Page 7 - The 'X' Chronicles Newspaper - March 2019
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Idiotic Appeal of Moon Landing Conspiracy                                                                                        7

              The Tenacious, Idiotic                             It is the nature of the conspiracy theory
                                                         to doubt reason and favour feeling. A hunch can
           Appeal Of Moon Landing                        be seductive; a hunch was all it took for Kaysing

                                                         to disregard the transmissions beamed into what
               Conspiracy Theories
                                                         he calls his “boob tube,” and to pursue on the
                                                         strength of his inexplicable conviction the proof
                   Continued from Page 6                 necessary to make vague suspicions look like
                                                         certain truth.
          Always the same nefarious machinations of the          Casting doubt on photographs of the
          powers that be, whatever explanation the       moon because they seem to you to contain errors
          theorist chooses specifically to believe.  The  or contradictions is a handy way to feel superior
                                                         to the benighted masses who accept whatever
          point, ultimately, seems to be to pull the wool
          over the eyes of an impressionable populace. It  happens to be presented to them by the
          is the theorist alone who sees the secret truth —  representatives of the status quo. And it’s less
          and can tell the rest of us “sheeple” to wake up  work for the layman to doubt by sight or
          to it.                                         intuition than to actually investigate these claims
                 Like most conspiracies of this scale, a  or learn anything concrete about the facts.
          non-factual counter-argument can be made that          How space travel works is complicated.
          it is difficult to imagine so many people      It is literally rocket science.[]
          preserving the fiction: thousands worked on the
          Apollo missions; hundreds were responsible for
          the launch and the landing and were
          eyewitnesses to its success; most especially,
          three men were actually in space, two of them on
          the surface of the moon. So incredible would the
          feat of faking the moon landing and keeping the
          reality of the hoax a secret for half a century, that
          it barely seems worth the effort. It would have
          been easier to just land on the moon.
                 Well, conspiracy theorists have an
          explanation for the breadth of the subterfuge,
          too.  They point to the many other historical
          instances of government deception — the fact
          that we know of them because they were at some
          point exposed or confessed does not seem to
          trouble them.
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