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4                                          Betty Hill Abduction

               Betty Hill Abduction                       detailed accounts of Cooper's encounters with  In an interview with the Clarion Ledger, Parker
                                                          UFOs in space during the Mercury and Gemini    says he “felt like everyone deserved an
                                                          programs.  An exciting and provocative UFO     explanation,” and the book is his account of

                  (Continued from Page 3)                 revelation attributed to the astronaut appears on  what he says happened on October 11, 1973.
                                                          the package of a "Close Encounters Alien Doll,"       The story is well-known in Mississippi,
                                                          distributed by Columbia Pictures Industries as  and neither Parker nor his friend Charles
          Skeptics suggest these stories simply underlined
                                                          part of the commercialization of the famous    Hickson (now deceased) ever wavered in the
          her vivid imagination and her propensity for
                                                          UFO movie. Says the quotation, "Intelligent    details.
          fantasizing whether conscious or under          beings from other planets regularly visit our         The two men said they were fishing on
          hypnosis. Moreover, studies critical of many    world in an effort to enter into contact with us…  the Pascagoula River when they saw a blinding
          aspects of the original Hill abduction reportedly  NASA and the American government know this  light, hovering over the water.
          circulated among pro-UFO groups for several
                                                          and possess a great deal of evidence.                 Parker says the light came from a
          years. According to people who claimed to have
                                                          Nevertheless, they remain silent in order not to  football- shaped spacecraft about 80 feet long.
          seen these documents, they are stamped with
                                                          alarm people. I am dedicated to forcing the    He says he saw a door open, and three creatures
          the UFO equivalent of TOP SECRET. That is,
                                                          authorities to end their silence." The problem is,  with large heads, claw-like hands, and no legs
          there are embarrassing facts about the original
                                                          claimed Cooper, he never said that and never   “floated” off the spacecraft and pulled the two
          Hill case that some UFO groups believe the
                                                          even attended the New  York City UFO           men inside.
          public is better off not knowing. Defenders of  conference at which he is alleged to have made        Parker thinks the alien creatures
          the original Hill abduction case dismiss Dr.    those comments. And to express his profound    “injected” him and Hickson with something that
          Simon's incredulity by suggesting that the
                                                          displeasure at having his name exploited by    made them powerless to resist as the aliens
          Boston hypnotist was unaware of other similar
                                                          Columbia, he sued them for two million dollars.  subjected them to some kind of physical
          reports and thus believed the Hill testimony was
                                                          Columbia, meanwhile, refused to comment on     examination before releasing them, numb and
          an anomaly. Proponents defend the legitimacy
                                                          which UFO buff gave them the alleged           weak but unharmed.
          of the decoded star map (but they disagree on
                                                          quotation and why they never tried to verify it.      The two men were so shaken that they
          which interpretation is the legitimate one). They
                                                          Nor did Cooper see any UFOs on his space       told their story to the local sheriff, who said at
          believe there were many corroborative radar
                                                          flights, it turns out. "Complete fabrications," he  the time that he believed they were relating a
          reports of UFOs that night, though the reporter  called the stories that for more than 15 years  true story. []
          who revealed that information in a local        have enlivened UFO literature. Cooper did
          newspaper has since lost his notes and cannot
                                                          remain intrigued by the real UFO problem, he
          now say where he learned those facts. So there
                                                          maintains, and his own UFO experiences
          is adequate uncertainty to a warrant further
                                                          remained uninvestigated and unexplained. But
          study of the Hill encounter.
                                                          the UFO movement evidently was unsatisfied
                 What is apparent, however, is that the
                                                          with the honest realities of an astronaut's UFO
          most publicized accounts of this case are
                                                          stories and piled fantasies and fabrications upon
          heavily biased in favor of its insolvability, even
                                                          them. []
          to the extent of deliberately helping the case
          stay "unsolvable" by slanting key pieces of      ‘I think they injected us’:
          evidence and omitting others. As long as this
          remains the standard approach to UFO               Pascagoula man’s new
          documentation, so will UFOlogy remain an
          unborn science.  The Betty Hill case is an              book about alien
          excellent touchstone against which such                       abduction
          standards of behavior can be measured…
                 Ex-astronaut L. Gordon Cooper had
          become something of a celebrity with his TV     PASCAGOULA, Miss. –  Calvin Parker says he
          talk show accounts of personal UFO sightings    never wanted to talk about  it, but 45 years later,
          in Europe and California in the 1950s and his   he’s written a book about the night when he says
          cooperation    with     international   UFO     that he and a friend were abducted by aliens.
          investigators. Books and magazines are full of
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