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Betty Hill Abduction                                                                             3

               Betty Hill Abduction

               The Barney and Betty Hill

          abduction was an embarrassment
                 to the UFO movement.

                      by Futurism Staff

          Among the most influential and widely known
          UFO incidents is the story of Barney and Betty
          Hill, a middle-aged New Hampshire couple who
          in 1961 were returning from vacation. Driving
          late at night through the White Mountains, the
          Hills encountered a UFO whose alien occupants
          reportedly took them on board and subjected
          them to a thorough medical examination.
          Several factors seemed to argue strongly in
          favor of the authenticity of the case. First, the
          narrative of the abduction was not consciously
          remembered by the Hills but was extracted by a
          psychiatrist using hypnosis. This fact seemed to
          rule out any chance of a deliberate hoax.
          Second, one particular piece of information
          (similarly retrieved from Betty Hill’s
          subconscious) was a "star map," which was      may have forgotten or may never actually have predominance of sun like stars on the decoded
          subsequently deciphered by experts to indicate  noticed consciously.                           map should not have been surprising since to
          the alien ship's home solar system. Over the           But the technique has its pitfalls.  A shorten the work all others had dropped from
          years, the "Barney and Betty Hill Abduction"   subject in the highly suggestible state may consideration. Some sun-type stars should have
          has become accepted as a "classic" close       actually concoct fictitious details or an entire shown up but didn't; The remaining dots on the
          encounter of the third kind. Since then, dozens  imaginary theme to please the subconsciously drawing were assigned to handy non-sun-like
          of similar cases have been reported.  A        sensed desires of the interrogator. Researchers in stars or dismissed as "background" decoration.
          bestselling book (Interrupted Journey by John  California have hypnotized subjects with no With that, any number of different (and mutually
          Fuller) and a made-for-TV movie (NBC's UFO     previous UFO experiences or interests and asked exclusive) map interpretations could be made.
          Incident) have boosted the case's fame. Betty  them leading questions about a-nonexistent And so they have. It's also odd that Betty Hill
          Hill (Barney died in 1969) has become a popular  UFO abduction that the subjects were led to recalls her UFO abductors telling her that Earth
          feature at UFO conventions nationwide.         assume they had just undergone.  They is off the beaten galactic track and is rarely
                                                         responded with a wealth of details conjured up visited. Where are all those other UFOs coming
          Questions Are Raised                           from their imaginations. The stories sounded no from? Mrs. Hill's ability to accurately
                                                         different from any of the classic abduction cases reconstruct events and details became suspect

          Two questions come to mind concerning this     already on record, including Betty and Barney when UFO investigator Robert Sheaffer showed
          famous case. First, can anything really be     Hill's. Dr. Benjamin Simon, the Boston that she was unable to draw a reliable chart of
          concluded about the authenticity of the original  psychiatrist who conducted the hypnosis the alleged UFO's position in the sky. In place of
                                                         sessions with the Hills is still convinced that the the moon and two bright planets that were
          incident? Second, have UFO organizations and
                                                         entire UFO abduction story was this kind of actually there, the Hill account shows the moon,
          the news media generally handled this case in a
                                                         phenomenon, an innocent fabrication based on a bright planet, arid the "star like" UFO.
          responsible fashion? While no final conclusions
                                                         subconscious anxieties and vivid imaginations. Sheaffer concludes that the original UFO
          can be drawn (as in most UFO cases there is
                                                         Dr. Simon, whose psychoanalytic expertise is sighting which so frightened the sleepless Hills,
          enough uncertainty and doubt to hide the
          Seventh Fleet), some very interesting insights  generally portrayed as the backbone of the Hill was a not uncommon "car chasing UFO"
          about the UFO phenomenon can be gained by      case's authenticity, does not believe the incident phenomenon caused by the sporadic appearance
          examining the Hill incident.  The case would   as reported ever took place! Under hypnosis, of the bright planet Jupiter from behind clouds.
          almost have to be labeled authentic if the     Betty Hill drew a pattern of dots, lines, and
                                                         circles that she said was a star map shown to her Betty Hill Blunder
          hypnotic interrogation of the Hills had turned
                                                         by the UFO commander. Several years later, an
          out to be based on true subconscious memories
                                                         amateur astronomer in Ohio produced a view of
          of real events.  Also, the case would be very                                                  Over time, Betty Hill became something of an
                                                         nearby stars that seemed to match Betty's
          strong if the astronomical information revealed                                                embarrassment to the UFO movement. Her
          in Mrs. Hill's "star maps" was valid.  And, of  drawing.  Astonishingly, the map's viewpoint   stories told of a secret UFO landing field, of her
          course, any corroborative testimony on the part  was from deep in space, looking back at our   car being blasted by a UFO's heat ray, of UFOs
          of other possible witnesses would lend further  solar system. Most of the identified stars on the  with their undersides painted to look like
          credibility. Indeed, as reported in the books and  map were similar in size and brightness to our  ordinary airplanes, of the local plundering of a
                                                         own sun, although such stars (the only kind     supernatural chicken mutilator, of her neighbor's
          magazines that cover the Hill case, all these
                                                         likely to have planets with intelligent life    levitating cat, of her own precognitive and
          criteria have been satisfied. But have they really
                                                         orbiting them) are a distinct minority in the
          been?                                                                                          clairvoyant ESP powers, of her continual
                                                         galaxy.                                         harassment by sinister government agents, of the
          Hypnotic Regression                                                                            visit to her home by the capricious poltergeist of
                                                         Alien Abode                                     a dead six-year-old orphan, and other equally
                                                                                                         unbelievable tales.
          Hypnotic regression (or abreaction) can be a
                                                         The alien home system was identified as a              UFO buffs found these fables hard to
          useful tool in psychoanalysis and has been
                                                         double star called Zeta Reticuli. Skeptics swallow, but they swallowed hard and pointed to
          gaining wider acceptance as an interrogative
                                                         claimed that an "identification" of the alien the details of her original testimony.
          technique in police investigations. Cooperative
                                                         world could be made with any random
          witnesses can recall details about an event they
                                                         collection of dots and lines and that the                               (Continued on Page 4)
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