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8             Once Upon A Time - Betty & Barney Hill

            Once upon a time, Betty

              and Barney Hill told a

           story that was out of this


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                 In one report,  Walter  Webb of NICAP
          filed that “Mr. Hill believed that he was going to
          be captured ‘like a bug in a net.’That is when he
          knew it was no conventional aircraft he was
          observing but something alien and enearthly
          (sic) containing beings of a superior type,
          beings that were somehow not human.”
                 An Air Intelligence Information Report,
          prepared by a major at Pease Air Force Base at
          the same time the Hills say they were abducted,
          read, “It was revealed that a strange incident
          occurred on 20 Sept. It is not possible to
          determine any relationship between these two
          observations, as the radar observation provides
          no description.
                 “Time and distance between the two       member of the United States Commission on      painted outside showing a skinny alien with a
          events could hint at a possible relationship.”  Civil Rights who was honored by the Northern   big head.
                 Elsewhere, Dr. Benjamin Simon, a         New England Governor’s Conference on                  “I think it’s really true,” Patel told me.
          renowned psychiatrist from Boston, hypnotized   Community Action.                              “There are pretty strong believers in town, so I
          Barney and learned that his severe anxiety was         They were invited to the 1965           believe it too. I can see the evidence.”
          caused by his belief that an abduction had taken  inauguration of President Lyndon Johnson.           Evidence is in the eye of the beholder.
          place. Betty’s description of the event, also          And why in the world would a mixed-     Either way, Lincoln is forever known for the
          made under hypnosis, matched up pretty closely  race couple living in New Hampshire in the     trained bears at Clark’s, the train at the Hobo
          with Barney’s.                                  early 1960s want to draw attention to          Railroad and the extraterrestrials who some
                 In memories and then under hypnosis,     themselves in this manner?                     believe appeared in a local field, years before I-
          the Hills revealed that a group of aliens had          Some believed the Hills. Lots more did  93 was built.
          blocked their car on Route 3 and escorted them  not.                                                  The story about those apple trees is
          aboard. Betty remembered fighting, throwing a          “People have an agenda to dismiss this  fictitious.
          punch or a kick, which might explain why her    sort of thing despite the evidence,” Marden told      The rest?
          dress was torn. She said they tried to probe her  me. “They don’t believe in anything. The only       “All I can say is something happened,”
          naval, but it hurt so they stopped.             thing they will believe is dead bodies and a   Noel said. “What better explanation can you
                 Barney described beings wearing shiny    crashed saucer they can analyze.”              come up with?” []
          black uniforms with spindly legs, a bulky torso        That, of course, would help, and by now,
          and cat-like eyes.                              if you’ve made it this far, perhaps you’re rolling
                 The Hills tried to keep their experience  your eyes, or just plain laughing.
          quiet, but a Boston journalist got a tip in 1965       Betty didn’t help her cause in later years,
          and ran with the story, even though the Hills   claiming she’d seen lots of UFOs flying in
          declined his requests for an interview.         groups. Marden felt foolish, telling me she grew
                 That initiated a media storm.            angry with her aunt. Only later did Marden
                 “They fled and went to my                forgive her, after learning Betty had a brain
          grandparents’ house across the street from me in  tumor, which probably caused her bizarre
          Kingston,” Marden told me. “They knew where     behavior.
          Betty and Barney lived, and we had a family            “I had gone with her and sky watchers
          meeting on what to do next. There was a lot of  and I could see helicopters and she was insisting
          media, the phone ringing off the hook.”         they were moving in unconventional ways,”
                                                          Marden said. “I was disgusted that she was
          A matter of credibility                         destroying her credibility. It started out with
                                                          serious investigations and teams of scientists
                                                          and she went out on her own with crackpot
          The headline, “Aboard a Flying Saucer,” teased
                                                          ideas.”                                          From Mission: Evolution with Gwilda
          the Hill story, above a picture of Liz Taylor in a
                                                                 By then, however, the story was           Wiyaka to Connecting with Coincidence with
          1966 edition of Look magazine.
                                                          established. Or at least it made you think.      Dr. Bernie Beitman, MD to Know the Name,
                 Then a movie based on the Hill’s
                                                                                                           Know the Genius in You with Sharon Lynn
          account called The UFO Incident came out in
                                                          An opportunity lands                             Wyeth to Two Good To Be True with Justina
          1975 and starred James Earl Jones as Barney
                                                                                                           and Peter Marsh to Paranormal StakeOut
          and academy-award winning actress Estelle
          Parsons as Betty.                               The owners of the Notch Express convenience      with Larry Lawson to A Different Perspective
                 Are you getting the idea?                store across from the field in Lincoln take it   with Kevin Randle to Kal’s Korner with Kal
                 People wanted to believe it. Lots more   quite seriously. It’s certainly good for business.  Korff to Heart  Two Heart with Dan and
                                                                                                           Angela Clark to  The ‘X’ Zone Radio/TV
          poked fun at the Hills, calling them nuts or
          publicity seekers.                              Falguni Patel bought the store four years ago    Show with Rob McConnell and More.…
                 Maybe. But these were educated people,   and moved the old UFO newspaper clippings        Listen XZBN 24 Hours A Day at...
          a biracial couple far ahead of their time. She  from the unisex bathroom to the main area. She
          was a college graduate and a social worker, he a  sells little flying saucer keychains and green
                                                          alien dolls with big eyes.  There’s a mural
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