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Life & Death of Dr. Stephen Hawking                                                                                       3

             Man Out Of Time: Life

           and Death of Dr. Stephen

                         By Kal Korff
                    Host of Kal’s Korner

                                                         himself, had managed to break through to the Gehrig’s disease, named in honor of the famed
          The alert came to my iPhone from the           public, he was a revered worldwide celebrity. American  Yankee’s baseball player who was
          Center for Inquiry in Pakistan, of all         His book,  A Brief History Of  Time, which struck down in the prime of his life from it.
          places, courtesy of my friend                  attempted to explain the universe he was trying        Initially given by medical professionals
                                                         to unravel for humanity to comprehend, sold as little as three years to live, he proved his
          Muhammad Idrees.  The news he
                                                         millions of copies and was even made into a ‘expert’ doctors wrong, finally passing away at
          posted on his social media page was
                                                         short movie which captivated still more millions age 76 after crafting a career that is truly the
          tragic, yet historic. Dr. Stephen              of people around the world.                     stuff legends are made of. Hawking outlived
          Hawking, the famed  Theoretical                                                                their predictions for his lifespan by 52 years.
          Physicist, had died at the age of 76.          A Star Is Born                                         Even his abilities to speak normally were
          “Rest in peace Stephen Hawking, no                                                             destroyed by his condition. To communicate, he
          words to explain your great work               Born on October 8, 1942 in Oxford, England,     was fitted with a computer and flat panel screen
                                                         his parents moved during  World  War II from    that was programmed with thousands of canned
          you’ve done for humanity,” Idrees
                                                         Great Britain’s capital city of London because it  phrases and would generate robotic sounding
          wrote, and he is right.                        was being regularly bombed by Adolf Hitler’s    synthetic speech. The original default voice used
                                                         Nazi Germany. His father was an expert in       in Apple’s original Macintosh computer released
          Being a member of the Center for Inquiry in    biology, science was ‘the norm’ in the Hawking  in 1984 for text-to-speech synthesis is
          Pakistan, is especially risky. Pakistan is     family, to the point that even when they all sat  essentially the same computerized voice that
          arguably a failed nation, steeped in religious  down together to have their meals and eat, they  Hawking used and became famous for. It has
          superstition and the violence, hatred and      spent much of their time reading whatever       appeared in different productions over decades,
          intolerance that typically accompanies such    interested them versus talking to each other.   including being used by the famed alternative
          primitive stuck in a loop mentality. Its               As he grew up, young Stephen Hawking    rock band Pink Floyd in their smash hit song,
          government and officials openly support        found normal school curriculum boring, he aced  Keep Talking. Its famous line, “For millions of
          Islamic militant terrorism. I have lost fellow  his subjects very easily. Yet like other geniuses  years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then
          journalist friends such as Imran Zaki, to      before him, he began to develop a myopic focus  something happened. We learned to talk.”
          terrorists there, murdered because they dared to  and passion only for the things he liked. He        Hawking certainly also kept talking, kept
          speak the truth, advocated a secular, tolerant  could care less about subjects he wasn’t       calculating, and would make several historic
          society and renounced violence.                interested in, yet became a top expert in what  scientific breakthroughs. He discovered what
                 To be in the middle of this insanity,   were his passions. This was also true of Einstein,  would later be called Hawking Radiation, which
          advocating critical thinking and secular       who was dismissed at one point by his teachers  is defined as being essentially blackbody
          humanism, runs the very real risk of death in  as being mentally insufficient for higher       radiation that exists and is released in black
          Pakistan. Yet here Idrees was, telling the truth as  education.  A rebellious youth, if not a ‘wild  holes. It is caused by various quantum physics
          he always does, about a scientific giant who had  man’ during his early university years, Hawking  effects near the event horizon of a black
          now just died, whereas most Pakistanis could   was known as a very talented man who was        hole.This radiation is caused by a black hole
          care less and will remain clueless about just  intellectually gifted, yet rebelled against the  capturing one of a particle-antiparticle pair
          how great a mind Dr. Stephen Hawking           status quo.  Then, his physical world began to  which are created spontaneously near the event
          possessed.                                     crash around him.                               horizon.
                 To be fair, even in the far more tolerant                                                                       (Continued on Page 4)
          and secular west, most people also cannot get  Fatal Diagnosis
          their minds around what Hawking routinely did                                                              For the Very Best of
          anymore than they can understand Dr. Albert
                                                         At the age of just 21, Hawking was diagnosed        Paranormal and Parapsychology
          Einstein’s famous theory of relativity. For the
                                                         with a terminal neuronic disease that would end        Real News, With Real People
          circles of academia and pure science that was
                                                         up paralyzing every part of his body except for a                24 / 7 / 365
          Hawking’s mental playground of infinite
                                                         small part of his right cheekbone, leaving him
          inquiry was a rarified one, understood by few.                                                                   Listen To
                                                         wheelchair bound for most of his years.
                 Yet Hawking, arguably the greatest                                                          The ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network
                                                         Commonly known as  Amyotrophic Lateral
          mind in theoretical physics since Einstein                                                          
                                                         Sclerosis (ALS), its more popular name is Lou
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