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8                                          The Knights Templar

                   THE KNIGHTS


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          At the peak of their power, the  Templars
          handled much, if not most, of the available
          capital in all of Western Europe. They also lent
          money and collected interest (a practice
          expressly forbidden under church law) on a
          massive scale.  The English monarchs, for
          example, were chronically in debt to the

          A RISING STAR
          Let’s introduce an actual Knight  Templar.
          Jacques de Molay was one of the real up-and-
          comers of the Templar organization in the 13th
          century.Born in France in the duchy of
          Burgundy to a noble but poor family, he joined
          the  Templars in 1265 at age 21. Like those
          before him, Jacques had most likely joined the
          Templars in hopes of doing glorious battle with
          the enemies of Christendom (he did see some
          action in Syria). But the fame-and-fortune bit
          may have also served as a motivator.
                                                          displeasure with the Knights Templar was that  throughout France, apparently without a hint of
                                                          they were a bunch of heretics who indulged in a  struggle or protest.  There has never been a
                                                          variety of “perversions” at their secret       definitive explanation of  why the  Templars,
          On his way up the ladder of Templar success, he
                                                          ceremonies.  The  Templars, it was alleged,    who were reputed to be such fierce warriors on
          was named English master of the temple (the
                                                          worshiped demonic powers. They were accused    the battlefield, went into captivity so meekly.
          head Templar in England). By 1291, de Molay
                                                          of infanticide, and if that wasn’t bad enough, of      A lot of evidence suggests that de Molay
          had moved from England to the island of
                                                          engaging in “obscene kissing” at their initiation  and his men had been tipped off in advance of
          Cyprus, which, more than 100 years earlier,     ceremonies.                                    the supposedly super-secret raids.  Although
          Richard the Lion-hearted had sold to the
                                                                 What really happened at those           exact numbers are impossible to come by, many
          Knights Templar (and you didn’t even know he
                                                          ceremonies? This much is known: When a new     knights apparently remained at large - as did the
          owned Cyprus, did you?)
                                                          knight was admitted to the order, the secret   entire Templar fleet of ships, which appeared to
                 Jacques de Molay was elevated to the
                                                          proceedings began with the candidate           have vanished, along with whatever it may have
          office of  23rd grand master of the Knights
                                                          answering a long series of questions designed to  been carrying (probably most of the Templars’
          Templar sometime in the 1290s. He stayed in
                                                          determine whether he was truly ready to swear  loot).
          Cyprus until fate put him on a collision course
                                                          complete obedience to the  Templars. If the            Another possible clue lies in the story of
          with the evil and powerful king who wanted to
                                                          candidate passed this test, he was admitted. The  a number of wagons, rumored to be loaded with
          destroy him - and the Knights Templar.          white mantle of the order (a loose, sleeveless  Templar treasure, which was seen leaving Paris
                 The knights had some very powerful
                                                          cloak) stamped with the red cross of the       a week before the mass arrests. Some believe
          enemies, notably King Philip IV of France and
                                                          Crusaders was placed by the master over the    that the unlucky ones such as de Molay were
          Pope Clement  V. Philip was enormously
                                                          neck of the candidate. Then the master kissed  willing to stay behind to face whatever fate had
          ambitious both for himself and for his country,
                                                          the new entrant on the mouth.  To end the      in store in order to help protect whatever was in
          and had little compunction about crushing
                                                          ceremony, the master delivered a lengthy       those wagons. Speaking of luck: the superstition
          anyone or anything that stood in his way. (His
                                                          sermon on the duties of every Templar.         that Friday the 13th is a day of misfortune is
          name, “Philip the Fair,” referred to his good
                                                                                                         believed to stem from Philip’s raids against the
          looks - he was tall and handsome, with long                                                    Knights Templar on that date.
          blonde hair and blue eyes - and not his political  THE OLD “SATANIC RITUALS”
          modus operandi.)                                CHARGE
                                                          One charge leveled against the Templars stands  PARIS WHEN IT SIZZLES
          PHILIP THE UNFAIR                               out as the most bizarre and improbable.  The   Philip had no actual proof of his accusations -
                                                          soldiers of Christ, who had fought and laid    because Templar meetings and initations were
          He’d already engineered the kidnapping and the
                                                          down their lives for Christendom by the        held in the highest secrecy - so he had to resort
          murder of one pope, Boniface  VIII, and is                                                     to torture in order to get the confessions he
          widely believed to have orchestrated the death,  thousands, were accused of ritually denying   wanted. Seventy-two  Templars in France
          probably by poison, of another (Benedict XI).   Christ and of trampling and spitting on the
                                                          cross.  These charges, like most of the        eventually “confessed” to the aforementioned
          By 3015 he’d installed his own puppet pope,
                                                          aforementioned accusations, were in all        perversions and the heresies against the church,
          Clement V, on the papal throne, which had been
                                                          likelihood fabricated.No matter.  With this    but 54 of them later recanted. Philip declared
          moved to Avignon, France (it’s a long story that
                                                          laundry list of charges and the blessing of the  that the 54 were heretics and had them burned at
          we will get into in another edition of The ‘X’
                                                          pope, Philip the Fair planned a secret operation  the stake.
          Chronicles).  Anyway, with the pope in his
                                                          designated to strike a swift and lethal blow to
          pocket, the French king had the latitude he
                                                          the Templars’ organization. Philip and Clement  A COALITION OF ONE
          needed to move against the organization whose
          wealth and power he coveted: the Knights        V summoned Jacques de Molay to France -        Philip’s efforts to badger other European leasers
          Templar. (In addition to greed, the king had a  supposedly to discuss a new crusade to retake  into joining him in his persecution of the
                                                          the Holy Land - in the autumn of 1307.         Templers met with limited success.
          personal grudge against the knights. He’d asked
                                                                                                                 In Lorraine, which today is in France but
          to be received into the order as an honorary
                                                          FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE PREQUEL                   was part of Germany at the time, the reigning
          Templar - the kind of status previously
          conferred on Richard the Lion-hearted - and had  In a dawn raid on Friday, October 13, 1307,   duke supported the Templars; a few were tried
          been insultingly refused.)                      Philip’s forces captured and arrested de Moley  and quickly exonerated.
                 The official reason for Philip’s         and many of his brethren in Paris and                                  (Continued on page 9)
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