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The Knights Templar                                                                               9

                   THE KNIGHTS


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          Most  Templars simply shaved their beards,
          dressed like civilians, and melted away into the
          local populace - who, significantly enough, did
          not betray them.
                 In the rest of Germany, the  Templars
          defied their would-be judges, appearing in court
          fully armed. Thoroughly intimidated, the judges
          promptly pronounced them innocent.
                 In both Germany and Spain, whole new
          orders were created as a refuge for fugitive
                 In Scotland Robert Bruce was getting
          ready to fight the English and he needed all the
          help he could get; it’s rumored that he ignored
          the papal order to arrest the  Templars and
          welcomed them into his army.
                 In Portugal, the Templars were cleared
                                                          French ships.  The naval battle flag of the    people between the ages of 18 and 83, asking
          by an inquiry and simply modified their name,
                                                          Templars is familiar to everyone even today.   about their relationships and their Facebook
          becoming the Knights of Christs. (Vasco de
                                                          After all, who hasn’t seen a black flag with a  habits.
          Gama, the Portuguese sea captain and explorer
                                                          white skull and crossbones? []                         The survey data revealed two types of
          who commanded the first fleet to reach India
                                                                                                         active Facebook users:  Those who are very
          from Europe in the late 1490s, was a Knight of
          Christ.)                                        PUTTING DA VINCI TO                            extroverted, and those who are higher in
                                                                                                         attachment anxiety, which involves worrying
                                                                       THE TEST                          about not being loved enough by others, and
                                                                                                         fearing rejection and abandonment.
          After his arrest on that morning in October                                                            People who were high in attachment
          1307, de Molay spent nearly seven years in      In his best-seller,  The Da Vinci Code, author  anxiety reported engaging in higher levels of
          prison. Pope Clement officially abolished the   Dan Brown fingers the “Machiavellian” Pope     "feedback seeking" on Facebook. The feedback
          Knights  Templar in March 1312, after which     Clement V (and his “ingeniously planned sting  that they receive from Facebook can help quell
          most of the knights still being held were       operation”) as chiefly responsible for         concerns about how loved they are or what
          released, but de Molay wasn’t so lucky. Even    engineering and carrying out the arrest and    other people think of them, the study's authors
          though he confessed to denying Christ and       torture/murder of the Templars in 1307.        note.
          trampling on the Holy Cross, he steadfastly            But most - if not all - historians agree        "Compared to more secure people, those
          denounced any accusations that his order’s      that it was Philip who was responsible for     higher in attachment anxiety are more feedback
          initiation ritual consisted of homosexual       crushing the Templars. It was his royal officials  sensitive," Joshua Hart, associate professor of
          practices. On March 18, 1314, de Molay was      who did the arresting in 1307, and it was the  psychology and the lead author of the study,
          paraded before the populace to publicly confess  local Inquisitorial courts in France who ahd the  said in a statement. "They report feeling much
          his and his order’s sins. But he refused to play  Templars burned at the stake. Few of them    better about themselves when they get a lot of
          ball. Instead he withdrew his earlier confessions  suffered death elsewhere.                   comments, likes and other feedback on their
          and said that the only crime he was guilty of          Clement, a weak and sickly Frenchman    posts and worse about themselves when their
          was lying about his so-called sins in order to  who was manipulated by his king, had no one in  Facebook activity generates little attention."
          end the torture to which he was subjected.      Rome burned at the stake, as stated in The Da          In fact, the more active they are on
          Understandably, this did not sit well with either  Vinci Code. In fact, historians say that, as far as  Facebook, the more sensitive anxiously
          Philip or the pope.                             can be determined, Clement never set foot in   attached individuals may be to feedback. For
                                                          Rome during his papacy. (Clement was the first
                                                                                                         this reason, they perceive themselves to receive
          A CURSE ON YOUR MAISON                          pope to reign from  Avignon - exactly where
                                                          King Philip wanted him.) So when one of        more attention on Facebook than those who are
          After this disappointing performance (to Philip,                                               lower in attachment anxiety.
          that is), the French king had Grand Master de   Brown’s characters says, “Many of [the                 Many Facebook users with over-zealous
                                                          Templars] were burned at the stake and tossed
          Molay roasted slowly on a spit over burning                                                    "friends" may have suspected, excessive status-
                                                          unceremoniously into the  Tiber River,” he’s
          coals. Scholars have claimed that, as de Molay                                                 updating may sometimes be a cry for attention.
                                                          only half right - burned, yes, Tiber no.[]
          burned in agony, he cordially invited both King                                                        Further recent research has supported
          Philip and Pope Clement to meet him before                                                     this suspicion. An Ohio State University study
          God within one year. Sure enough, both died          Insecure People Use                       suggested that men who post more photos of
          within a year of de Molay’s death. Whether de     Facebook More, Science                       themselves on social media outlets like
          Molay actually made this statement will forever                                                Facebook score higher on measures of
          remain a mystery. As will the question of that                Confirms                         narcissism and psychopathology, while other
          scheduled meeting in heaven.                                                                   studies have linked heavy overall Facebook use
                                                                                                         with narcissism and low self-esteem.
                                                          Is Facebook posting all shameless attention-
          THE MYTH LIVES ON                                                                                      "There is a robust debate playing out in
                                                          seeking? Well, it depends on your personality
          Jacques de Molay’s death in 1314 signaled the                                                  psychological science and pop culture as to
          end of the Knights Templar as a formal -  and                                                  whether Facebook represents a healthy or
                                                                 A new study confirms that people who
          formidable - organization. But in the centuries                                                unhealthy    outlet   for   [emotional    and
                                                          tend to feel insecure in their relationships are
          that followed their mystique only seemed to                                                    relationship] needs," said Hart. "I think the
                                                          more active on the social networking site,
          intensify; it’s even speculated that the Templars                                              jury's still out on that, but this research suggests
                                                          posting status updates and writing on walls,
          traveled to North America before Columbus. In                                                  that personality is an important factor to
                                                          commenting on posts and photos, and "liking"
          any case, the surviving Templars were no doubt                                                 consider when investigating the causes and
                                                          updates in the hopes of getting a little attention.
          peeved at Philip and Clement for their treachery,                                              consequences of people's engagement with
                                                                 Researchers at Union College in New
          so their navy declared guerrilla war on all                                                    social media." []
                                                          York conducted two surveys of nearly 600
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