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6             A Look At The Billy Meier “Prophecies”

         A Look at the Billy Meier                      proves Meier has contact with alien creatures…
                                                        it suggests that he does not.                              Roswell

                                                        About Dr. Kevin Randle:
                 Continued from Page 5                                                                                in the

                                                                                                           21st Century
        It also suggests not only a manipulation of the
        data, but attempts to cover up a flawed
        prediction that exposes some of the changing
        nature of the predictions. She wrote:
               Another piece of compelling evidence
        stems from the dozens of so-called “fulfilled”
        prophecies and predictions which ultimately
        turned out to have been fabricated as well. And
        I would like to pick the Meier’s 5,100-year-old
        Iceman prediction (7) as an example, which
        Meier, FIGU and Michael Horn claims have
        been precisely fulfilled and demands
        $1,000,000 prize money from James Randi’s
        foundation for meeting their paranormal
               Meier and his proponents claim that
        Meier has accurately predicted the cause of
                                                        Dr. Kevin Randle, a retired US Army lieutenant
        death – ARROW stuck in the back – of a man
                                                        colonel who served combat tours as a helicopter
        buried in the Italian Alps about 5,000 years ago
                                                        pilot in Vietnam and an intelligence officer in
        and published it in 1991, nearly a decade before
                                                        Iraq.  He has been studying UFOs for nearly
        scientists discovered it in July 2001 using a
                                                        fifty years. He has investigated some of the
        chest X-ray and a CT scan taken of the Iceman’s
                                                        most famous UFO cases including the
               Even though they didn’t present any      Levelland sightings and series of sightings over
        evidence for a 1991 publication containing the  Washington, D.C. in 1952. He has been
                                                        consulted for dozens of documentaries about
        information, they however presented a scan of a
                                                        UFOs and has made presentations to dozens of
        copyright page of contact notes book indicating
                                                        colleges and other organizations. He is
        the purported publication date as 1996, i.e. 5
                                                        considered one of the leading experts into the
        years before scientists made the discovery. If
                                                        Roswell UFO crash of 1947. He had written
        this were true, it would have been the best                                                      For nearly 30 years, Kevin Randle has
                                                        more than 25 books about UFOs including the
        evidence either for Meier’s paranormal ability
                                                        recently published Roswell in the 21st Century   been investigating the case of the UFO
        or being in contact with ETs. But as it turns out,
        when I looked into two different books of the   and  hosts a blog,     crash near Roswell, New Mexico. He
        same 1996 edition, I discovered that there was         To contact Dr. Kevin Randle - Email -     has interviewed hundreds of people
        no mention of ARROW at all. It was revealed                                                      who claim knowledge of the event,
        that the purported 1996 edition which Michael                                                    been through boxes of documents,
        Horn presented in his website as evidence is                  NEW FROM                           stood on the first crash site, and
        actually a reprint version that was published            ROB McCONNELL                           provided information to dozens of
        after the year 2001, i.e. after the scientists
        discovered the ARROW in Iceman’s back.                                                           others who asked for it. Now, he has
               When I confronted Michael Horn with                                                       reviewed all those audio and
        this irrefutable fact, he apparently tried to                                                    videotaped interviews, examined
        silence me by offering me a free trip to US                                                      hundreds of files that relate to the
        (where I would be introduced ‘as a scientist’ and                                                crash, and has returned to Roswell in
        have to speak only positively on the Meier case)
                                                                                                         an attempt to put all that information
        for not publishing my analysis, which I flatly
        rejected and went ahead with its publication.                                                    into a proper perspective. In Roswell in
        Apparently, Michael Horn doesn’t want the                                                        the 21st Century he has taken a
        truth to come out. Was it because he was afraid                                                  dispassionate reevaluation of all that
        that it would make his wallet lighter or was                                                     material collected by so many people
        there any other reason? I simply don’t know.                                                     over so many years and has provided a
               What is particularly illustrative is her
                                                                                                         new look at what happened. This is a
        suggestion that Horn attempted to silence her
        about this. It suggests that he knows there are                                                  book that clears away all the clutter that
        problems with the many, if not most, of the                                                      has masked the truth for so long, strips
        Meier predictions, but doesn’t want that                                                         away the various lies that surrounded
        information to be published. It tells us a great                                                 the case, exposed the  Air Force
        deal about the reality of the Billy Meier contacts
                                                                                                         attempts at cover up and found a core
        and about how Horn operates.                                                                     of solid information that tells us all
               This all suggests that the claims of
        accurate predictions are not true.  Vague                                                        where the case stands today.
        predictions are changed into specific predictions   The Ultimate Book of Trivia
        later and there is manipulation of the dates of all                                                  ROSWELL IN THE 21ST
        these things. All of that smacks of hoax. Rather             and Fact*oids!                                    CENTURY
        than addressing the challenges, we are treated to
        personal attacks and data that cannot be                  Order your copy at                                 is available at
        verified.  There is nothing in all of this that                     
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