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4                      Prophet Slept His Way To The Top

             THE PROPHET WHO

              SLEPT HIS WAY TO                                                                               BECOMING

                        THE TOP                                                                            A GUEST ON

          Did Edgar Cayce really see into the
          future? Or was he a huckster and a                                                                       THE ‘X’

          Suddenly from out of nowhere on  April 18,
          1900, a timid, 21-year-old Kentucky
          photographer lost his voice.   The doctors he                                                              RADIO
          consulted told him that he had paralysis of the
          vocal cords and would probably never speak
          again.  This young man, who’d long believed he                                                             SHOW
          could absorb the contents of books (like his
          favorite, the Bible) by sleeping on top of them,
          turned to sleep once more and sought help from
          hypnotists.   Ten months later, the cure or
          worked.  His voice returned!   Along with
          something new.  Something extra special.

          After the stint with hypnosis, Edgar Cayce was  know. But what they fail to point out is that
          able to drop into a trance at will.  While under,  Cayce performed many of his reading on
          he astounded witnesses with his uncanny ability  faraway subjects who’d send him letters
          to diagnose complex medical conditions, using   outlining their conditions, information that he
          jargon that a lay person could not have known.  could parrot during a reading.  And the
          He could even diagnosis and recommend           treatments he recommended – ointments,
          treatments – none of which he could remember    chiropractic adjustments, natural foods – are of
          when he woke from his hypnotic state – four     the type that rarely hurt anybody and may help
          patients hundreds of miles away.                simply because of a placebo effect.
          Cayce’s exotic abilities caught the attention of
          the public.  Patients started coming from all   THE PROPHET HAS NO CLOTHES
          across the country to meet with the amazing
                                                          Cayce had quite a few high-profile failures. He
          healer; newspapers and magazines trumpeted      became involved with the Lindbergh
          his successes.  The New York Times even called  kidnapping case (for which he failed to produce
          him “America’s Most Mysterious Man.”
                                                          any useful information), and with an
                                                          unsuccessful search for buried treasure.  After
          THE SLEEPING PROPHET                            the digging had been going on for several weeks
          During the next 43 years, 14,000 people would   and nothing was found, Cayce’s defenders
          contact Cayce for readings, the most of which   started claiming – a little hysterically – that
          are still on file in the archives of the Association  there had been treasure there but it had already
          for Research and Enlightenment, a  Virginia     been dug up. Or perhaps it would be buried
          group formed to study Cayce and his mystical    there in the future.
          powers.                                         He mad numerous predictions about  Atlantis
                 When he wasn’t in a trance, Cayce was    (claiming the United States would find an
          a mild mannered reclusive who shunned fame      Atlantean death ray in 1958) and world events
          and fortune – in fact, he very often didn’t charge  that just didn’t come true. His diagnoses were  If you would like to be a guest
          for his readings.  He would make appointments   often screwy too: he recommended oil of smoke                       on
          with faraway patients every day at either 11:00  for a leg sore, bedbug juice for dropsy, and
          AM or 3:00 PM.  He’d spend most of his day      fumes of apple brandy from a charred keg for          THE ‘X’ ZONE RADIO
          fishing or gardening, and at the appointed time,  tuberculosis.                                                  SHOW,
          he’d come inside and lie on his couch.  He                                                                         go to
          placed his hands on his abdomen, draw some      FINALLY FOUND MR. RIGHT?
          deep breaths, and relax.  When his eye and that’s                                           
                                                          But what about the stuff he got right?  The
          flattered, the reading began; his assistance                                                                and click on the
                                                          oddsmakers say that odds are if you make
          would provide some details about the subject’s
                                                          thousands of predictions and diagnoses in your      “TO BECOME A GUEST”
          life, and Cayce would come up with a diagnosis  lifetime, at least some of them will prove right.
          and recommendation.                             Put that together with followers who want to     tab at the top of the page and our
                                                          believe, and you may have Edgar Cayce’s life in            booking producer,
          NONPROFIT PROPHET                               a nutshell. []                                     STEPHANIE McCONNELL
          Many things speak up for Cayce’s truthfulness:
          the fact that he generally didn’t charge for his                                                    will contact you  when your
          ratings, his grasp of medical terminology, and                                                       completed form is received
          the accuracy of his diagnoses and predictions.                                                                       or
          But we know he read a lot of osteopathic
          literature-describing want today we’d call                                                         Contact Stephanie Directly at
          “naturopathy” or “homeopathy” – which would
          have taught him a lot about the body. His                                                 
          followers often mention that he seemed to know
          more about the patient than he possibly could
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