, in order to usher in the much needed
          governmental reform before our country sinks
          into oblivion?
                 When they use statements like
          “empirical evidence” (Because the Emperor
          says so?) is readily available to show that the
          manned moon landings did occur”, it not only
                                                         farther).  Additionally, seeing how all of these football players didn’t cheat in their game.
          shows their arrogance (which, in and of itself,
                                                         lasers have their data computer controlled, it         Just like a pyramid of power in any
          demonstrates their blindness to the facts), it also
                                                         would only take one computer hacker to business, what the employee, the manager, and
          exemplifies their desperation to make an
                                                         manipulate the information shown on a viewing the regional manager knows about the business’
          argument, that is so much losing ground, that
                                                         screen, making even the employees of NASA actual agenda, is completely different than what
          they have to resort to the tactic of claiming that  ignorant of the actual facts. (This was precisely the CEO at the very top knows. Remember,
          if you don’t agree with them, you are somehow
                                                         the case at “mission control” during the “moon there were only  three people (“trusted”
          deficient in intelligence.  Again, if the “moon
                                                         missions”, where dozens of computer government employees) who were  actually
          landings” are so obviously real (even though
                                                         “operators”, actually just read the contrived there at the time of the “moon missions”, with
          they cannot be repeated today with fifty years
                                                         preprogrammed data on their screens like news no independent press coverage whatsoever. As
          more advanced technology, and the farthest a
                                                         anchors, who do not write their own words, demonstrated in my film  “A Funny Thing
          man can travel from the earth to the moon today
                                                         openly admitting afterwards that they could tell Happened on the Way to the Moon”, the three
          is only 1/1000th as far as they allegedly did half
                                                         no difference whatsoever between a “real” flight crew members were indeed on the rocket, they
          a century ago with antiquated equipment on the
                                                         and a “simulation”.)                            did launch into earth orbit on July 16th, 1969 (to
          very first attempt), and there is no robust proof      Secondly, to say that additional “new” attain realistic “zero gravity” flight photography
          whatsoever of the missions deliberate
                                                         photographs from the criminal NASA are within the spacecraft), they did splash down in
          falsification, then there would be no need
                                                         evidence that “prove” the alleged moon landings the ocean eight days later (to establish the
          whatsoever for the hundred plus films and
                                                         were real . . . is laughable. NASA already faked authenticity), yet the rest of the mission,
          websites, which took tens of thousands of hours
                                                         high resolution, full body pictures, of an everything beyond earth orbit (which is only as
          to produce, solely dedicated to reassure the
                                                         astronaut supposedly standing right on the far as astronauts can go today with fifty years
          public of the “moon landings” genuineness! The
                                                         “moon’s surface” nearly fifty years ago, so what more advanced technology), was completely
          fact that there are, is proof itself that mounting
                                                         is it to fake additional pictures now, with almost contrived, like a masterful illusionist, by satellite
          evidence does exist which  proves the “moon
                                                         five decades better “Photoshop” technology, of data manipulation, complete media control, and
          missions” to be a CIA forgery, otherwise the   such simple things as alleged tiny shadows of professional movie sets. After all, what is easier
          deceptively claimed “obviousness” of their
                                                         lunar landers or supposed faint footpaths, from to do, to actually build a rocket and travel to
          authenticity would speak for itself, without the
                                                         miles above the moon’s surface, allegedly taken another planet with 1960’s technology on the
          repeated need of hundreds of websites and films
                                                         from untrustworthy NASA’s orbiting satellites? very first attempt, or to simply make a movie set
          to defend them.  When a structure needs such
                                                         These diehard believers are just seeing what about it? The age-old argument  “The simplest
          continual precarious support and maintenance,
                                                         they want to see, like a naïve spouse of a explanation is the True one“, which many
          this alone is evidence that the structure itself is
                                                         cheating partner, accepting the fox’s evidence Apollo proponents deceptively use to suggest
          not sound to begin with.
                                                         that they didn’t steal a chicken.               the “moon missions” were real, actually proves
                 First of all, it was proven in 1962 that a
                                                                 Additional arguments against the fraud the fraud instead!
          laser can be bounced and calibrated off of the
                                                         are reported to be the hundreds of thousands of        The simple fact is, it is easier to fake a
          moon  without a man-made reflector thereon,
                                                         people throughout the industry who contributed moon mission than to actually do one . . . the
          simply due to the reflectivity of the lunar
                                                         to the “moon missions”, who  allegedly would exact reason why the recent film “The Martian”
          surface. NASA just cleverly designated these
                                                         have been informed of the fraud and kept it a was filmed in an  earthly simulated television
          reflective locations as “landing sites” for the
                                                         secret. Again, seemingly a reasonable argument, studio, rather than on Mars.
          very purpose of contriving this evidence.
                                                         yet it is not with only a little extra thought. Do     Another overlooked fact is that,
          Furthermore, Russia put a man-made mirror on
                                                         you really think the CIA would be so careless as according to their own “Scientific Method”, a
          the moon’s surface during the same time of the
                                                         to tell hundreds of thousands of low-level “Scientific” claim, such as the “manned moon
          “Apollo” missions, using instead an un-manned
                                                         contractors the goings-on of a top-top-secret landings” of the 1960’s, in order to be
          probe that would not have to suffer the        project? Would the CIA really be so inept as to considered authentic, must be  Independently
          biological ravages of lethal space radiation en
                                                         tell the person making the rocket’s door handle, Verified and Duplicated by a Third Party, which
          route, one of the main reasons NASA was, and
                                                         or the glove or the boot of the spacesuit, that has never been done regarding the “Apollo”
          still is, unable to send humans to the moon.
                                                         they were secretly faking the moon landings and missions, as only the corrupt United States
          Don’t believe me? CLICK ON THIS LINK to
                                                         to be sure not to tell anyone?!  Do we really government, alone, has claimed that this feat
          read the March 1959 issue,  Volume 200,
                                                         think the CIA is stupid enough to tell hundreds was possible, on the very first attempt, with
          Number 3, of the magazine “Scientific
                                                         of thousands of low-level workers something antiquated 1960’s technology, even though no
          American”, article entitled  “Radiation Belts
                                                         they wanted to keep as a strict secret?! nation on earth can repeat the claim, even with
          Around the Earth”, to see how deadly and
                                                         Furthermore, to say that “because my uncle fifty years more advancements in rockets and
          impenetrable space radiation is beyond the
                                                         worked at NASA and believed the ‘moon computers.
          safety of low earth orbit where the space station
                                                         landings’ were real is proof that they were real”,
          currently resides (at an altitude of merely 250
                                                         is like saying that because my uncle worked as a
          miles above the earth, the moon being about
                                                         vender at the Super Bowl and believed that the                         (Continued on Page 24)
          239,000 miles away, or roughly 1000  Times
                                                         game was honest, that this is proof that the
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