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Peter Robbins Explains Left at East Gate                                                                                       9

           Peter Robbins Explains                       publication’s  American correspondent and       positions were reversed. Some years back Gary
                                                        regular columnist during the first year of its  singled out and championed a particular piece
          His Take on Left at East                      publication.                                    of evidence which I had been attempting to
                                                               On June 3, 2017 Gary posted the          bring to the attention of a wider audience. It is a
                           Gate                         following statement. Allow me to use it as a    handwritten letter Larry  Warren wrote to his

                                                        springboard into the lake of muck we face:      mother in January 1981, about a week after the
                 Continued from Page 8                                                                  UFO incidents had transpired.  While this has
                                                        “A Chance Observation:                          yet to be forensically analyzed, neither Gary nor
                                                               By chance I was looking at some of the   I are in doubt as to its authenticity. What my
        One day when I was a boy of about eight, I
        returned home from elementary school looking    previous issues of UFO Truth Magazine tonight   friend and colleague seems to have failed to
                                                        when I happened to come across an article by    recognize is that simply because the letter is
        noticeably disheveled. Not surprisingly my
                                                        Peter Robbins in issue 2. I was particularly    authentic does not mean that everything else
        mother asked me what had happened. I told her
                                                        drawn to one paragraph about his initial        Warren has said or written follows in kind. Far
        I had been in a fight with another boy, to which
                                                        relationship with Larry  Warren in the 1980s    from it.
        she responded, what had been the cause of the
                                                        when their collaboration period began.  The            If Gary takes the time to reread it he will
        fight. As best as I recall I told her that whatever
                                                        following paragraph is a direct quote from his  observe that at no time does the writer say or
        the reason had been, the other boy had real
                                                        article in issue 2 (July/August 2013).          even imply that he was personally involved or
        problems, ones that I did not have, and that he
                                                               “When Larry Warren, my co-author on      actually present. Not that he wasn’t, but all it
        always seemed angry or unhappy in class. I
        wasn’t really sure why we had started to fight,  the book Left  At East Gate, and I began our   actually establishes is that Larry was aware of
                                                        investigation into the Rendlesham Forest        fact and some of the particulars involved. We
        but did not blame him for it because he was
                                                        incident in the late 1980's I interviewed and re-  know for a fact that he called his mother from a
        obviously so unhappy.  That was my mother’s
                                                        interviewed him repeatedly regarding his        base phone as his mother’s friend Sue
        cue to tell me about something I later
                                                        memories and involvement in the events of       Hickerson was visiting at the time and has
        understood to be ‘empathy.’ She explained in
                                                        December 1980, sometimes to the point of        confirmed that his mother received that call,
        part as the ability to appreciate both sides of an
                                                        distraction. But he was almost always a good    though it was cut off almost immediately. Larry
        argument, even when you found yourself
                                                        sport about it and put up with my repeated      also had a witness with him when he made the
        squarely on one side or the other. Everyone
                                                        enquiries.”                                     call, that being Greg Battram, a fellow SP
        should have a mother like I had. I’ve known and
        understood this about myself since, and there          Thus it now begs the question, how       (USAF Security Police member).
                                                        when you've questioned LW 'to the point of             But you Gary might have been better
        have been times in my life when this has been a
                                                        distraction' that you could have been 'deceived'  served to quote me from a passage that appears
        genuine asset. At other times however this trait
                                                        which you now claim? At the time of writing     on page 212 of Left At East Gate rather than the
        has resulted in bouts of inner conflict that have
                                                        this article your collaboration period was at the  one you selected. It describes my first
        literally pulled me in two directions at the same
                                                        24 year point. Yet, just four years on and having  impression of my future coauthor who I briefly
        time. This has increasingly been the case for me
                                                        written three books, all about LW and his       met in 1984 at a town meeting in Westchester,
        as I have exhausted every possibility I can think
                                                        involvement the RFI I might add, you now find   New  York, during the so-called  Westchester
        of to understand how I missed so much along
                                                        you have been 'deceived' by LW for 28 years! It  overflights of large black, unidentified
        the way, and how I’ve come to see things for
        what they really are – not what I thought, hoped  seems to me that you are either the world's   triangular-shaped craft. Larry had just come out
                                                        worst judge of character or when some ill-      under his own name rather than as the witness
        and believed they are.
                                                        judged questions, most of which hold little or no  ‘Art Wallace’ named in the News of the World’s
               There are those in ufology who have
                                                        evidential credence in relation to LW's RFI     initial coverage of the Rendlesham incident the
        already come on me for not making a public
                                                        involvement you chose to cut him loose to the   previous October:
        statement about all this since the brief post I
                                                        gang of wolves with a malicious agenda (i.e.
        made in early December, at that time letting
                                                        condemn him as a liar, a fraud, a conman first,                       (Continued on Page 11)
        anyone interested I had disassociated myself
                                                        then claim in the next breath that 'their aim was
        from Larry both professionally and personally.
                                                        only to seek the truth!) or when the going got
        The most recent criticism - and it’s a beaut, has                                                  For The Very Best Of Programming
        come from my friend and colleague Gary          tough you cast him aside in a desperate attempt
                                                        to save your professional reputation.”            From The World Of The Paranormal
        Heseltine , a retired police detective in  West
                                                               While some may see Gary’s remarks as         To The Science of Parapsychology
        Yorkshire who, since retiring, has dedicated
                                                        particularly harsh, I continue to consider him                   24 / 7 / 365
        himself to UFO research and to producing the
                                                        my friend and someone whose commitment to                        Tune Into
        monthly “UFO  Truth Magazine,” and an
                                                        ufology is beyond question. I more than
        ongoing series of conferences under the same                                                        The ‘X’ Zone Broadcast Network
                                                        understand his frustration with my silence and
        name. I was and remain proud to have been the                                                      
                                                        likely would feel the same toward him if our
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