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6          L.A.’S Wackiest Spiritual/UFO Convention

            ‘It’s a lot of UFO stuff                            ECLIPSE TRIVIA                            6.  Animals Behave Strangely: During
                                                                                                          totality, animals often behave as if
              and a lot of healing’:                             Canadian News Network
                                                                                                          nightfall has arrived. Birds may go to
                          Inside                                                                          roost, nocturnal animals such as bats
                                                         1. Solar Corona:  Only during a total
                  L.A.’s wackiest                        solar eclipse can the solar corona be            might become active, and some report
                                                                                                          cows returning to their barns.
              spiritual convention                       observed with the naked eye.  This
                                                         gaseous outer layer of the sun, which
                                                                                                          7. Eclipse Chasers: There is a group of
                                                         extends millions of kilometers into space,
                                                                                                          enthusiasts known as "umbraphiles" or
                                                         is obscured by the bright solar disk at all
                                                                                                          eclipse chasers who travel to remote
                Continued from Page 5                    other times.
                                                                                                          places to witness the few minutes of
                                                                                                          totality during a solar eclipse.
                                                         2.  Saros Cycle:  Eclipses follow an 18-

        Feeling isolated, she began publicly             year, 11-day cycle known as the Saros            8. Speed of the Shadow: The shadow of
        sharing her experience on social media           cycle, after which a nearly identical            the moon travels at different speeds as it
        and at conferences to lift the fear around       eclipse will occur. However, because of          crosses the Earth during an eclipse. It can
        aliens and connect with other abductees.         the third of a day in the cycle, observation     move faster than 1,000 miles per hour
        Now, she sees it as part of her mission to       points shift west by about 120 degrees.          across the surface of the Earth near the
        help fellow starseeds wake up and find                                                            equator and slower towards the poles.
        their mission.                                   3. Diamond Ring Effect:  Just before
                                                         totality, when a single bead of sunlight
                                                                                                          9. Temperature  Drop:  During a total
        “We’re all here to make the planet               remains visible, a bright spot appears           solar eclipse, the temperature can fall by

        better,” she said. “We’re all needed.”           next to the darkened moon, creating              10 degrees Fahrenheit or more, giving a
                                                         what’s commonly referred to as the
                                                                                                          brief respite on a hot day.
        It’s a universal message of affirmation          “diamond ring effect.”
        that has come in many different packages                                                          10. Historical Record Keeping:
        at the Expo since its inception, and one         4. Baily's Beads: As the moon moves to           Chronicles of solar eclipses have been
        that many still need to hear today.              cover the sun completely, the rugged             used to date historical events. For
                                                         lunar landscape allows beads of sunlight
                                                                                                          instance, a solar eclipse mentioned in
        Back at the opening ceremony, the robe-          to shine through in some places and not          Assyrian texts is used to fix the date of a
        clad Moore — an astrologer who has               in others.  These are known as Baily's           battle described by the Greek historian

        helped run the Expo since its beginning          Beads, after Francis Baily who first             Herodotus, helping historians to align
        — described the convention as a portal           provided their explanation in 1836.              dates in ancient history.
        that would help attendees step into a
        whole new experience of their lives.             5. Shadow Bands: Just before and after           11.  First Photograph:            The first
                                                         totality, shimmering, wavy lines of
                                                                                                          photograph of a solar eclipse was taken
        “This is our family, this is our tribe, these    alternating light and dark can be observed       on July 28, 1851, by a Prussian
        are our kindred spirits,” she said. “You         on the ground and on white surfaces.             photographer named Johann Julius
        can’t get this energy anywhere else.” []         These "shadow bands" are caused by the           Friedrich Berkowski. []
                                                         sun's extended light source being filtered
                                                         through Earth’s turbulent atmosphere.
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