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Aldrin: “We Didn’t Go To The Moon”                                                                                         3

             Buzz Aldrin reveals 'we                     money was the main issue, proving his original     The ‘X’ Zone Radio/TV
                                                         answer was the result of confusion.
            DIDN'T go to the moon'                               He revealed: "If you want to buy new         Show Top Picks From
                                                         things, new rockets, instead of keep doing the
                  in bombshell clip                      same thing over and over, then it’s going to cost         Current Shows

                                                         more money."
                                                                                                                     by Rob McConnell
                                                                 And there may be an answer for his
             BUZZ Aldrin has sent conspiracy             bizarre fumbling answer, too.
            theorists into meltdown after video                  His children believe the space traveller is  Dan Valkos:
            footage emerged of him saying "we            suffering with mental health issues,  The Blast   -
                   didn't go to the moon".
                                                                 Back in April Daily Star Online revealed  Mary Rodwell:
                                                         he passed a lie detector after claiming to have   -
                                                         seen a UFO during his moon landing mission.
          The 88-year-old  American is well-known for                                                      Carl Lehburger:
          being one of the first men to step on the lunar                                                  -
                                                         Here is a transcript of the video which can be
          surface, during his Apollo 11 mission with Neil
                                                         seen on  The ‘X’ Zone  TV Channel  YouTube
          Armstrong in 1969.
                                                         Channel             Jim Keopke:
                 But now video footage apparently                                                          -
          proves that never happened.
                                                                 Little Girl: Why has nobody been to the
                 The clip, captured during the 2015
                                                         moon in such a long time?                         Denise Stoner:
          National Book Fest at the Walter E. Washington                                                   -
          Convention Centre, shows the pensioner
                                                                 Buzz Aldrin: That’s not an eight-year-
          speaking to a young girl.                                                                        Professor Stephen Braude:
                                                         olds question.  That’s my question. I want to
                 The youngster asks: "Why has nobody                                                       -
                                                         know, or I think I know, ‘cause we didn’t go
          been to the moon in such a long time?"
                                                         there and that’s the way it happened.  And if
                 And Buzz replied: "That’s not an eight-
                                                         didn’t happen it’s nice to know why it didn’t     Josh Heard:
          year-old’s question – that’s my question.
                                                         happen so in the future if we want to keep doing  -
                 "I want to know, but I think I know –
                                                         something we need to know why something
          because we didn’t go there – that’s the way it
                                                         stopped in the past that     we  wanted to        Christopher Balzano:
          happened.                                                                                        -
                                                         keep it going. uh, money is a good thing if you
                 "And if it didn’t happen it’s nice to know
                                                         want to buy new things, new rockets, instead of
          why it didn’t happen so in the future if we want                                                 Dr. David Gruder:
                                                         keep doing the same thing over and it’s going to
          to keep doing something we need to know why                                                      -
                                                         cost more money, other things need more money
          something stopped in the past if we want to
                                                         too, so in order to achieve what the president
          keep it going."
                                                         wanted us to do, and then what thousands,         Sandi Athey:
                 And conspiracists have been quick to
                                                         millions of people in America, and millions of    -
          share their opinions.
                                                         people around the world. You know when we
                 "Oh my gosh, Buzz has spilt the beans,"
                                                         toured around the world after we came back, the   Pattie Freeman:
          one viewer claimed.                                                                              -
                                                         most fascinating observation was signs that said,
                 Another added: "This is priceless, Buzz
                                                         “We Did It,” not just us, not just America, but
          admitting they faked it to beat the Russians."                                                   Matt Ralston:
                                                         we, the world, the different country. They felt
                 And a third speculated: "They are going                                                   -
                                                         like they were part of what we were able to do,
          to kill him for this."
                                                         and that made us feel very good.
                 But the retired astronaut's bizarre
                                                                 Was this the confession of a man who      Benjamin Radford:
          answer did come to a reasonable ending.
                                                         has had to hide the truth for so many years who   -
                 He eventually went on to explain that
                                                         finally had enough? Time will tell. []
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