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Ghost Diaries TV Show Casting Call                                                                                      5

              Ghost Diaries TV

             Show Casting Call

          Calling All Ghost Researchers, Teams,
                and Ghost / Haunted Walks

          REL-MAR McConnell Media Company and
          Benedict Productions Inc. are pleased to
          announce our latest venture into the unknown!

          “The Ghost Diaries” is an exciting new
          documentary/reality/adventure series for
          television, with international distribution
          throughout the world.  “The Ghost Diaries”
          will feature an international anthology of the
          most compelling ghostly experiences, legends,
          and mysterious tales.  “The Ghost Diaries”
          will present the favorite mysteries of
          international “Ghost  Walker Guides” and
          other experts, who reveal local paranormal
          events that will intrigue believers and skeptics
          alike!                                            COMING TO THE ‘X’ ZONE TV CHANNEL ON SIMULTV ON
                                                             FEBRUARY 1 2019 - Visit for details
          “The Ghost Diaries” will be hosted and co-
          produced by world renown paranormal
          authority Rob McConnell, the celebrated
          Host/Producer of “The ‘X’ Zone” on  TV,
          radio, print and podcasts. Rob has been
          thrilling, challenging, and compelling viewers
          with explorations of the paranormal for nearly
          three decades, and in more than 120 countries!

          “The Ghost Diaries” will be shot on amazing
          locations around the world and bring to light
          fascinating ghost stories and local legends
          without forgetting the historical context which
          gave them rise. From the Salem witch trials, to
          New Orleans  Voodoo, to Medieval Europe’s
          crimes and punishments... the truth can often
          be so much scarier than fiction!

          We are currently in pre-production for our
          premier season of “The Ghost Diaries” and are
          anxious to connect with experts from around
          the world who would be interested in
          contributing compelling content to our

          Submit your information on the Show
          Submission Form on  The Ghost Diaries  TV
          Show website at and
          a member of our production team will contact

          We look forward to hearing from you.

          Rob McConnell
          Executive Producer


          Stephen Benedict
          Executive Producer

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