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Conspiracies and Plain Stupidity                                                                                   3

                                                                                   Contrary to that the Conspiracy  Theorists are
                                                                                   citing the fact that because there are no “visible”
                                                                                   stars in the space over the Moon, American’s never
                                                                                   walked on the Moon.

                                                                                   Look what we found when using professional
                                                                                   enhancement software on certified NASA photo’s.

             Conspiracies and Plain                      talk about conspiracies have problems dealing such as psychics, mediums, healers, long-
                                                         reality and are looking for an easy way to distance healers, exorcists, ghost-busters, and
                         Stupidity                       understand why they are having problems non-documented               parapsychologists    and
                                                         understanding the very simple things in life.   members      of   the    on-line   “religious”
                                                                 Those who believe that Americas never organizations, but recent estimates are in the
                                                         walked on the Moon obviously have not done billions of dollars and increasing every year.
                                                         the necessary research to understand the science       Then we have the Para-Industry that is
                                                         and physics that took many years and millions of popping up all over. Cities,  Towns, Regions,
                                                         hours of human ingenuity to make this happen. taking the advantage of people who are just
                                                         It is easier for them to watch conspiracy videos itching to throw their hard earned money away
                                                         that have been produced by “TV Producers” like on the words of untrained “paranormal
                                                         Bart Sibrel, and hail them as heroes for exposing investigators”, teams and tours, that toute that if
                                                         what the producer claims to be the truth.       you spend your cash, you will experience a
                                                                 The only truth in the world of paranormal event.
                                                         Conspiracy Television, Radio and Video is that         So, no matter what the conspiracy
                                                         the more sensationalized the product/show, the theory, what the paranormal claim, there are
                                                         more the believers will pay for advertised people making money from the believers who
                                                         products or the videos flogged by the producers. fall for the snake oil salemanship of the majority
                                                                 Now video platforms like Netflix and of claims of conspiracies and now, the Para-
                     by Rob McConnell
                                                         Amazon are allowing the conspiracy theorists Industry.
                                                         spew their disinformation to more unsuspecting         In the words of P. T. Barnum, "There's a
                 For over 29 years now, I have been the
                                                         members of the international audience, thereby sucker born every minute" and I would like to
          host and the Executive Director of the ‘X’ Zone
                                                         making more money.                              add, “that each and every one of them have
          Radio/TV Show and I have heard and discussed
                                                                 Doesn’t this seem to be a little crooked?  access to the Internet.”
          with guests from around the world, everything
                                                                 It seems that when conspiracy theorists        For The ‘X’ Zone Radio/TV Show and
          from Moon Landing Conspiracies to the JFK
                                                         receive money for products or endorsements for The ‘X’ Chronicles Newsapper, I am Rob
          Assassination Conspiracy... from the US
                                                         spewing their conspiratorial lies, any money is McConnell. []
          Government      UFO Conspiracy      to    the  like receiving the proceeds of crime.
          Disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.        When last I looked, Fraud is a crime.
                 From David Icke who peddles the Alien           Let’s look at the definition of “Fraud”:
          Reptilian Conspiracy to Derrel Sims who
                                                           •  wrongful or criminal deception intended to
          peddles the  Alien Implants /  Alien  Abduction
                                                             result in financial or personal gain.”
                                                           •  a person or thing intended to deceive others,
                 One thing is for certain. Everyone who is
                                                             typically by unjustifiably claiming or being
          a self proclaimed expert on Conspiracy Theories
                                                             credited with accomplishments or qualities.
          are Hucksters. They are the electronic version of
                                                           •  sham, hoax, imitation, copy, dummy, mock-
          the old-time Snake Oil Salesman.                   up;
                 They all have something to sell, and the  •  fake, forgery, counterfeit.
          internet believers who gobble up every ounce of        So, why are people who get others to
          any conspiracy theory tare their schills,
                                                         believe in a conspiracy theory that they cannot
          promoting the conspiracy, and ultimately
                                                         prove, but brings into people into their fold for
          promoting and getting other gullible sheeple to
                                                         one reason and one reason only, to make money
          go to the conspiracy theorists website, where
                                                         off of them looked to as Frauds?
          they are selling products, books and themselves
                                                                 There are no figures as to how much
          by public appearances.
                                                         money is being made by not only the conspiracy
                 It has been my experience that the people  theorists but other members of the paranormal,
          who flock to the radio shows and the videos that   who are making claims that cannot be proven,
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